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new boat
Material Aluminium
Length 54.72 feet
Width 15.0 feet

1 Steyr MO114 109 hp. The Atlantic 51 is the flagship of the Atlantic sailing yachts. This semi custom built aluminum cruiser is a true ocean explorer.

Basic data of the Atlantic 51

  • Seller:Jachtwerf Atlantic BV & Jachtcentrale Harlingen
  • Reference:YFM-119
  • Brand:Atlantic
  • Model:51
  • Motorization:1 Steyr MO114 109 hp
  • Category:Sailing Yacht
  • Material:Aluminium
  • Length:54.72 feet
  • Width:15.03 feet
  • Draught:4 feet
  • Variable draught:No
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Price:price on request



  • Designer: Dick Zaal & Atlantic Nieuwbouw BV
  • Shipyard: Atlantic Nieuwbouw
  • Draught: 124 cm
  • Maximum draught: 324 cm
  • Waterline length: 1,458 cm
  • Comments:

    More information about this sailing vessel can be found in the brochure.


    • Jefa double steering system in the cockpit with two single spoke stainless steel steering wheels with leather cover. One compass at each steering wheel.

    Lifting throat

    • Electrical/hydraulic system with double working stainless steel cylinder, 2kW generator and separate manual back-up system. The keel system can be managed through control switches from the steering area.


  • Berths:
  • Comments:
    • Shower cabin with stainless steel basin, mixing tap with shower and hose.
    • Toilet room has stainless steel basin, mixing tap, Lavac vacuum toilet with Hendersen pump. Blackwater tank for toilet installed.
    • Greywater tank with build in automatic float switch and Whale Gulper 22 electrical discharge pump, for all waste water comming from the shower tray and basins.
    • Automatic waterpressure pump, 24 volt.

Engine, electrics

  • Number of identical engines: 1
  • Type: Inboard
  • Brand: Steyr
  • Model: MO114
  • Power: 108 hp

Navigation and electronics

  • Comments:
    • Aqua signal navigation lights: three-colour masthead with anchor light, steaming/deck light, port-/starboard lights separate on the pulpit, stern light on pushpit. The navigation equipment is standard Raymarine ST60+ Depth, Speed and Wind system and 2x Plastimo Horizon 135 compass near steering wheels

Rig and sails

  • Sail surface: 7,230
  • Comments:


    • Mast by Hall Spars: profile 1264 + (303x164) tapered aluminum mastsection, lenght 21.45m. AWLgrip white coated mast.
    • Welded-in masthead with aluminum sheaves for in-mast main halyard, boom elevator and two Yankee/Genoa halyards.
    • Two cranes with U-bolts for attachment of blocks for spinnaker halyard.
    • Aluminum crane with stainless steel bushings for attachment of backstay toggle and aluminum fitting with stainless steel bushings for attachement of headstay toggle.
    • Backing plates installed for attachment of capschrouds, intermediates, lower schrouds and babystay.
    • Tangs for attachment of inner forestay with over/under sheave box for staysail halyard and toppinglift.
    • Tangs for attachement of check stays.
    • Three sets of tapered aluminum spreaders. The lower spreaders with strap eyes for attachment of burgee lines.
    • PVC conduit installed up to the masthead to protect wires, including pilot line and cables for navigation lights. PVC conduit installed at front of the mast, including cables for lights and pilot lines for installation of radar cable and antenna cables.
    • Aluminum cable exit installed at front of the mast.
    • Entries for internal lazy jacks positioned under upper spreaders
    • All halyard exits to include stainless steel chafepads.
    • Custom swivel fitting with sheaves and blocks for halyards and reefing lines which can be operated from the cockpit
    • Insulated hard anodized aluminum mast heel with rocker to suit mast step fitting and rake angle.
    • Mounted on mast:
    • - Spinlock twin halyard stopper for yankee- and staysail halyard.
    • - Andersen ST40 halyard winch
    • - 1 Aluminum cleats 7"/178 mm for boomlift halyard
    • - 2 Aluminum cleats for lazy jack tails
    • - windex
    • - 3-colour masthead light with anchor light
    • - Steaming and deck light with protection guard
    • - Frederiksen Full Batten System mounted on the mast.


