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Malo Yachts Malö 49

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Malo Yachts Malö 49Malo Yachts Malö 49Malo Yachts Malö 49Malo Yachts Malö 49Malo Yachts Malö 49Malo Yachts Malö 49Malo Yachts Malö 49Malo Yachts Malö 49Malo Yachts Malö 49Malo Yachts Malö 49Malo Yachts Malö 49Malo Yachts Malö 49Malo Yachts Malö 49

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Materiaal Polyester
Lengte 16 m
Breedte 4.5 m

Yanmar 80 hp. YachtFull is the official Sales Agent for Sweden Yachts Group, the producers of Sweden Yachts, Malö Yachts, CR Yachts. For more info www.yachtfull.co

Basisgegevens van de Malo Yachts Malö 49

  • Verkoper:Yachtfull International
  • Merk:Malo Yachts
  • Model:Malö 49
  • Motorisatie:Yanmar 80 hp
  • Categorie:Zeiljacht
  • Materiaal:Polyester
  • Lengte:16 m
  • Breedte:4.47 m
  • Diepgang:235 cm
  • Variabele diepgang:Nee
  • Land:
  • Prijs:prijs op aanvraag
  • Accountmanager: Joeri Saly



  • Opmerkingen:

    A superlative bluewater cruiser; the M49 is the first in the New generation of Malö Yachts…

    The Malö Yachts 49 will offer everything you would expect from a Malö and more. A true long-distance sailing yacht which is extremely comfortable with increased performance and stability due to new elements in the design. The new hull shape and high ballast ratio keel, makes for increased stability at all points of sailing, and the deeper bow sections provide more comfort when sailing upwind in a heavy sea.

    The hull and stern are slightly wider than on earlier models providing more cabin and deck space. Above deck offers a large cockpit equipped with a targa arch and simplified rigging system with all lines leading back to the cockpit, this enables easy single-handed sailing or alternatively plenty of room for a large crew.

    Below deck, the broader hull offers plenty of living space and is fitted out for both comfort and functionality. Increased natural light from extra hatches in the deck enhances the feeling of spaciousness. The extra width also provides space for a technical installations room to house a generator, water maker, and other equipment, along with the space for a potential dinghy garage and/or integrated gangway in the stern. Several different layouts are available, although the yacht can also be built to a customer’s own specifications.

    The M49 will remain true to Malö’s heritage with its classic style, superb build quality and of course its excellent bluewater cruising characteristics; a yacht that will take you around the world both comfortably and safely. It is certain to please even the most discerning of sailors.

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  • Diepgang: 235 cm


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Malo Yachts Malö 49

Malo Yachts Malö 49

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