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Princess 32 OK
19 1

Princess 32 OK

Price reduced
£ 889 (€ 1.000)
Motorboot 1500

Motorboot 1500

Price reduced
£ 4.447 (€ 5.000)
Primeur 615
£ 13.340 (€ 15.000)
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Are you looking for a sloop, motorboat or workboat, Bootveiling.com organizes online boat auctions and has been doing so since 2005. If you want to sell your boat fast then auctioning is a good option for you. Bootveiling.com has already auctioned more than 3000 boats. We take care of the financial settlement and the deed of delivery. Bootveiling.com also supports with transport, storage, valuation and management of ships. Check the website for all information. www.bootveiling.com

Rubberstraat 9
1411 AL  Naarden


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