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New Build 18m Pilot Boat For Order

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New Build 18m Pilot Boat For OrderNew Build 18m Pilot Boat For OrderNew Build 18m Pilot Boat For OrderNew Build 18m Pilot Boat For Order

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Bouwjaar 2020
Materiaal Staal
Lengte 18.80 m
Breedte 5.5 m

2 x SCANIA SI16 072M 588KW @ 2100RPM. This specification is to describe the KINGTOUGH 18M High Speed Pilot Boat which is designed as a multi-functional platform with superior seakeeping.

Basisgegevens van de New Build 18m Pilot Boat For Order

  • Verkoper:Rotterdam Yacht Centre
  • Merk:New Build
  • Model:18m Pilot Boat For Order
  • Scheepsnaam:NEW BUILD
  • Motorisatie:2 x SCANIA SI16 072M 588KW @ 2100RPM
  • Categorie:Beroepsschip
  • Bouwjaar:2020
  • Materiaal:Staal
  • Lengte:18.80 m
  • Breedte:5.50 m
  • Diepgang:120 cm
  • Variabele diepgang:Nee
  • Land: China
  • Te bekijken in verkoophaven/showroom: Ja
  • Prijs:prijs op aanvraag



  • Opmerkingen:

    General Description

    This specification is to describe the KINGTOUGH 18M High Speed Pilot Boat which is designed as a multi-functional platform with superior seakeeping ability and excellent stability to perform pilot transit operations in an extremely shallow riverine and coastal environment to focus on below operating missions/purposes:

    a. Pilot transit;

    b. Boarding or disembarking.

    c. Pushing another boat;

    d. SAR;

    e. Coastal patrol;

    The vessel will be constructed to a high commercial standard with particular attention to minimizing noise transference and vibration while enhancing structural rigidity and offering best crew comfort.


    Principal particulars:

    • Length (Overall): 18.8m

    • Beam (Overall): 5.5m

    • Depth: 2.6 m

    • Displacement (lightship load): Approx. 28 tonnes

    • Displacement (full load): Approx. 32 tonnes

    • Draft (max.): 1.2m

    • Bow entry deadrise: 55 deg.

    • Midship deadrise: 25 deg.

    • Stern transom deadrise: 16 deg.

    • Engines: 2 x SCANIA SI16 072M 588KW @ 2100RPM

    • Gearbox: 2 x ZF665A

    • Propulsion: 2 x FPP

    • Max. speed:   25 knots at half load/100% MCR/Beaufort Scale sea state two/clear hull

    • Cruising. speed: 21 knots

    • Range: 250 NM at 25 knots max. speed

    • Compliment: 6 persons (1 x helmsman + 5 x pilot )

    • Seakeeping ability: Sea state 6 according to Douglas Scale

    • Construction: Advanced composite to be 3D infused throughout or aluminium


    1.2 Design and Attributes

    i. Vessel Layout:

    The vessel will be designed with layout shown as per the GA drawings.

    The special layout for is ergonomically optimized while the position of the console center is well located to give best visibility and driving comfort for sustained operations.


    ii. Hull Form:

    The hull form is well proven and will be double-chined, variable deadrise deep V high performance form with a fine forward entry, flared bow, wide chine flats and planing flats.


    iii. Attributes:

    The vessel is designed to provide the following attributes:

    •  Superstructure with minimal windage drag/silhouette profile.

    •  A life span of 15 years, allowing for unlimited running hours of average annual usage with sustained operations each day. 


    iv. Operation Conditions:

    The vessel is able to operate in the following extreme tropical conditions:

    • Ambient air temperature of up to 35 deg C. 

    • Sea water temperature of up to 25 deg. C. 

    • Relative humidity of up to 90% at 35 deg. C.


    1.3 Compliance and Survey

    The vessel is to be surveyed to latest Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Lloyd’s Register, notated as Special Service Craft, Pilot, G3 service Group.

    As such, the vessel will meet the requirements in the coastal navigation rules and shall comply with the requirements of main class for stability purposes of the Lloyd’s Register “Rules for the Classification of Ships”.

    The Builder will appoint an approved Surveyor to carry out survey inspections during construction as per Survey requirements.


    1.4 Quality and Control

    The shipyard is accredited to ISO 9001:2008 which is certified by RINA and CCS, both are  members of International Association of Classification Societies (IACS).


    1.5 Documents

    The following documents will be used for the construction of the vessel:

    • Design Document Package

    • Vessel Specification Document

    • Survey regulations as determined.

    • Components suppliers documentation.

    In the event the drawings differ from this specification, the specification will take precedence.


    As Built Drawings:

    Three sets of drawings as per normal boat building practises will be supplied in English language upon the vessel completion corrected to ‘As Built’ as follows:

    • General Arrangement Drawing

    • Engine Room Arrangement

    • Main Engine Shafting

    • Ventilation Arrangement

    • System Schematics

    • Electrical Installation and Schematics



    Three sets of the following reports will be provided in English language upon the vessel completion:

    • Vessel stability

    • Sea trials

    • Calibration/Alignment of propulsion equipment



    Three sets of the following manuals shall be provided in English language upon the vessel completion:

    • Main Engines

    • Generator

    • Navigation Equipment

    • Builder generated component list detailing suppliers contact details



    The following certificates shall be provided in English language upon the vessel completion:

    • Builder’s certificate.

    • Classification certificate

    • Speed trial certificate.

    • Compass adjustment certificate.

    • Fire fighting equipment.

    • Navigation lights.

    • Life saving appliances.

    • Manufactures statement of origin.


    1.6 Material and Workmanship

    The Builder shall construct the vessel in a thorough and workmanlike manner.

    The Builder shall construct the vessel in a manner consistent with best trade practices and in accordance with good commercial quality finishing.

    All materials used and equipment fitted shall be of good marine quality and suitable for its intended application.


    1.7 Alternatives

    The Builder may wish to propose alternative materials, equipment or methods which would be more economical and/or practical for the Builder to supply and fit than those stated in this specification. In such cases the Builder will discuss the proposal with the Purchaser, and obtain the Purchaser’s approval prior to proceeding with the alternative.

    Equipment marked “or equal” may be substituted for equivalent quality items, subject to approval by the Designer and the Purchaser.


    1.8 Weight Control

    The builder is to be responsible for maintaining strict weight control throughout the project, with constant reference to the designer-supplied weight study. The builder is to advise the designer any items of equipment or fit out which are significantly different from the allowance made for in the weight estimate.

    The builder will also weigh the following components/stages when completed and provide

    the results of LCG/mass to the designer:

    1. Completed Hull shell.

    2. Completed Deck/Cabin shell.

    3. Completed internal structure.

    4. Completed Boat.

    Depending on build process, these weight measurements may take the form of

    additions/deductions from previous weights.

    Weighings are to be completed on scales with a calibration certificate.

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  • Diepgang: 120 cm


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New Build 18m Pilot Boat For Order

New Build 18m Pilot Boat For Order

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