ALUQA Abalone 48

ALUQA Abalone 48ALUQA Abalone 48ALUQA Abalone 48ALUQA Abalone 48ALUQA Abalone 48ALUQA Abalone 48ALUQA Abalone 48ALUQA Abalone 48ALUQA Abalone 48ALUQA Abalone 48

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  • Bouwjaar 2020
  • Lengte 14.5 m
  • Materiaal Aluminium
Amsterdam Yacht Consultancy

Amsterdam Yacht Consultancy

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Kudelstaartseweg 228a
1433 GR  Kudelstaart

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Basisgegevens van de ALUQA Abalone 48

  • Verkoper:Amsterdam Yacht Consultancy
  • Referentie:SI170688
  • Merk:ALUQA
  • Model:Abalone 48
  • Scheepsnaam:New
  • Categorie:Speed- en sportboten
  • Bouwjaar:2020
  • Materiaal:Aluminium
  • Beleving: Dagje vaarplezier, Familievakantie, Ondiepe wateren, Snelvaren, Weekends op het water
  • Lengte:14.5 m
  • Breedte:4.13 m
  • Diepgang:50 cm
  • Variabele diepgang:Nee
  • Land: Nederland
  • Te bekijken in verkoophaven/showroom: Nee , Netherlands
  • Prijs:prijs op aanvraag
  • Accountmanager: Joost Kempers

In het kort

Nieuw te bouwen Yachten in 40 en 48 voet



  • Opmerkingen: ALUQA designed to arrive in style! A trip with the ALUQA is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. The innovative design and the finest materials are crafted into a powerboat that performs even beyond its unique good looks. Dutch craftsmanship combined with speed, luxury and comfort makes this boat unique. The smooth ride of this boat is very exceptional even in extreme choppy conditions. The aluminium tender is extremely suited for cruising the Mediterranean or exploring gorgeous bays or islands. It must be said, the ALUQA is a boat designed to arrive in style for your lunch or business appointment or dock at the end of the day for drinks on a terrace.
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  • Ontwerper: Waterline Design & Triple Marine, Nederland
  • Werf: Esteq B.V. in Twello, Nederland
  • Diepgang: 50 cm
  • Waterverplaatsing: 7 Tons
  • Opmerkingen: Headroom: 3,22m Fuel tanks : 500L Fresh water tanks: 580L Overnight stay (2cabins, 1wetroom): 4 Maximum occupancy: 16 Weight empty vessel: 7 Ton Manufacturer/Builder Esteq B.V. in Twello, Nederland Design: Waterline Design & Triple Marine, Nederland Design categorie CE C of B


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  • Opmerkingen: The breath taking design of the unrivalled powerboat is excellent and will be beyond your expectations. The name and the logo of ALUQA is inspired by the seashell Abalone. This shell is exceptionally strong and has a colour that stands out from the rest, just as the ALUQA. It won’t be a surprise now to hear that the Abalone shell is also known as the crown jewel of the ocean. The ALUQA offers much comfort and pleasure and the fact that it has a high engine capacity and low weight makes this boat even more sensational. The space inside the boat, with a maximum occupancy of 16 for your day trips and easily holds 4 for overnight stays (2 cabins, 1 wetroom), is truly the luxurious finish. On deck, behind the steering wheel you will find an open kitchen where you can comfortably cook for your family, friends or business guests while they are enjoying themselves in the seating area, this area is multifunctional, it changes in a few minutes into a dining area or even in a playground for the (grand)kids, if none of these options apply, why not make it a small private area where you just relax or lounge on your way to a beautiful sunset or even later on dance on your small private dancefloor. At the back of the boat, the swimming platform that possibly holds your tender during your trips, is easy to transform into a private terrace. Last but not least, if you need a shady place, just push the button that inflates the fully automated sunscreen that makes sure you can easily choose between enjoying the sun or just relaxing and cooling down in the shade.

Motor en elektra

  • Vermogen: 2x 280 to 2x 400 pk
  • Kruissnelheid: max speed 65 Knots
  • Opmerkingen: Go on an adventure and experience relaxed or sportive cruising at top speed. Your choice of engine power is something we would love to discuss with you, the minimum must be 2 x 280hp to ensure smooth sailing in all conditions, but of course we would love to discuss any other options with you. Not just about the engines, but any specifications you can think off! Because of it’s advanced technology the engine burns cleaner and more fuel-efficiently than ever before. We like to contribute this way to a smaller ecological footprint. Take a seat in the ALUQA, sit back and enjoy. Feel the adrenaline pumping through your body, the wind blowing through your hair and the warmth of the sun on your skin. As the speedometer goes up, you’ll still be able to continue your conversation because of the low noise level of the engine. No matter what it is, water-skiing, high-speed boating or relaxed cruising, the ALUQA offers it all.


Amsterdam Yacht Consultancy

Kwalitatief aanbod en begeleiding bij de aan- en verkoop van uw jacht, dat is waar Amsterdam yacht Consultancy voor staat.

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