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Flaar 26

€ 69.000 BTW Betaald
Flaar 26Flaar 26Flaar 26Flaar 26Flaar 26Flaar 26Flaar 26Flaar 26Flaar 26Flaar 26Flaar 26Flaar 26Flaar 26Flaar 26Flaar 26Flaar 26

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Bouwjaar 2012
Materiaal Composiet
Lengte 8 m
Breedte 2.8 m

Yamaha 2,5 HP. She underwent a major refit in 2019 when she received a canting keel and DSS (based on CFD simulations)

Basisgegevens van de Flaar 26

  • Verkoper:Bach Yachting International
  • Merk:Flaar
  • Model:26
  • Motorisatie:Yamaha 2,5 HP
  • Categorie:Zeiljacht
  • Bouwjaar:2012
  • Laatste refit:2019
  • Materiaal:Composiet
  • Beleving: Dagje vaarplezier, Snelvaren, Trailerbaar, Wedstrijdzeilen, Weekends op het water
  • Lengte:8 m
  • Breedte:2.82 m
  • Diepgang:200 cm
  • Variabele diepgang:Nee
  • Land: Hongarije
  • Te bekijken in verkoophaven/showroom: Nee , (elders)
  • Prijs:€ 69.000 incl. BTW
  • Accountmanager: Bach Yachting



  • Opmerkingen:

    The Flaar 26 is a racing yacht in a compact size and built with the lowest possible weight and highest possible speed. A unique design method was used to shape a hull that has extremely low wetted surface, which becomes even smaller but remains symmetrical when the boat heels. The boat itself is still wide enough to give the needed righting moment to balance the huge sails. Deck arrangement ensures easy handling for the crew and makes the boat suitable for single handed sailing.

    Owners comments:

    I have always taken good care of the boat. I made several improvements and refits. She underwent a major refit in 2019 when she received a canting keel and DSS (based on CFD simulations). She was also fully repainted in graphite metallic (Awlgrip) and the deck was covered with brushed EVA foam. She received new rudders in 2020. The sails were gradually changed as of 2019.

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  • Diepgang: 200 cm
  • Opmerkingen:


    Steering system

    • Two rudders built with carbon and epoxy resin. One central tiller of carbon/epoxy in the cockpit, with adjustable length extension. Foot rests on cockpit floor for support when heeling.


    • Retractable canting Carbon fin keel


    • Painted with awl grip.  


    • Pauger carbon mast (12 meter) deckstepped with double swept back spreaders 
    • Pauger carbon boom
    • Pauger boom vang
    • Running backstays Dyneema
    • Adjustable inner-forestay Dyneema
    • Shrouds and headstay ROD
    • Carbon bowsprit retractable to 1,2 meter


    • Main: 35.4 sqm, 2020, Hunsail, Taffetta Membrame
    • Jib: 20.5 sqm, 2020, Hunsail, Taffetta Membrame
    • Code0: 53.58 sqm, 2021, Hunsail (Dimension-Polyant CZ30)
    • Gennaker: 105 sqm, North Sail
    • Top genoa: 27.4 sqm, 2019, Hunsail (Dimension-Polyant CZ 15)
    • Storm jib: 13 sqm, Dacron

    Deck and Cockpit

    • 2 speed 16 Antal winch
    • 3 speed 30 Lewmare winch
    • 2 speed 40 harken winch
    • Selden and Harken blocks 
    • Spinlock stoppers
    • Stanchions and chainplates carbon


    • Horseshoe
    • Electronics and Navigational Gear

    Raymarine instruments: 

    • 2x i70 display
    • p70 display
    • ACU-100 main controller
    • T70216 autopilot display
    • EV-100 tiler pilot


  • Slaapplaatsen:
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Flaar 26

Flaar 26

€ 69.000 BTW Betaald