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Materiaal Composiet
Lengte 14.20 m
Breedte 8.3 m


Basisgegevens van de Neel 47

  • Verkoper:Bach Yachting International
  • Merk:Neel
  • Model:47
  • Motorisatie:60HP
  • Categorie:Multihull zeilboot
  • Materiaal:Composiet
  • Beleving: Dagje vaarplezier, Familievakantie, Ondiepe wateren, Snelvaren, Verre reizen, zeegaand, Weekends op het water
  • Lengte:14.20 m
  • Breedte:8.30 m
  • Diepgang:160 cm
  • Variabele diepgang:Nee
  • Land:
  • Prijs:prijs op aanvraag
  • Accountmanager: Jascha Bach



  • Ontwerper: Marc Lombard Yacht Design Group
  • Werf: NEEL Trimarans
  • Diepgang: 160 cm
  • Opmerkingen:

    NEEL 47 Technical specifications

    • Woodwork in Alpi wood
    • Non-sLIP diamond tip
    • Insert Alpi veneer and/or white upholstering
    • Synthetic fabrics adapted to the marine environment, washable, UV resistant
    • Blackout curtains in the cabins

    • Construction materials: high-quality isophthalic polyester and vinylester resin infusion molding on closed-cell PVC foam core and quadriaxial fiberglass skin.
    • Protection aileron in monolithic laminate
    • Floor in sandwich foam manufactured by infusion
    • Infusion-molded structural partitions with closed-cell PVC foam core
    • Hull finished in light grey gel coat
    • Deck finished in non-slip, diamond-pattern white gel coat
    • Numerous reserve buoyancy

    For an anodized aluminum mast
    • Full-batten mainsail in Dacron 2 reefs
    • Genoa in Dacron with UV protective band on hand-operated furler
    • Self-tacking staysail in Dacron with UV protection on hand-operated furler

    For a carbon mast (high-performance rigging option)
    • Mainsail in triaxial Dacron 2 reefs
    • Self-tacking staysail in Dracron with UV protection on hand-operated furler
    • Self-tacking staysail in Dacron with UV protection on store

    Standing rigging
    For an anodized aluminum mast
    • Full-batten mainsail in Dacron 2 reefs
    • Genoa in Dacron with UV protective band on hand-operated furler
    • Self-tacking staysail in Dacron with UV protection on hand- operated furler

    For a carbon mast (high-performance rigging option)
    • Mainsail in triaxial Dacron 2 reefs
    • Genoa in Dacron with UV protective strip on hand-operated furler Self-tacking staysail in Dacron with UV protection on store

    Running rigging
    • 1 mainsail halyard for pulley
    • 1 genoa halyard kept at the base of the mast by releasable lashing
    • 1 staysail halyard kept at the base of the mast by releasable lashing
    • 1 spinnaker halyard
    • 1 boom topping lift
    • reefing lines
    • 2 genoa sheets
    • 1 staysail sheet
    • 1 mainsail sheets leading back to the helm station

    • 2 self-tailing winches at the centre of the helm station
    • Jammers upstream for mainsail halyard, mainsail sheets, reefing lines, staysail sheet, boom topping lift, spinnaker halyard.
    • Line driver for topping lift (option in premium pack)

    • 1 electric windlass 12 volts with a horizontal sprocket on the deck for 10 mm chain with wired remote control in the anchor well
    • Access to the windlass and the chain locker via a horizontal panel

    • 8 stanchions height 600 mm
    Double lifelines in phosphorescent Dynema

    Freshwater system
    • Freshwater tanks: 600 L tanks with gauge on the chart table
    • Freshwater system with 1 main 12 V water pump
    • Hot water system with 1 75 L 220 V water heater with heat exchanger
    • 1 cold shower in the aft transom on the float port side
    • Freshwater electric toile

    • Sink, shower and wash basin drainage either by gravity flow or by electric pumping overboard

    • Black water (standard in the central hull and optional in the floats if toilets )

    Bilge pumping system with 4 electric pumps + 1 hand pump
    • 1 hand sump pump central hull
    • 1 automatic bilge pump for the engine compartment also with manual switch operation
    • 1 automatic bilge pump for the main hull bilge also with manual switch operation
    • 2 automatic bilge pumps in each hull
    • CE Mark self-draining cockpit

    1. Power circuit
    • Pack of 12 V AGM gel batteries, total 360 amps
    • 1x12 V alternator
    • 220 V network with 220V/12 V converter charger (essential pack)
    • 1 x12 V/220 V converter (essential pack)
    • 1 x 60 AH shore connection with 25 m shore power line (essential pack)
    • 1 Optima 70-amp 12 V battery for engine starting

    2. Electric switchboard
    • 1 Voltmeter/ ampermeter
    • General 12 V switchboard mounted on a recessed panel next to the chart table desk protected by breakers

    3. Electric switchboard
    • LED Lighting
    • LED Navigation light

    1. Rear cockpit
    • Vast “Full Beam Cockpit” on one level with the COKLOON
    • This is protected throughout by a rigid roof top
    • Cockpit cushions and seating
    • Cockpit in non-slip white diamond gel coat

