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Puffin 30

£ 61.559 (€ 67.900) VAT Paid
Puffin 30Puffin 30Puffin 30Puffin 30Puffin 30Puffin 30Puffin 30Puffin 30Puffin 30Puffin 30Puffin 30Puffin 30Puffin 30Puffin 30Puffin 30Puffin 30Puffin 30

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Year of construction 2012
Material Aluminium
Length 31.82 feet
Width 10.7 feet

Yanmar 3YM20. Unique opportunity, aluminum built quality yacht from renowned builder, trade-in negotiable

Basic data of the Puffin 30

  • Seller:West Yachting
  • Brand:Puffin
  • Model:30
  • Ship's name:Watergeus
  • Motorization:Yanmar 3YM20
  • Category:Sailing Yacht
  • Year of construction:2012
  • Material:Aluminium
  • Experience: Family holidays, Maintenance free, Shallow waters, Blue water cruising, seagoing
  • Length:31.82 feet
  • Width:10.73 feet
  • Draught:2 feet
  • Variable draught:Yes
  • Vertical clearance:1480 cm
  • Beds:5fixed
  • Country: Netherlands
  • To view in sales harbour/showroom: Yes
  • Price:£ 61.559 VAT Paid (€ 67.900 VAT Paid)



  • Remarks:

    The Puffin 30, a perfect ship to fall dry with and search the shallow water. A beautiful yacht built by a renowned shipyard and unique in her kind. Trade-in of your current ship is negotiable.