    • Hall Spars aluminum boom with tappered outboard end
    • Profile 8758 (221x145). E= 6.05m.
    • AWLgrip white coated boom.
    • Welded in outboard ends for:
    • - single line reefing system for first and second reef
    • - reefingline for third reef
    • - outhaul
    • Provisions for 2 internal preventers and attachment for boom topping elevator
    • Stainless steel pad eyes for attachment of two mainsheet blocks
    • Boom set up for loos footed mainsail
    • Frederiksen series outhaultrack + outhaulcar with slide rods.
    • Aluminum cleat installed on boom for outhaul line
    • Provisions for attachment of three point Lazy Jack system

    Standing rig

    • Headstay, backstay (upper part with custom wireblock), capschrouds and lower shrouds, 12mm wire 1 x 19 with rigging screws and studs.
    • Innerstay, babystay and intermediates, 10mm wire 1 x 19 with rigging screws and studs.
    • Backstay leg: 10mm, 7 x 19 stainless steel wire including turnbuckle and backstay tensioner
    • 2 Checkstays 12mm Aramstar
    • Furlex 300 furling system for headstay

    Running rig

    • 1 Main halyard, 14mm Braid with key-shackle
    • 1 Service halyard/Boom topping elevator, 12mm Braid with D-shackle
    • 1 Yankee halyard, 12mm Armastar with D-shackle
    • 1 Staysailhalyard, 12mm Armastar with D-shackle
    • 1 Set of lazy jacks: 3 point connection on the boom
    • 1 Outhaul, 12mm Spectra including tackle and blocks
    • 2 reeflines,12mm Braid for single-line reefsystem (Reef I and Reef II)
    • 1 set reeflines (outboard and tack-reeflines) for Reef III
    • 2 Preventers, 12mm Braid with snap-shackle
    • 1 Mainsheet, 11mm DSK 75 PC
    • 2 Yankee sheets, 16mm Harkon
    • 2 Staysail sheets, 14mm Harkon
    • 2 control lines, 8mm braid for mainsheet traveler
    • 2 control lines, 8mm Braid for genoa/yankee cars
    • Main halyard, reefinglines, outhaul and preventers to be operated from the cockpit

    Furling system

    • Yankee: Furlex 300S furling system for 12mm headstay


    • Mailsail: 72.30 m² , 9.5 oz dacron, crosscut cut, Cruising quality with battensand
      3 reefs.
    • Sail over: standard, in color to buyers choice
    • Furling Yankee: 69.0 m², 9.5 oz dacron, crosscut/fanned cut, Cruising quality
      , fits onto Furlex 300S furling system.
    • Staysail: 25.0 m², 9.5 oz dacron, crosscut/fanned cut, Cruising qualitywith

Deck Equipment

  • Comments:
    • 2 Andersen 58 ST sheetwinch (cockpit Port and Starboard side)
    • 1 Andersen 40 ST sheetwinch on mast
    • 1 Andersen 46 ST mainsheet winch, on roof dockhouse
    • 4 Andersen 46 ST winches (cockpit Port and Starboard side)

    Mainsheet system from Ronstan

    • 1 track 2 mtr
    • 1 traveller with 2 control line sheaves and stand up block 75mm
    • 2 end cap with 2 control line sheaves and becket
    • 1 single block, 75mm on boom
    • 1 stand up base with 75mm block

    Staysail sheet system from Ronstan

    • 2x track, 2 mtr
    • 2x traveler with plunger stop
    • 2x single foot blocks, 100mm

    Yankee sheet system from Ronstan

    • 2x track, 4 mtr
    • 2x travelers with single control line sheaves
    • 2x end cap with 2 control line sheave and becket
    • 2 Spinlock XTS single clutch for control lines
    • Navtec backstay tensioner
    • 6x aluminum cleats on deck
    • 7x Lewmar low profile hatches
    • 6x Lewmar portholes, fixed in hull
    • 2x Lewmar portholes, opening in superstructure
    • 9x fixed custom made acrylic windows in superstructure
    • 4x Goiot aluminium deck fans
    • 12x stainless steel stanchions mounted with insulation in anodised aluminium stanchion base
    • Stainless steel pushpit and pulpit with navigation light
    • 5x Aluminum deck fills for water, fuel and waste water
    • 1x Whale bilge pump operated from cockpit
    • 2x electric bilge/hose pumps
    • Rocna anchor with 50 mtr chaim and 40 mtr line
    • Lewmar electric anchor winch 24V
    • Bowtruster MaxPower 24V
    • 4 Warps - 6 Fenders -
    • 1 fire extinguishers
    • 1 automatic fire extinguisher in engine room
    • 1 Gas bottle from Camping Gaz, 3 kg
    • 1 flag, flagstaff and stand
    • 2 Andersen winch handles, aluminium
    • Double searailing wire with white PVC cover
    • 1 stainless steel boarding ladder
    • 1 radar reflector
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Atlantic 51

Atlantic 51

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