    2. Floating transoms
    • Wide swim platform for each float transom that allows boarding the saloon and lateral access to the side decks
    • Cold shower in the aft transom on a float port side (standard) and hand rail
    • Folding boarding ladder on a float port side

    3. Central hull transom
    • 2 steps leading to water level
    • Additional boarding ladder with hot/cold shower optional
    • Dinghy berth (included in the “Premium” version and optional in the “Essential” version)

    4. helm station
    • Access by starboard side deck and from the cockpit
    • Large ergonomically designed polyester bench for 3 persons
    • 800 mm diameter steering wheel
    • Dash panel with compass, engine control, navigational aid (optional) and control for operating the bow thruster (optional or included in the Premium version)
    • All manoeuvres returned to the helm station
    • Halyards and sheets stored in a special sheet bag

    5. 4th and 5th cabins (option)
    • Fitted with mattresses 110x200cm, furniture units
    • Starter room with storage
    • Linings and cladding on the floor and wall of the cabin
    • Reading light
    • Hatch with mosquito net and blackout blind

    6. Sun deck
    • Access from the helm station
    • Optional roof mattress 2m x 1.5 m.
    7. Miscellaneous
    • Propane locker, accessed by the foredeck on the port side in compliance with CE Mark

    1. Owner’s suite
    • Level access
    • Living area with private bathroom
    • Unique views over the open sea
    • 1 storage wardrobe
    • Drawer storage
    • 1 x 150 x 200 double bed with access from both sides
    • LED lighting, 2 reading lights
    • Blackout curtains
    • Optional slatted bed bases
    • Bolon floor covering
    • 1x 220V outlet

    2. Wellness area (central hull)
    • 1/3 of the main hull is dedicated to a very large “Confort of board space” gathering 4 independent functions:
    ✓ Dressing; wardrobe, shelving. Perfect for liveaboard program.
    ✓ Independent sink/mirror/stowage space
    ✓ XXL shower (0.9m beam/1.20m length) with plexiglass
    ✓ Independent WC

    3. Float guest suites
    • Private access by outside entrance
    • Locked entrance with hanging fittings and sink (Optional WC under the removable ladder)
    • Large porthole in the hull allowing in light and offering unique views of the sea
    • Wardrobes and storage shelving
    • Storage space under the bed
    • 1 x 140 x 200 double bed
    • LED lighting, 2 reading lights
    • Blackout curtains
    • Bolon floor covering
    • 1 x 220 outlet (included in the Essential pack)

    • Panoramic kitchen with a huge synthetic resin work surface
    • 1 x 2-burner gas hob
    • Built-in stainless-steel gas oven with grill
    • Microwave oven (optional : instead of a storage drawer )
    • Positive temperature fridge 43 US Gal / 160L
    • Negative Temperature fridge 14 US Gal / 53L
    • Dishwasher holding 6 place settings (optional) or kitchen storage a standard
    • Storage drawers
    • Cutlery drawer
    • Drawer for pots and pans
    • Separate waste bin
    • Lighting by LED spotlights in the ceiling

    COCKLOON (trademark)
    1. Description
    • This is a genuine innovation which provides accommodation for up to 10 guests in a mixed indoor/outdoor area using 2 tables and creating and original space with unique, totally unobstructed, views of the sea outside.
    • It can be modulated into two separate areas with an indoor table and outdoor table by using a modular partition window, which can, depending on preferences and the weather, be open, half open or totally shut.
    • LED lighting

    • Panoramic views in the direction of travel.
    • Large chart table / desk
    • Desk Storgage
    • Shelving Storoage
    • Double bench for the watch with trapdoor of arrangements
    • Electric switchboard and equipment control built into the side box
    • Dash panel available for navigational electronics
    • Bolon floor covering

    Access to the inside technical area
    • Easy and practical access by stepladder, removable floor opening by air cylinder assembly
    • LED lighting
    • Shelves for technical items and storage

    Access to the machine room at the rear
    • Access to the machine room is facilitated by ample headroom through the cockpit floor hatch.
    • Further to the rear there is direct access to the helm area, fabric and steering lines
    • All technical areas are totally accessible and protected from bad weather

    • Volvo D2 60 hp engine with 12 V cable harness
    • 1 x 12 V alternator
    • 1 x 12 V 50 amp OPTIMA starting battery
    • Folding propeller
    • Sea water filter
    • Engine control cabled to the helm station
    • 12 V lighting
    • Engine room ventilation: natural aspiration and extraction through the rear transom
    • Fuel system, fuel filter, fuel tank outlet stop valve
    • Bow thruster, 12 V ( Premium pack or optional with Essential Pack)
    • Push-button thrust control mechanism on the helm station

    MOORING SYSTEM (essential pack)
    ▪ 4 mooring lines
    ▪ 6 fenders


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Neel 47

Neel 47

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