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Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"

€ 175.000 BTW Betaald (€ 325.000)
Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"

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+31 (0) 624 6… Toon
Bouwjaar 1915
Materiaal Epoxy composiet
Lengte 23.64 m
Breedte 4.4 m

Perkins 4235, overhauled 1999. Beautiful classic yacht, winner of many regatta's

Basisgegevens van de Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"

  • Verkoper:White Whale Yachtbrokers - Ibiza
  • Merk:Herreshoff Schooner
  • Model:NYYC40 "Vixen II"
  • Scheepsnaam:Vixen II
  • Motorisatie:Perkins 4235, overhauled 1999
  • Categorie:Klassiek scherp jacht
  • Extra categorie:Zeiljacht
  • Bouwjaar:1915
  • Laatste refit:2014
  • Materiaal:Epoxy composiet
  • Beleving: Familievakantie, Geschikt voor deelbezit, Grote groepen aan boord, (Semi-)permanente bewoning, Verre reizen, zeegaand, Wedstrijdzeilen, Weekends op het water
  • Lengte:23.64 m
  • Breedte:4.35 m
  • Diepgang:285 cm
  • Variabele diepgang:Nee
  • Doorvaarthoogte:2400 cm
  • Stahoogte binnen:210 cm
  • Slaapplaatsen:6vast, 2 extra, 2 voor personeel
  • Land: Spanje
  • Te bekijken in verkoophaven/showroom: Nee , Ibiza (ES)/Winterstalling op de kant in San Carles de Rapita (180Km zuid Barcelona)
  • Prijs:€ 175.000 incl. BTW


Bekende gebreken

Main fridge needs refilling of cooling gas 134A, woodwork outside is for 70 % cleared of varnish and ready for a new varnish or covering systems up to owners choice. Small frontfok can be replaced. Force 10 stove has all parts but after change of burners recently its still needs to be reassembled. Bought 14 new release locks for doors and hatches to replace present ones. 4 Service batteries are not so strong anymore and are better to replace for next seison. The starboard front toilet pump is new but needs a different remote button then on the older types. Its a Vetus pump.


  • Opmerkingen:


    Update 26 june 2022. Huge price reduction because owner needs to sell. From 325.000 now offred for 175.000 euro. Owner intrested in all serious offers


    The Vixen II (ex Jessica) was ordered in 1914 to be build by Wilson Marshall, the chairman of the New York yacht club then, under her first name Jessica. Wilson Marchall holds a fantastic record to his name. In 1905 he sailed the Trans atlantic record with schooner the Atlantic that record held for 100 years and was broken in 2005. A replica been build a few years ago.The NYYC'40 ies where the first one design class and notorious that they where never reefed. The first race boats for the rich and famous that could let their crew live onboard. Wilson ordered a total of 19 identical boats for club racing. The first time that VixenII showed her speed is when she won the New York Yacht Club 40 one design series in 1915. This was the first victory in a long line off matchrace success. Vixen II participated over the years in many race’s and won some really famous of those like the Foxy’s wooden Boat Regatta and the Boston seaport Museum Regatta as well as the Antigua Classic Race in 2002. Vixen was founder of this race as the crew at the time, Jane and Kenny Coombs started this race while crewing it for the owner. In 1978 the entire boat has been rebuilt in Ferrocore with epoxy outerlayer. So very low in maintenance and very strong. Former owner Warner Beatty has had many famous guests on the boat. The JP Morgan family owned Vixen in the 20ies. Jaques Langtang who wrote a book about Herrshoff schooners has a small chapter about Vixen. In the 2nd worldwar she served as a mine sweeper as many wooden boats at the time. Now laying in Ibiza, for sale by her Dutch owner who kept the boat for over 17 years now.  For any info or planning a visit, please contact us at +31 (0) 624642115 or mail ibiza@wwy.nl.  See this video:'s  :  https://vimeo.com/user66898785  


    History//Testimonial Vixen II

    My name is Jane Coombs, Vice Chairman of the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta. 

    I was very excited to see some recent footage shot in Ibiza of the beautiful Vixen 11 under full sail.

    My heart skipped a beat as if I had seen an old friend.