    PUFFIN® 30
    This Specification should be read in conjunction with the General Plan version 1-12-10.
    * Subjects required by CE are not always specifically mentioned but are covered by it
    within the delivery (price).
    Type : Puffin® 30' aluminium wadden sailor
    Designer & Naval Architect : Olivier F. van Meer Design
    Classification : CE category B
    Length overall : 9.70 m
    Hull length : 9.16 m
    Waterline length : 8.74 m
    Largest width : 3.27 m
    Draught swords at : 0.63 m
    Draught swords down : 1.66 mm
    Water displacement : 3.7 tons (including full tanks)
    Sail area : 52 m2 (mainsail + genoa)
    Passage height mast at : 14.80 m
    Tank capacity : Diesel : 1 x 60 litres (BB)
    Drinking water : 1 x 137 litres (SB)
    Black water : 1 x 60 litres (BB)
    Full aluminium hull, cockpit and superstructure, material ALMg 4.5 Mn H321, certified
    seawater-resistant aluminium.
    - Skin thickness 5 mm, deck and superstructure 4 mm.
    - Keel sole bilge keels and rudder heel 20 mm thick
    - Aluminium rudder (detachable), fitted with overrun blade with hinge bolt (version idem
    like sailing keel)
    - Welded aluminium scepter pots with shockfast cast stainless steel solid
    pins over which the stainless steel detachable scepter slides.
    - Two stainless steel polished stern seats (corner model) over the mirror connected with two to open
    Stainless steel wires. A pulpit. Fencing and pulpits fall over the same type of pins as
    of the scepters.
    - Welded aluminium handrails on top of the roof
    - Welded mountain timber
    - Double place bilge keels filled with lead ballast. Kim keels have on the inside a
    Recess for hinged run-up swords. These 'sail'-sweets are made of profiled
    milled plastic or waterproof bonded wood reinforced with carbon and provided with a
    drawstring which comes out in the cockpit by means of an aluminium tube.
    - Per side 3 x heavy aluminium multiple clamps (front, middle, rear)
    - 1 x hinged cockpit bench covers on bb (seat and back in one piece hinged),
    Equipped with gas spring and lock (also for padlock). And provided with gasket for
    prevention of metal to metal. This box is maximum deep and not self-draining.
    Equipped with shelf and aluminum rod for hanging lines etc. Trunk lid
    provided with a means (hook) to keep it open.
    - Foredeck hatch fitted with grips, gasket and gas spring.
    - Hull integrated closed cooling circuit for closed main engine cooling.
    - Pits fitted with plastic bushings with stainless steel pressed barrels (stainless steel tensioner
    insulated from aluminum.
    - Self-draining tub with thick-walled standpipes
    - Underwater skin throughput by means of thick-walled standpipe for suction toilet.
    - The sink drain is connected to the tub discharge standpipe.
    - 2 x Aerators for the rear
    - Outer hull: from antifouling waterline to vertical parts of cockpit and superstructure remains
    bright aluminum and gets the treatment that comes with this finish.
    Two-component putty and paintwork:
    - Entire structure and vertical parts of the cockpit and cockpit rim, colour Oyster-white.
    - Cockpit floor sanded aluminium (no filler) with grey Tredmaster.
    - Bucket seat (unfilled aluminium) is upholstered in 12 mm clear teak with
    rubber seams and hardwood
    - Topside (horizontal plane) of the cockpit rim with clear 12 mm teak
    - Deck sanded aluminium (not putty) with grey Tredmaster on top.
    - Foot rim and scepter pots are sanded aluminium.
    - The entire mountain timber profile is sanded aluminium (no filler).
    - Underwater: not filled and provided with primer and red, self-sharpening, copper-free
    underwater paint, the top of the underwater paint serves as 'waterline piping'.
    - The inside of the hull only has a primer layer (against odour).
    - Teak wood outside is unvarnished.
    - Teak unvarnished sliding hatch (fitted with glue wood) on teak/stainless steel guides
    - 2 access panels (washboards) in solid unvarnished teak
    - 3 non-opening aluminium portholes per side in the superstructure
    - Aluminium foredeck hatch (see hull)
    - The upper washboard of the entrance equipped with a stainless steel ventilation grate
    - On the foredeck there is an air blower (Vetus, type YBOX, with stainless steel mushroom fan type
    D'ÁRTAGN1and air extractor YOGI2) placed in original factory colour
    - 21 hp Yanmar, 3 cylinder marine diesel with own starting battery
    - Fully enclosed cooling system with coolant.
    - Dry exhaust.
    - Fixed bronze propeller, stainless steel water lubricated propeller shaft with Volvo seal.
    - Morse controls in cockpit
    - Motor panel (standard Yanmar) in rear construction, equipped with acoustic alarm for
    temperature and oil pressure.
    - Engine set up completely mass-free, including non ferrous V-belts.
    - Aluminium rudder (removable) on plastic finger bearings. Rudder blade with recess
    for hinged barefoot part provided with drawstring.
    - Removable teak glued tiller
    See also General Plan. Maximum headroom is 1.85 m net.
    The inside of the hull remains uninsulated.
    The floor runs from side to side and from the front bed to the rear bulkhead of the superstructure.
    This floor consists of a teak 'decorative line' floor, lacquered. The floor is removable. The furniture is
    constructed from a 12 mm waterproof bonding wood, all edges rounded, milled and finished and with
    Fillets filled and painted in cream colour Double Coat (DD lacquer).
    Weighings that are in sight as well as the ceiling are longitudinal (weighings horizontal and
    ceiling parallel to the CL) covered with pine slats (12 mm) with a V-groove and finished with
    same DD lacquer.
    Robust teak lacquered pendulum/grip strips only where sensible/needed, at the instructions of the architect.
    Drawers and cupboard doors are milled out of the panel (no panels etc.) with finger hole with
    closure. Drawers are equipped with very heavy telescopic bearing slides. Other hanging and
    Heavy duty stainless steel hardware
    - Galley is equipped with a deep stainless steel sink equipped with a foot pump and outlet at the bottom of the galley.
    for cold water.
