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Van Der Stadt Design Noordzeesloep

£ 35.485 (€ 39.900) VAT Paid
Van Der Stadt Design NoordzeesloepVan Der Stadt Design NoordzeesloepVan Der Stadt Design NoordzeesloepVan Der Stadt Design NoordzeesloepVan Der Stadt Design NoordzeesloepVan Der Stadt Design NoordzeesloepVan Der Stadt Design NoordzeesloepVan Der Stadt Design NoordzeesloepVan Der Stadt Design Noordzeesloep

Do you want to know more? Please contact Van Veen and sons VOF.

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Year of construction 1963
Material Woodcore epoxy
Length 33.63 feet
Width 9.0 feet

Yanmar 2GM20 (18 HP). Very nice daysailer with basic accommodation

Basic data of the Van Der Stadt Design Noordzeesloep

  • Seller:Van Veen and sons VOF
  • Brand:Van Der Stadt Design
  • Model:Noordzeesloep
  • Ship's name:Elsa
  • Motorization:Yanmar 2GM20 (18 HP)
  • Category:Classic yacht
  • Additional category:Traditional/classic motor boat
  • Year of construction:1963
  • Material:Woodcore epoxy
  • Experience: A day of boating fun, Weekendcruiser, weekends aboard
  • Length:33.63 feet
  • Width:9.02 feet
  • Draught:5 feet
  • Variable draught:No
  • Vertical clearance:13 cm
  • Headroom inside:155 cm
  • Beds:4fixed
  • Country: Netherlands
  • To view in sales harbour/showroom: Yes
  • Price:£ 35.485 VAT Paid (€ 39.900 VAT Paid)
  • Account Manager: Gerben van Veen



  • Remarks:

    Brief the history of this ship:

    In the early seventies, a Dutchman who emigrated to Mozambique, owner of a sugar cane plantation, decided to build a sailing yacht.

    Half a century later, the current owner finally finished building the ship.

    The owner from Mozambique soon came to the conclusion, due to Frelimo's new regime in 1975, that it would be better to return to the Netherlands as soon as possible. For example, the hull and deck trusses, which were only built, were transported to the Netherlands as deck cargo. There the story stops for a long time. Until about 10 years ago the current owner saw this ship in a tiny advertisement; "Casco for sale from iroko".

    From that time on, the dismantling of the ship finally started. After all, the hull was from iroko and still in very good condition.

    The choice was made for a small superstructure with a deep comfortable cockpit. The goal was a pleasant weekend sailor, who is easy to sail alone and a feast for the eyes.

    The rigging has also been designed accordingly. A new fractional mast with a larger mainsail and an easy to handle High Aspect jib.

    New aluminium constructions have been placed on wooden frames for the rigging.

    The interior has been kept very simple by the owner, only two benches and a double cage in the forepart.

    Entire ship is open without bulkheads. Only at the wall-pits.

    Engine (Yanmar 2GM20 is in the middle of the ship.

    Below some basic data of the ship:

    Year built: 1963 - finishing in 2007 / 2011

    Length a.o: 10,25 mtr.

    Width: 2,75 mtr.

    Draught: 1,60 mtr.

    Water displacement: 4.800 Kg

    Ballast: 2,200 Kg

    Mast. boom and stay: Sparcraft Custom Line (2013)

    Sailing: White Curd Sails (2013)

    Battery charger: Victron Plus Compact (2013)

    Autopilot: Raymarine (2013)

    Log/depth gauge: Advansea (2013)

    Compass: Plastimo

    Engine: Yanmar 2Gm20 (18 hp) - 110 running hours

    Fuel tank: stainless steel of 50 ltr. (2013)

    Service and starter battery: 70 Amp.

    Underwater: Epoxy laminate with 4 layers of Coppercoat.

    The ship received in 2014 in the water champion no. 4 an article of 7 pages.

    You can find this article on our website:

    The asking price in this, of course, is a fraction of what the dismantling with accessories has cost.

    Click here for more information

  • Vertical clearance: 0.13 m
  • Draught: 160 cm


  • Headroom: 155 cm
  • Berths: fixed: 4
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Van Der Stadt Design Noordzeesloep

Van Der Stadt Design Noordzeesloep

£ 35.485 (€ 39.900) VAT Paid