Nord Star 30 Patrol

Nord Star 30 PatrolNord Star 30 PatrolNord Star 30 PatrolNord Star 30 PatrolNord Star 30 PatrolNord Star 30 PatrolNord Star 30 PatrolNord Star 30 PatrolNord Star 30 PatrolNord Star 30 PatrolNord Star 30 PatrolNord Star 30 PatrolNord Star 30 PatrolNord Star 30 PatrolNord Star 30 PatrolNord Star 30 Patrol

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  • nieuwe
  • Lengte 10.1 m
  • Materiaal Polyester

Dealers van de Nord Star 30 Patrol

Jachtmakelaardij Zuidwest Friesland

Jachtmakelaardij Zuidwest Friesland

1¼ jaar actief op YachtFocus
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Parallelwei 7
8711 CH  Workum

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Basisgegevens van de Nord Star 30 Patrol

  • Verkoper:Jachtmakelaardij Zuidwest Friesland
  • Merk:Nord Star
  • Model:30 Patrol
  • Motorisatie:different diesel engines
  • Categorie:Motorjacht
  • Extra categorie:Speed- en sportboten
  • Materiaal:Polyester
  • Beleving: Dagje vaarplezier, Familievakantie, Snelvaren, Verre reizen, zeegaand, Weekends op het water
  • Lengte:10.1 m
  • Breedte:3.15 m
  • Diepgang:75 cm
  • Variabele diepgang:Nee
  • Stahoogte binnen:195 cm
  • Slaapplaatsen:4 vast , 1 extra
  • Land:
  • Prijs:€ 214.143 Inclusief BTW (vanaf prijs)

In het kort

different diesel engines. Nord Star 30 Patrol offers superior living comfort in its class.




  • Opmerkingen:

    Nord Star 30 Patrol offers superior living comfort in its class. Modern design and technical qualities offer great offshore performance and walk-around access with three doors. The hand-laminated construction gives her extra strength to meet the waves.


    Nord star boats–whether for functional use or leisure–are top quality and multi-purpose crafts available in many different sizes. Ranging from an 8-meter Patrol boat to a 15-meter yacht, all models have the common aspiration for perfection combined with practicality.


    Nord Star Yachts Nederland

    Parallelwei 7 in Workum

    +31 515 - 745560

  • CE: B
  • Rompvorm: V-bodem
  • Diepgang: 75 cm
  • Opmerkingen:

    Nord Star 30 Patrol is a fast walk-around offshore boat for active leisure-time at sea. The emphasis lies on seaworthiness, safety, living comfort and sleek design. Three sliding doors provide easy access to the deck encircling the cabin. The pentry is conveniently placed so that it caters to the saloon as well as to the spacious aft deck. The large aft deck is suitable for entertaining and leisure, particularly with the addition of canvas overhead to protect from sun and rain. Like all Nord Star boats, the 30 has wide side decks which are ideal when docking and also for recreational cruising. 


    Quality from heritage. Select your own thoroughbred from an exacting range of models finished to a superior standard by experienced craftsmen in our modern halls. The choice is yours, but remember, whichever Nord Star you pick, it will always be handcrafted in Finland.


    Linex- Boat Oy is a Finnish family-owned company that manufactures first-class boats for leisure and professional use. The sturdy structure married with elegant design is the result of careful planning, traditional craftsmanship and a modern perspective on production. Buying a Nordstar is an investment in reliability, safety and power at your fingertips –regardless of the weather or time of year.


    Standard specifications in the appendix


  • Stahoogte: 195 cm
  • Slaapplaatsen: Vast: 4 Extra: 1
  • Opmerkingen:

    The Nord Star 30  is built to be robust in all conditions! But, at the same time is suitable as a comfortable holiday boat for a family or friends. Around the boat, the lowered treads give a protected passage between the bow and the aft deck. The three doors in the wheelhouse make it easy to handle during mooring with great all round view and access, despite the size of the boat.

    The Nord Star 30 does not have any unpleasant surprises, she behaves calmly and safely in all weather.  

    The Nord Star 30 is delivered with the option of single or double engines with stern drives. A single installation gives a lower purchase price and operating costs, whilst the double configuration gives increased manoeuvrability and a greater top speed. With dual engines your boat can also be provided with joystick control. Whether you choose one or two engines, the engine noise level is amazingly low, even at high speed.

    Inside, the Nord Star 30 has everything you would want from a modern year-round boat. The driver’s seat can accommodate dual 15“ screens, the wheelhouse offers space for an oven and a sink with hot water, and the spacious WC room also has a shower.

    So whether you are looking for a sturdy carrier for up to 10 people or a family friendly boat for holidays, the Nord Star 30 has what you need. It is modern and safe.

Motor en elektra

  • Max snelheid: 50 knopen
  • Opmerkingen:

    Engine Options:

    Volvo Penta D6-400 (400 hp, diesel)

    2x Volvo Penta D3-220 (2×220 hp, diesel)

    Mercury TDI 4,2-370 (370 hp, diesel)

    2x Mercury TDI 3,0-260 (2×260 hp, diesel, Axius premier)

    2x Mercury TDI 4,2 370 (2×370 hp, diesel, Axius premier)

    Yanmar 8LV 370 (370 hp, diesel)


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