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Alubat Cigale 16

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Alubat Cigale 16Alubat Cigale 16Alubat Cigale 16Alubat Cigale 16Alubat Cigale 16Alubat Cigale 16Alubat Cigale 16Alubat Cigale 16Alubat Cigale 16Alubat Cigale 16

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Materiaal Aluminium
Lengte 15.99 m
Breedte 4.8 m

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Basisgegevens van de Alubat Cigale 16

  • Verkoper:Rob Krijgsman Watersport BV
  • Referentie:YFM-1214
  • Merk:Alubat
  • Model:Cigale 16
  • Categorie:Zeiljacht
  • Materiaal:Aluminium
  • Lengte:15.99 m
  • Breedte:4.79 m
  • Diepgang:246 cm
  • Variabele diepgang:Nee
  • Doorvaarthoogte:2358 cm
  • Land: Frankrijk
  • Prijs:prijs op aanvraag



  • Ontwerper: Marc Lombard
  • Werf: Alubat
  • CE: A
  • Doorvaarthoogte normaal: 23,58 m
  • Diepgang: 246 cm
  • Ballast: 3,5 ton
  • Opmerkingen:

    The All New Cigale 16

    100% New, 100% Aluminium, 100% Cigale
    Everything about Cigale 16 is new, everything but the concept and the name.

    The \'\'Cigale brand \'\' is legendary amongst lovers of beautiful bluewater cruising yachts. But the all new \'\'Cigale 16 \'\' under construction at Alubat\'s yard in Le Château d\'Olonne ( France ) is certainly not an evolution of the former Cigale, but the development of a new fast, elegant and comfortable cruising yacht.

    Alubat, in collaboration with the French naval architect Marc Lombard, wanted to capitalise in this project on the recent advances in naval architecture and their own technical developments.  The result - a new Cigale 16 faster, more elegant and more comfortable.

    Pure lines enhanced by a clear deck.

    Alubat\'s 100% aluminium construction quality and the unmatched experience of our welders have been exploited to the benefit of the elegance of this magnificient entity, the Cigale 16: flush hatches halyards running under the deck, plexiglass window bands recessed and everything rounded: every effort has been made to give the Cigale 16 her exceptional lines.

    Marc Lombard comments: \'\'The deck layout shows that aluminium construction can be elegant : rounded profiles, hidden halyards and flush hatches being the main illustrations of it.\'\'

    The Cigale 16 hull with an upper chine has increased form stability, is more powerful and therefore can carry a greater sail area.  The twin rudders and the keel, finessed by Marc Lombard, have been designed to drive the best of the hull\'s potential.

    The efficient and simple deck layout allows a short-handed crew to get the best of the potential of the boat without any effort.

    Marc Lombard comments :\'\'with her modern hull and an upper chine, the Cigale 16 has all qualities to make her an exceptionally fast cruising yacht whatever the point of sail, whatever the sea conditions: maximum length at the waterline, reduced wet surface, light displacement but powerful hull.  The hull has been designed for both upwind sailing or downwind surfing in the trade winds.

    The streamlined rigging and the set back mast provide the boat with significant drive at any point of sail, whilst remaining  easy to manage.”


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Motor en elektra

  • Type: Binnenboord
  • Opmerkingen:

    Water tank: 600 l
    Fuel tank: 400 l


  • Opmerkingen:

    Sail area on the wind: 142.1 m²
    Mainsail: 69.5 m²
    Genoa: 72.6 m²
    Staysail: 36 m²
    Genacker: 135m²

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Alubat Cigale 16

Alubat Cigale 16

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