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    Friday 29 September added
    Sparkman & Stephens One Off
    £ 1.734 (€ 1.950)
    Wednesday 27 September added
    Lunstroo Skipjack 34

    Lunstroo Skipjack 34

    Price reduced

    Beautifully lined and very well built Lunstroo Skipjack 34 sailing yacht. Because of the retractable keel large sailing area and..... dry fall. Top sh. Motorisation: Excellent running Solé Mini diesel, 4 cylinder with 42HP, built in 2011. Powerful and smooth!

    £ 26.592 (€ 29.900)
    Defender 32

    Beautiful first generation Defender 32, so with polyester hull and wooden superstructure. A jewel to see. Well maintained and complete! Motorisation: Almost new Sole Mini Diesel, 3 cylinder with 32HP. Beautiful engine, TOP STATE!

    £ 11.117 (€ 12.500) (€ 14.950)
    Waalkotter 10.30

    Waalkotter 10.30

    Price reduced

    In top condition Waalkotter 10.30. A barge, suitable for big water and with a pleasant light interior. Truly a top ship! Motorisation: Indestructible Ford Lehman inboard diesel, 4 cylinder delivering 80HP. Powerful smooth engine.

    £ 35.485 (€ 39.900) (€ 44.750)
    Westerly Konsort

    Well maintained Westerly Konsort with deep keel, that sails great. This sailing yacht is very complete and excellently maintained. Motorisation: Bukh DV20 2 cylinder inboard diesel, solid reliable and completely overhauled in 2010!

    £ 13.029 (€ 14.650)
    Mac Wester 27 AK Falls

    Well maintained MacWester 27 AK with numerous extras. This bilge keeler is in great condition and is ready to sail immediately. Really a nice one! Motorisation: Fine Vetus/Mitsubishi 3 cylinder diesel with 20HP,year of construction engine 1992. Well maintained!

    £ 13.251 (€ 14.900)
    Staverse Kotter 1040

    Sturdy and very well maintained Staverse Kotter 10.40. A beautiful yacht, seaworthy and very complete. Large spacious cockpit and much more! Motorisation: Thick good running Ford Nedalo diesel, 4 cylinder with 80HP. Number of running hours 4500.

    £ 53.139 (€ 59.750)
    Van De Stadt Zeeton 24

    Remarkably neat Van de Stadt 24 Zeeton, a little competitor of the Waarschip 725. Neat boat, in great condition with very good sailing characteristics. Motorisation: Neat Ruggerini inboard diesel, 1 cylinder with 10HP. Engine runs well and starts immediately!

    £ 3.113 (€ 3.500)
    Wednesday 06 September added
    Jeanneau Sun Odessey 35

    Neat Jeanneau Sun Odessey 35. This is the version with 3 cabins and a keel centerboard which allows dry-docking on the Wadden Sea. Top ship! Motorisation: Well maintained and excellent running Yanmar 3YM30 diesel, 3 cylinder with 30HP. Excellent engine!

    £ 61.810 (€ 69.500)
    Tuesday 05 September added
    Westerly 30

    A Westerly bilge keeler of a type you don't see very often, the Westerly 30. This sailing yacht is in beautiful condition, with cork deck and numerous. Motorisation: Strong and reliable Mercedes OM636, 4 cylinder diesel with 40HP. Excellent engine, runs well!

    £ 14.185 (€ 15.950)
    Tuesday 04 July added
    One Off Zeeschouw

    One Off Zeeschouw

    Price reduced

    Spacious sturdy Zeeschouw, it is a One Off based on drawings by Huiteman. Wide, spacious and in good condition Nice flatboat, ready to sail! Motorisation: Volvo Penta 2 cylinder diesel, runs fine, 20HP. Indestructible and reliable.

    £ 25.747 (€ 28.950) (€ 31.950)
    Schuttevaer 1000 OK

    Pleasantly spacious Schuttevaer 1000 deck saloon motor cruiser in very good condition, absolutely beautiful and neat en.... With both bow thruster and. Motorisation: Almost like new Solé Mini diesel, 4 cylinder, 48HP. Engine runs perfectly and has been ditto maintai

    £ 57.363 (€ 64.500)
    Feeling 326
    85 1

    Beautifully maintained Feeling 326 sailing yacht with keel centerboard, so also dry on the Wadden Sea. Beautiful, complete and very neat ship with bow. Motorisation: Solid and good running Yanmar 2GM20 diesel, 2 cylinder with 18HP. Engine is well maintained!

    £ 39.709 (€ 44.650)
    Wednesday 28 June added
    Langenberg Aeolus 860

    Tough steel bilge keeler in very good condition. This Langenberg is well built and much has been renewed on board. Beautiful ship, hardy, sails well! Motorisation: In top condition Lister Petter diesel, from 2003, 3 cylinder with 30HP. Top engine, like new!

    £ 12.140 (€ 13.650)
    Thursday 01 June added
    Sun Classic 800

    Lovely spacious Sun Classic 800. An ideal ship for the Dutch waters by the lifting keel. Well maintained modern ship with many extras! Motorisation: The well-known Yamaha 8HP 4-stroke outboard motor. Reliable, powerful and quiet. Super engine!

    £ 22.225 (€ 24.990)
    Tuesday 30 May added
    Hunter Liberty 22

    Super fun unstayed two-master for both big and small water and the Wadden Sea suitable. This Hunter Liberty 22 is complete and ready to sail! Motorisation: The rock solid and reliable Yamaha 8HP outboard, 2 stroke in bun, electric start.

    £ 8.449 (€ 9.500)
    Beister One Off

    Very beautifully lined Beister Werfft 'One off' classic sailing yacht..... but in very good condition, a real head turner. Beautiful 'old lady'. Motorisation: A 2003 installed Yanmar 3GM30 inboard diesel. Powerful and reliable engine, excellent engine!

    £ 21.789 (€ 24.500)
    Wednesday 03 May added
    IJlster Vlet 10.20 AK

    Very neat IJlstervlet 10.20 AK. Beautiful classic model with an ocean of interior space. Ship is in absolute new condition, very nice. Motorisation: Good running ultra strong BMC Commander , 4 cylinder diesel with 60HP. Well maintained!

    £ 34.507 (€ 38.800)
    Wednesday 26 April added
    Nienke 2 AK

    The Nienke 2, a classic on Dutch waters. A beautiful ship, in good condition and very complete. Ideal for the Wadden and more. Motorisation: Powerful Mitsubishi inboard diesel, 4 cylinder with 55HP. Engine is well maintained!

    £ 16.853 (€ 18.950)
    Tuesday 25 April added
    Dufour ARPEGE

    Beautifully lined Dufour Arpege 30 with a fresh tight hull. This self yacht is well maintained and very clean inside. Beautiful yacht! Motorisation: Reliable Volvo Penta MD2 inboard diesel, 2 cylinder delivering 25HP. Engine is well maintained.

    £ 11.517 (€ 12.950)
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