    My late husband Kenny and I were running her in the late 80's in the Caribbean when she was owned my Dr. Shimmert. She is the fast schooner that inspired us to start the regatta which has been a great success.

    We saw her several years ago, in need of a re-fit in Mallorca so it is wonderful to see her restored to her former glory. I still believe she was the greatest little ship we ever sailed in a long career on classic yachts.

    So I am writing to you to invite you to attend the 30th anniversary of our regatta next April. 

    It would mean a great deal to have her join in as she was such an important part of the story.

    I realise you have charter plans but I thought that perhaps if I contacted you early maybe it might be possible to sell an Atlantic circuit and the regatta to your clients. I hear talk of a Panera Atlantic Classic Challenge and after the classics in early May there is feeder race to Bermuda for the America's cup too so it is an exciting year. Schooner America, Columbia and Spirit of Bermuda are all expected for that.

    Do look at our Website antiguaclassics.com to get a taste of our event. You would not be disappointed. Vixen 11 always loved our perfect Tradewinds conditions.

    I look forward to hearing from you and congratulations again on your fine restoration.

    Best regards,

    Jane Coombs

    Vice Chairman of the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta


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  • Ontwerper: Capt. Nat Herreshoff
  • Werf: Herreshoff Manufacturing Company (Rhode Island)
  • Bouwnummer: 609663NET34
  • CE aantal opvarenden: 14
  • Rompvorm: S-spant
  • Rompkleur: Wit
  • Dek en opbouw materiaal: Woodcore epoxy
  • Opbouw vorm, materiaal: Teak
  • Ramen: Hardened Plexiglass
  • Kuip: Achterkuip
  • Doorvaarthoogte normaal: 24 m
    Appr. 24 mtrs
  • Diepgang: 285 cm
  • Waterverplaatsing: 35.000 kg
  • Ballast: 15.000 kg
  • Besturing: Stuurwiel
  • Plek besturing: Buiten
  • Afstandsbediening:
  • Roer: Enkel
    Keel hung rudder
  • Kiel/zwaard: Doorlopende kiel
  • Opmerkingen:

    Length overall including Yankee Boom is 23.64 mtrs. Hull material ferrocore (1978), covered with 4mm Epoxy by J. Avoures in Florida.


  • Salon:
  • Stahoogte: 210 cm
    Max 215 cm
  • Eethoek:
  • Machinekamer:
  • Hutten: 3
    3 cabins (Master, 1 doublese and 1 bunkbed)
  • Slaapplaatsen: Vast: 6 Extra: 2 Crew: 2
    6 fixed
  • Type interieur: Klassiek, warm
    Classic Walnut interior
  • Matrassen:
  • Kussens:
  • Gordijnen: Suede upholsetry
  • Watertank & materiaal: 900 liter Polyester
    Appr. 980 liters + 250 liters in waterbag (new 2010)
  • Watermaker: 80 liter/uur
    schenker 80 l/h (new 2010) refit 2021
  • Vuilwatertank & materiaal: No
  • Watersysteem: Druksysteem
  • Warm water: Boiler 42 liters (new 2016)
  • Zeewaterpomp:
  • Buitenwater: buitendouche
  • Aantal douches: 3
  • Toiletten: 3 Elektrisch
  • TV: TV/DVD
  • Radio/CD-speler: Radio/CD, speakers inside and boombox outside
  • Kooktoestel & brandstof: 4 pit(ten) Gas
    Force Ten refit 2021
  • Oven: Force Ten, gas
  • Magnetron: Yes
  • Koelkast & voeding: 180 liter
    with compressor
  • Vriezer: 180 liter
  • Verwarming: kachel
    Diesel heating
  • Airconditioning: No

