C-Yacht 47AC

C-Yacht 47ACC-Yacht 47ACC-Yacht 47ACC-Yacht 47ACC-Yacht 47ACC-Yacht 47ACC-Yacht 47ACC-Yacht 47ACC-Yacht 47ACC-Yacht 47ACC-Yacht 47AC

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  • nieuwe
  • Lengte 14.43 m
  • Materiaal Polyester




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Ijselmeerdijk 2
8221 RC  Lelystad

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Basisgegevens van de C-Yacht 47AC

  • Verkoper:C-Yacht
  • Merk:C-Yacht
  • Model:47AC
  • Categorie:Zeiljacht
  • Materiaal:Polyester
  • Lengte:14.43 m
  • Breedte:4.4 m
  • Diepgang:190 cm
  • Variabele diepgang:Ja
  • Land:
  • Prijs:prijs op aanvraag

In het kort

New C-Yacht line created by clients, together with Dykstra Naval Architects



  • Opmerkingen: The design of the C-Yacht 42 and 47 allows easy short-handed sailing. The layout of the cockpit offers a safe and stable position for the crew at all times. The winches are easy to reach from the twin helm positions and all controls are led to the cockpit. The all-new C-Yacht is unique for various reasons. The ballast ratio, however is the key to the yachts sailing characteristics: As standard the yacht comes equipped with a leaden keel whose ballast amounts to over 40% of the ship’s total weight. This guarantees maximum stability, safety and cruising pleasure.
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  • Ontwerper: Dykstra Navel Architects Dutch Build
  • Werf: C-Yacht
  • CE: A
  • Variabele diepgang:
  • Diepgang: 190 cm
  • Lengte waterlijn: 1.298 cm
  • Waterverplaatsing: 13,2 ton
  • Kiel/zwaard: Deep keel: 2.20 m
  • Opmerkingen: The C-Yacht 42 and 47 have been designed as comfortable and safe cruising yachts. No comprises were made when it comes to sailing performance. The cockpit is designed in such a way that it easy to handle the sails, whether you are sailing with a crew or on your own. H.A. Jib – 49.0 m²


  • Slaapplaatsen: Vast: 0


  • Grootzeil:
  • Gennaker: 179.0 m²


  • Opmerkingen: Safety. That’s what it’s all about at C-Yacht. Because more safety means less worries: You are free to fully enjoy your sailing. With our 70 years experience we have built more than 7000 yachts. They cruise all over the world. And their many miles at seamade out there clearly demonstrate C-Yacht’s widely acknowledged yacht building expertise. Safety starts on the drawing table All of our yachts feature double collision bulkheads, lightning rod systems and automatic fire extinguishing systems. We also use the very best modern and sustainable materials, such as vinylester.


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