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Sealine S42, Speedboat and sport cruiser

Sealine S42

£ 204.106 (€ 229.500) |
Arksen 85, Motor Yacht

Arksen 85

£ 11.250.278 (€ 12.650.000) | Smits Jachtmakelaardij
Var Tenders VAR950, Speedboat and sport cruiser

Var Tenders VAR950

price on request | Var Tenders

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  • A day of boating fun

    Large enough to enjoy on the water and easy to handle. Check here the best dayboats, suitable for short trips in nature or as a canal boat.

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  • Weekendcruiser, weekends aboard

    Stay on board for one or two nights. Boats for sale for weekend trips with a small crew can be found here.

    Show me 3461 boats

  • Family holidays

    A comfortable family boat for boating holidays, sailing trips and motor boat trips. Sleeping places for the whole family or good boating friends. Here are the best cabin boats.

    Show me 2801 boats

  • Shallow waters

    Lakes and small canals are beautiful and quiet. With a boat that doesn't sting, you will discover new sailing areas where others don't come. Discover the boats suitable for shallow water here.

    Show me 1846 boats

  • Fast motorboating

    Hard, harder, hardest on your sporty boat. Planing, the wind blowing through your hair, hissing water spouting to the side, the growl of your boat engine. Check out all the boats here for fast motorboating.

    Show me 1487 boats

  • Blue water cruising, seagoing

    The great adventure of sea and ocean cruising, distant sailing trips and long motorboat trips with your seaworthy boat that can handle anything. Real 'blue water cruising'.

    Show me 1338 boats

  • Suitable for part ownership

    If you don't want to go to the boat every weekend by yourself, partial ownership of a boat can be a solution. This way, a large, luxurious or new boat comes within reach and you'll find it here.

    Show me 1152 boats

  • Trailerable

    Expand your sailing area to all corners of the Netherlands and Europe with a boat on the trailer behind your car. You can find the trailerable boat offer here.

    Show me 1066 boats

  • Maintenance free

    Would you rather sit on a boat than lie under it with a paintbrush? Those who prefer to sail rather than do maintenance will find here a range of boats that are easy to maintain and ready to leave.

    Show me 988 boats

  • (Semi) permanent residence

    Living on board, that's what more and more people do. Living on a boat is adventurous and inexpensive. Check out the boat offer that is suitable for (semi-) permanent living here.

    Show me 944 boats

  • Large groups aboard

    Sailing together! Nothing is more pleasant than being united on board with a large group of friends, family and other seafarers. There is room for everyone on these spacious boats.

    Show me 809 boats

  • Sailing races

    Every sailor wants to cross the finish line faster than the others. For sporty sailors, the sensation of going fast through or over the waves counts. Racers, fast cruisers and trimable sailboats can be found here in abundance.

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  • Dinghy, children's boat

    Handy on board: a folding boat, inflatable boat or fixed boat in davits or on the ship's deck. To go ashore by yourself or for children who are playing.

    Show me 282 boats

  • Quiet, electric motorboating

    On the water you can enjoy the peace, silence and sounds of nature. This is possible thanks to a silent electric motor. You are also environmentally conscious, a good feeling with these boats.

    Show me 252 boats

  • Do-it-yourself, renovation

    The real water sports enthusiast knows every truss and screw. He enjoys maintaining the boat or a complete boat-refit. Choose your new boat to refurbish from our boat stock.

    Show me 107 boats

  • Suitable for wheelchair

    A level surface and easily accessible boats are a perfect solution for less agile boating enthusiasts. Click to discover them.

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With many thousands of boats, boat engines and boat trailers, is the largest and best visited used boats for sale site in the Netherlands. Advertisements for new boats from shipyards and boat dealers are also abundant, as well as German boats, French and Scandinavian boats and boats from the Mediterranean Sea. Would you like to search our boat listings for your ideal powerboat, sailboat, tender, flat bottom boat, speedboat or sports boat, sailing houseboat, motor sailor or any other boat? Or are you looking for a boat trailer or ship’s engine for sale? Check here the complete boat offerings with lots of handy search options, lots of pictures, movies and extensive specifications. always shows you first the latest boats on the market. Would you like to offer your own boat for sale and advertise with high reach at low cost? At you are on the best platform with supply and demand of boats. Our boat selection consists of both new boats for sale and used boats for sale and is updated daily. Every day new boat advertisers, both private sellers and yacht brokers, yards and boat dealers. Discounted boats can be found separately. What is also useful is that your boats can be found on map. That’s why we say: the boat offerings on are getting better every day.

The construction materials of the boats vary from glass reinforced polyester (GRP) to steel, wood, aluminium or composite. There are super yachts for sale, but there are also small and cheap boats with or without a cabin of a few thousand euros for sale. The type of seller, for example yacht broker, yacht mediator, shipyard or boat dealer, is varied and all boat brands are present. Use the extensive search function on the left of each overview page to make a selection from the wide range of boats on offer. In this way you can easily and quickly find any boat to your wishes. Do you, as a yachting enthusiast, buy a boat from an enthusiastic private individual or do you prefer to buy a boat from an expert yacht broker, shipyard or dealer? All kinds of boat suppliers put their boats for sale. In addition, with every boat you will find a boat insurance, boat financier or boat expert who will help you with purchase advice.

New at YachtFocus is YachtFocus Boat Rental! Here you will find the Dutch offer of professional boat rental companies per cruising area! Renting a boat has never been easier!

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