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    Thursday 23 June added
    Westerly Centaur

    Very well maintained Westerly Centaur. Inside remarkably clean (as if the boat has not been used for the past decannia). Further sailing ready! Motorisation: Beautiful Volvo Penta MD7A overhauled in 2014. Good running diesel 2 cylinder with 14HP.

    £ 11.517 (€ 12.950)
    Feeling 850 DL

    Sporty and remarkably spacious Feeling 850 with keel centerboard, so shallow draft. A well maintained and clean sailing yacht, really a fine ship! Motorisation: Reliable and well maintained Volvo Penta MD5C diesel, 1 cylinder, 10HP built in 1984.

    £ 16.764 (€ 18.850)
    Thursday 09 June added
    Van De Stadt Oceaan 22

    Very neat Ocean 22 with deep keel and good set of sails, ideal for competition sailing or nice sporty popping for yourself. Complete fun ship! Motorisation: Great running Mercury 5Pk 4 stroke long tail from 2021. Engine is like new + external tank!

    £ 3.246 (€ 3.650)
    Wednesday 08 June added
    Hunter 30

    More than well maintained Hunter 30 sailing yacht. A beautiful yacht with many extras and recent updates. A picture. Immediate sailing and enjoy. Motorisation: Nanni 21.3 inboard diesel, 3 cylinder delivering 21HP. Construction year engine 2011. Well maintaine

    £ 17.387 (€ 19.550)
    Friday 03 June added
    Van De Stadt Bries

    Strikingly fresh Van de Stadt Bries. These sailing yachts are known for their solidity and good sailing characteristics. Excellent, complete, and good. Motorisation: Reliable Vetus inboard diesel, 2 cylinder with 11HP. Construction year engine 1987.

    £ 4.402 (€ 4.950)
    Noordkaper 20

    Beautiful lined Noordkaper 20. Ship is in excellent condition both technically and optically. A beautiful line and stable by bilge keels (so dry fall). Motorisation: Excellent running Yanmar YSB12, 1 cylinder, inboard diesel delivering 12HP.

    £ 14.452 (€ 16.250)
    Fletcher Arrowsport 150

    Very neat and well maintained Fletscher Speedboat with deck sheet and trailer. A real funboat for a wonderful day on the water. Top boat! Motorisation: Mariner 90 HP 2 stroke outboard with power trim, runs SUPER!

    £ 5.292 (€ 5.950)
    Tuesday 31 May added
    Sturgeon 22

    Nice long keeler with good sailing characteristics, that is this Sturgeon 22. A fine boat that is in good condition. Sail immediately! Motorisation: Yamaha 8HP 4 stroke outboard with extra stick for steering. Great running engine.

    £ 3.099 (€ 3.485)
    Van Duijvendijk Sleper

    Special tugboat, over 100 years old. In fine sailing condition and with a remarkable amount of interior space, a sailing project well worth seeing. Motorisation: Well running and ditto maintained DAF475 diesel, 100 HP, 6 cylinder. Fine engine.

    £ 17.778 (€ 19.990)
    Monday 30 May added
    LM 27

    Super-complete LM27 with aluminum windows, bow thruster, beautiful sails and much more. Lovely well maintained ship, ready to sail. Motorisation: Indestructible and very reliable Bukh DV20 2 cylinder diesel delivering 20HP. Excellent engine.

    £ 17.698 (€ 19.900)
    Flying Cruiser B

    Nice sailing yacht for little money. This Flying Cruiser B was built in Germany, completely complete but with refurbishment work. Fancy it? Costs litt. Motorisation: An old Chrysler BBM, 4HP 2 stroke. Runs fine otherwise.

    £ 556 (€ 625) (€ 995)
    Tuesday 17 May added
    Oud Huijzer 570 Tender

    A really like new Oud Huijzer Tender 570 with all the trimmings, including new trailer (from 2020), beautiful boat. Technically and optically TOP! Motorisation: Beautiful Yamaha 4 stroke outboard with power trim. 70HP, quiet, economical and well maintained!

    £ 25.787 (€ 28.995)
    Steelmaster 32

    Beautiful and well maintained Steelmaster 32 sailing yacht suitable for large sea voyages, IJsselmeer and other larger inland waters. Great ship with. Motorisation: Indestructible Bukh DV20 2 cylinder inboard diesel delivering 20HP. Fine reliable engine.

    £ 16.853 (€ 18.950)
    Moody 34

    Beautiful Moody 34 with bilge keels, so dry fall on the Wadden Sea. Ship is in good condition, super spacious and with aft cabin. New mainsail! Motorisation: Thornycroft inboard diesel, 3 cylinder with 36HP. Well maintained and runs great!

    £ 35.485 (€ 39.900) (€ 44.500)
    Albin Scampi 30

    Fresh and spacious Albin Scampi 30. This sailing yacht is in neat condition, pleasantly complete and ready for travel on BIG and small water. Motorisation: Rock solid Yanmar 2 cylinder diesel delivering 15HP. Engine is in the front of the boat.

    £ 9.694 (€ 10.900)
    Wednesday 20 April added
    Mulder & Rijke Kajuitsloep

    Wow, what a picture this sloop is. It is an indestructible Mulder & Rich converted polyester lifeboat with a beautiful line. Top condition! Motorisation: A in 2008 overhauled Albin 2 cylinder petrol engine, 20HP. Well ventilated, runs great!

    £ 20.010 (€ 22.500) (€ 24.975)
    Wednesday 13 April added
    IJlster Vlet 10.20 AK

    Very neat IJlstervlet 10.20 AK. Beautiful classic model with an ocean of interior space. Ship is in absolute new condition, very nice. Motorisation: Good running ultra strong BMC Commander , 4 cylinder diesel with 60HP. Well maintained!

    £ 25.569 (€ 28.750) (€ 36.750)
    Saturday 09 April added
    Westerly Pentland

    Fine Westerly Pentland kimkieler (so dry fall on the Wadden Sea) with aft cabin, mizzen mast and steering wheel. Spacious ship with large galley! Motorisation: The famous Volvo Penta MD 2 clinder that delivers 23PK. A fine engine, well maintained!

    £ 14.185 (€ 15.950)
    Tuesday 05 April added
    Bavaria 39 Cruiser

    Gorgeous Bavaria 39 Cruiser, full options! The first owner offers her through Easy Sail. A well maintained more than complete spacious ship! Motorisation: Volvo Penta 4 cylinder diesel with 39HP, built in 2016 with only 200 hours of operation. TOPMOTOR!

    £ 79.597 (€ 89.500)
    Rossiter Pintail

    A very special ship, this Rossiter Pintail. Heavily built long keel with bilge keels, can fall dry on the Wadden Sea. Very complete ship! Motorisation: Recent Solé 3 cylinder diesel with 33 HP from 2006. Well maintained and few running hours!

    £ 17.743 (€ 19.950) (€ 22.990)
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