Motor en elektra

  • Aantal identieke motoren: 1
  • Start type: Elektrisch
  • Type: Binnenboord
  • Merk: Perkins 4235 (overhauled 1999)
  • Model: 4235 turbo
  • Bouwjaar: 1999
  • Aantal cilinders: 4
  • Vermogen: 110 pk
  • Urenteller:
  • Draaiuren: 8.800
  • Brandstof: Diesel
  • Verbruik: 4 liter/uur
  • Keerkoppeling: Botg warner
  • Overbrenging: Schroefas
  • Voortstuwing: Schroef
    3-blade prop
  • Koeling: Indirect
  • Brandstoftank aantal: 2
    incl. daytank
  • Totale inhoud brandstoftank(s): 1.000 liter
  • Materiaal brandstoftank: Aluminium
  • Max snelheid: 11 knopen
  • Kruissnelheid: 6 knopen
  • Range: 5.000 naut. miles
  • Toerenteller:
  • Oliedrukmeter:
  • Temperatuurmeter:
  • Accu: 4 x 220 Ah
    + 2x start
  • Acculader: 120 A
    Victron Multi (new 2018)
  • Dynamo:
  • Accumonitor:
  • Generator: Paguro
    Paguro 6,5 kva 1500 rpm new 2020, 300 hrs
  • Omvormer: 3.000 Watt
    Victron Multi (new 2018)
  • Voltmeter:
  • Walstroom:
  • Walstroomkabel:
  • Verbruiksmonitor:
  • Bedieningspaneel: Diverse
  • Voltage: 12V 220V
  • Opmerkingen:

    New generator 2020, refit electric cables, all watertabs 2014, etc.

Navigatie en elektronica

  • Kompas:
    On wheelsteering
  • Log/snelheid: B&S 2019
  • Dieptemeter: B&S 2019
  • Windmeter: B&S 2019
  • Navigatieverlichting: Yes, LED lights
  • Kaarten, gidsen:
  • Roerstandaanwijzer: Simrad
  • Autopilot: Simrad AP25 (2017 with Jeffa drive 550 kg and AC40 computer + remote control
  • GPS: Lowrange
  • Kaartplotter: Lowrange + repeater
  • Radar: Furunuo
  • Bochtaanwijzer: Simrad AP25
  • AIS: Ais professional 2018
  • Marifoon: Furuno & heldheld
  • Weatherfax/Navtex: Funruno Navtex NX300
  • Opmerkingen:

    Simrad Gyro Compass, AIS sender/receiver 2018


  • Type tuigage: Masttop
  • Aantal masten: 2
  • Mast materiaal: Hout
    2x Herreschoff wood
  • Boegspriet + type: Vast
  • Verstaging: Staaldraad
  • Zeiloppervlak: 280 m2
  • Steunzeil:
  • Aantal zeilen: 9
  • Zeilen materiaal: Dacron
  • Grootzeil: New 2018
  • Rolgrootzeil: 3x reef
  • Trysail: Mule and Fisherman (1998)
  • Bezaan: Hood (2009)
  • Genua: Hood (2009)
  • Fok: Yankee (2009)
  • Voorzeil rolsysteem : Furlex
  • Genua reefsysteem: Furlex
  • Stormfok:
  • Elektrische lieren: 1
  • Handmatige lieren: 18
  • Selftailing:
  • Opmerkingen: Following winches installed: Mainsheet, Bronze Cockpit 8x Lewmar Genua 2x Lewmar Main boom 2x Lewmar Boom 1x Lewmar Mainmast 2x Bronze 1x Lewmar Foremast 2x Bronze

Uitrusting buitenom

  • Ankers & materiaal: 1 x Grapnel Gegalvaniseerd
    with 120 mtrs chain 14mm 2018
  • Anker bevestiging: Ketting
  • Ankerlier: Elektrisch
    Bronze manual + seperate electric engine
  • Bimini: 2x sunwawning
  • Kuiptent:
  • Buitenkussens: Cockpit cushions
  • Zeerailing:
  • Zwemtrap:
  • Stootwillen, lijnen: Several


  • Reddingsboei:
  • Reddingsvlot: 1x 8 pers.
  • EPIRB:
  • Bilgepomp: Handmatig Elektrisch
  • Brandblusser: 2x fire extinghuisers
  • Radarreflector:
  • Noodvuurwerk:
  • Reddingsvesten: 5
  • Gasbun met afvoer: Yes, incl. bottles
  • Zelflozende kuip:
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Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40

Herreshoff Schooner NYYC40 "Vixen II"

€ 175.000 BTW Betaald (€ 325.000)