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Van Wijk 621

Van Wijk 621

New arrivals
£ 31.083 (€ 34.950)
Boesch 900 Riviera De Luxe
£ 168.977 (€ 190.000)
Katwijker Steilsteven (luxe Woonschip)
24 1
£ 177.425 (€ 199.500)
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With extensive nautical experience, Omega Yacht Broker offers high level maritime services.
Sales - rental brokerage, service and maintenance.
Omega Yacht Broker takes care of the sales and ensures that your (sailing) boat is sold in accordance with the market.
Would you like to sail at home or abroad on a beautiful luxury motor / sail yacht?
Then Omega Yacht Broker is the right place for you.
Through Omega Yacht Broker you can rent boats and or yachts on different locations/countries.

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