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Dufour 48 Catamaran

€ 550.000 Exclusief BTW (€ 613.932)
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Bouwjaar 2019
Materiaal Polyester
Lengte 14.63 m
Breedte 8.0 m

2 x 60 hp Volvo Penta D2 diesel engines.. This is an almost factory new Dufour 48 catamaran, located in Croatia. Great revenue potential.

Basisgegevens van de Dufour 48 Catamaran

  • Verkoper:Sea Independent
  • Referentie:SI220107
  • Merk:Dufour 48
  • Model:Catamaran
  • Scheepsnaam:Dreamland
  • Motorisatie:2 x 60 hp Volvo Penta D2 diesel engines.
  • Categorie:Multihull zeilboot
  • Bouwjaar:2019
  • Materiaal:Polyester
  • Beleving: Bijboot/kinderboot, Dagje vaarplezier, Familievakantie, Geschikt voor deelbezit, Grote groepen aan boord, Ondiepe wateren, (Semi-)permanente bewoning, Verre reizen, zeegaand, Weekends op het water
  • Lengte:14.63 m
  • Breedte:8 m
  • Diepgang:130 cm
  • Variabele diepgang:Nee
  • Slaapplaatsen:13vast
  • Land: Kroatië
  • Te bekijken in verkoophaven/showroom: Nee , Split, Croatia
  • Prijs:€ 550.000 Exclusief BTW



  • Opmerkingen:

    "Dreamland" is now for sale. This is an almost factory new Dufour 48 catamaran, located in Croatia. Great revenue potential. Dufour 48 catamaran is a two-hull motor sailor.
    There is a large bolting area for up to several couples, many guests or also for charters. The boat is like a large cabin and is today located in wonderfully beautiful, warm and adventurous Croatia. Here there is plenty of coast to explore and islands with its richness of islands, sandy beaches, sparkling clear waters, tasty food and not least welcoming people. The boat can of course be moved to other areas or taken home to Norway.

    Revenue potential It is estimated that 20 weeks of rental per year gives about 85,000 EUR net, after charter management is paid.
    This can be a pleasant way to combine your own use with getting decent income from ownership. The boat was leased 4 weeks in 2019 while everything was cancelled in 2020 due to the corona epidemic. In 2021, it has been fully booked. The boat is usually rented without a captain, but this is also possible.

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  • Ontwerper: Umberto Felci of Felci Yachts
  • Werf: Dufour yachts
  • Diepgang: 130 cm
  • Waterverplaatsing: 15 ton
  • Opmerkingen:

    Standard As a 2019 model, the boat is as new, is well equipped and maintains a high standard.

    It is very easy to move around the boat, both on stairs and around the boat. The value rate of the boat has been carried out in August 2021, which estimates its market value at EUR 527,000. VAT is not paid as the boat is used commercially today (goes in charter).

    Floor plan If you are used to traditional boat design with one hull, a catamaran will primarily surprise you with incredible spaciousness and stability.

    A catamaran is like several apartments merged and put on the sea. A sailing and driving cabin. This is a large catamaran with a whopping 5 cabins + owner's cabin (design C).


  • Slaapplaatsen: Vast: 13
  • Opmerkingen:

    Let's look at the floor plan:When you get on the boat, you probably do it from the stern.
    Here you have easy access via your own landing that comes with the vessel. The aft deck is huge and you can sit down with a drink or a freshly brewed americano here before entering through the sliding doors aft and into the large lounge in the middle plane. In this plane you will also find a large kitchen and a kitchen island that divides the kitchen and lounge. There is a well-equipped kitchen, fridge/freezer, plenty of closet space and seating for 10-12 people. The kitchen is fully equipped and ergonomic with its many storage spaces. In front there is office space and map tables. The sofa in the dining room can be modulated in three different positions; low table, dining table or double bed. Here there is smart storage space for the pillows under the sofa so that the lounge with simple grips appears clear and tidy when needed. The wide 360 window facing the ocean provides plenty of natural light. Plenty of storage space.
    From the middle plane there are three stairs down to the lower floor where you will find 6 cabins and lounge; Each cabin has a private bathroom with separate shower. Starboard there is a staircase from the lounge down to the toilet and a double cabin, from the front starboard there is a staircase down to the toilet and 2 cabins. On the port side you will find the "family part" - Here there is a decrease to two cabins as well as owner's cabin with separate toilet and extra cabin. The whole port side is 5 beds. The owner's cabin has a double bed, an integrated bathroom with a toilet and two exits.
    From the midplane you also easily reach the flybridge.
    Here you will find a steering position with navigation equipment and a good seating area for 10-12 people also here. A really good steering position can be found on the flybridge, and here you have a full overview. The large console, inspired by superyachts, integrates all instruments and equipment into an ergonomic setup. The three winches to control the mainsail, fog and genoa are within easy reach. The person sitting at the helm can also enjoy the adjustable seat and bimini. The flybridge is easily accessible via stairs on both sides of the boat – through the cockpit from starboard, and the side deck on starboard. Flybridge is equipped with a low table and surrounded by large seats and a large sunbed, in addition to the steering position.
    If you place 10 people on flybridge, 10 people on aft deck, 10 people in a lounge, 10 people on the front deck and 10 people in cabins you can in theory have 50 people on board the boat without it getting cramped (however, the boat is not registered for
    this). This illustrates how spacious the boat actually is.

    Sea features Dufour 48 catamaran is a wonderful "coastal cruiser" - a spacious motor sailor suitable for coastal cruising and high comfort.

    Gas stove

    Hot/cold water

    Cutlery, crockery, boilers, etc.

    Microwave oven



    Adjustable ventilation (AC and heating) in each room

    Bathroom with shower and w/k water (5 pieces)

    Electric toilet (6 pieces)

    LED light

    FUSION bluetooth radio

    Radio, CD, MP3 player

Motor en elektra

  • Merk: 2 x 60 hp Volvo Penta D2 diesel engines.
  • Opmerkingen:

    Engine and sail By virtue of being a catamaran, the boat has two hulls with one engine in each - namely 2 x 60 hp Volvo Penta D2 diesel engines.

    With this setup, the boat makes about 8.5 knots at cruising speed and around 10 knots at maximum speed. The boat is very fuel-efficient. The hourly rate on engines is 20.8.2021 in 496 hours. The boat is also easy to steer and turns around its own axis. With its two engines, it is very easy to control both inside port and in open waters.

    Shore power

    12 V plugs

    USB Charging Points

    Fisher Panda Generator


    Air conditioning

    Hot air

    Battery charger

    Dewatering pump (el)


Navigatie en elektronica

  • Opmerkingen:

    Simrad Chartplotter



    Depth Gauge

    Windex Wind Gauge


  • Opmerkingen:

    The sailing consists of a big sail and self-winding fog. It is recommended to acquire a genoa or genakker as well. Storseil is 76 sqm while the self-opening fokk is 48 sqm. Total sailing area 124 sqm.

    River stream mains and self-winding fog

    Electric winch

    Lazy Bag

    Lazy jacks

Uitrusting buitenom

  • Opmerkingen:

    Bimini oer flybridge

    Pillows in cockpit



    El Anker -


    Highfield CL 360 RIB with 20 hp Suzuki hanger

    Bimini over board position at flybridge

    Barbecue (stern)

    700 liters of water

    900 litre diesel tank


  • Opmerkingen:

    Life raft

    Life buoy

    Life jackets


    Emergency flares

    First aid kit


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Dufour 48 Catamaran

Dufour 48 Catamaran

€ 550.000 Exclusief BTW (€ 613.932)