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Van De Stadt Pion
£ 8.614 (€ 9.500)
Van De Stadt 26 Dolphin
£ 20.402 (€ 22.500)
Botter Jachtbotter
£ 58.939 (€ 65.000)
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Panta Rhei Brokerage

Panta Rhei is from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus and means "everything flows". One can not walk in the same river twice, because fresh water is coming back to you.
We have a close look at the best possible agreements, expertise and administrative procedures - in collaboration with Harmsma Notarissen in Joure. Panta Rhei has a corporate liability insurance, so you are not at risk of shortcomings in service.
Panta Rhei Brokerage

Grote Kerkstraat 39
8911 EA  Leeuwarden


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