    - Near the galley 2 (Technautic) cooling drawers are provided.
    - The 5 single sleeping cages have a net length of 2.00 cm and a width of 80 cm.
    cm, fitted with a latex mattress on a ventilating base.
    - For the purpose of collecting and removing condensation from the hull, a (or
    more) easily accessible collection point(s) are provided.
    EXTERIOR (See also paint system)
    - Removable tiller in unvarnished solid glued teak
    The ship is equipped with 2 12 V batteries,
    A battery charger type Victron 12V-30A, equipped with stainless steel shore connection near the cockpit, 2 sockets
    near the chart table, earth leakage switch and 15 m shore power cable is installed.
    At the chart table is also a switch panel placed for the navigation lights, automatic
    front fuse (=switch):
    - Anchor light
    - 3-colour top light
    - Steam light + stern light + port and starboard light
    - Deck light
    - Compass light
    - GPS
    - Depth gauge/Log: Tri-data
    - Marine radio
    - Cigarette lighter card table
    - Interior lamps
    - Possible future multi-display outside
    - White + red card reading lamp
    The interior is equipped with:
    - 1 x ceiling hinge in saloon equipped with 12 V LED with switch on the lamp
    - 1 x ceiling hinge above galley equipped with 12 V LED with switch on the lamp
    - 1 x ceiling hinge above card table with 12 V LED with switch on the lamp
    - 1 x front ceiling hinge with 12 V LED with switch on the lamp
    - 1 x ceiling hinge in toilet with 12 V LED with switch on the lamp
    The navigation lights consist of:
    - 1 anchor light on mast top, 1 3-colour light on mast top, 1 steam light combined with
    deck light on front mast, stern light and bb/sb lights
    - The chart table is equipped with power supply for GPS and log/depth gauge (Tri-data).
    - A 12V cigarette lighter socket is provided at the card table.
    - At the entrance there is a power supply for the radio.
    - In the rear front of the deckhouse a power supply is provided for the Tri-data and the
    compass lights.
    - Water tank, diesel tank and waste water tank (self-draining) made of plastic (Vetus system)
    - Water tank and diesel tank can be filled through deck filling openings.
    - Water outlet at sink with foot pump
    - Toilet Jabsco hand pump toilet, connected to self-draining holding tank. A manifold tap
    provides the following possibilities: directly overboard, in holding tank. Subsequently
    a manifold for: Dirty water tank discharge outboard on free fall, suction by
    shore station from deck connection
    - A cardanic cooker (on alcohol/spirit) from Dometic, type Origo 3000 (Technautic) is
    installed, equipped with pan-catchers.
    - Bilge pump manually operated from the cockpit (bulkhead mounting), type Senior A (85 ltr/min)
    Magnetic compass : C10 (Technautic) bulkhead compass with 100 mm rose in rear front of body,
    equipped with LED lighting.
    VHF: inland VHF type Icom, mounted on the inside direct entrance,
    marine antenna in masthead.
    Tridara (log/depth) inside and outside
    Masttop cutter testifies, consisting of reefable roll genoa (110%) and Bermuda mainsail.
    Mast and boom made of (grey) anodized aluminium. Mast equipped with lightly sounded halls.
    Mast : type MasterMasts, fitted with plastic track for mainsail and short stopper
    rail with stopper for Dynema genuaval.
    : Within running lines
    : Wind vane, LED anchor light, LED 3-colour navigation light on masthead,
    LED combined steam and deck light at the level of the halls.
    Boom : type MasterMasts, with inside running lubrication bars and undercarriage puller.
    Reinforcement : Fixed sternstay, 2 x bottomgown, 2 x topgown, 1 x genoastay. All equipped with
    Stainless steel open Gibb tensioners.
    Sails : Mainsail (27 m2) with 2 pieces of reefing with only reefing bar at the front and front.
    Mainsail with battens and Puffin® logo.
    Genoa with shape-tape on luff
    White Polyant sailcloth with dark blue hood for mainsail
    Mainsail 27 m2, genoa 25 m2
    Winches & tracks : 2 x 2 speed self-tailing winch for genoa shot on cockpit edge
    1 x 1 speed self-tailing winch for mainsail fall on mast
    1 x 1 speed self tailing winch for rear lube bar and genakervalley on mast
    2 x Genoa lap rail on deck with adjustable block
    1 x Mainsail bulkhead rail in cockpit with high quality bearing hoist with curry clamp
    Clamps : The genuafurl has a clamp on the cockpit edge, all winches also have a
    All rigging products will be of an 'A' brand (final judgement at the
    Anchor equipment : 1 x 10 kg galvanized Delta anchor on Delrin anchor roller on prow, provided
    of 8 mm galvanized chain, length 40 m, fitted with chain stopper and
    on a hand-operated anchor windlass
    Miscellaneous : Markilux (colour n.a.) sprayhood on stainless steel polished brackets above
    entrance/sliding hatch.
    : Stainless steel bathing ladder with teak steps, foldable from the water
    4 x fender
    2 x black braided 15 m multiline with loop, 2 x 10 m loop, all 12 mm.
    1 x Flagpole with NL flag
    1 x 2 kg powder extinguisher mounted at the entrance
    Note: All hardwood used has an FSC certificate.
    * Puffin® is protected in both name and figurative mark and is a registered trademark of
    Olivier F. van Meer Design BV.
    * Copyright of this text and accompanying drawings/illustrations are strictly reserved to
    Olivier F. from Meer Design.
    * This information is only valid in the latest version, previous versions are hereby cancelled.
    * Dimensions, volumes, design details, construction, products and systems may change without
    prior notice, as a result of the final engineering, progressive insight and/or by
    prescriptions. However, in that case the quality and function will at least be that which the
    specification and describe the general plan.

    The above information comes from the designer van Meer and has not been tested or tested by us and is therefore not contractually binding.

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  • Vertical clearance: 14.8 m
  • Variable depth:
  • Draught: 63 cm


  • Berths: fixed: 5
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Puffin 30

Puffin 30

£ 61.559 (€ 67.900) VAT Paid