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Année de construction 2019
Matériel Acier
Longueur 30 m
Largeur 12.0 m

Kriesels Shipbroker peut mettre en vente un remorqueur ASD HANDYSIZE 2x ou 5200PS NEUF.

Les données de base de la ASD TUG ASD TUG

  • Vendeur:Kriesels Shipbroker BV
  • Référence:Z34
  • Marque:ASD TUG
  • Modèle:ASD TUG
  • Nom du navire:5200PS HANDYSIZE ASD TUG
  • Catégorie:Navire professionnel
  • Année de construction:2019
  • Matériel:Acier
  • Longueur:30 m
  • Largeur:12 m
  • Tirant d'eau:550 cm
  • Tirant d'eau variable:Non
  • Pays: Pays-Bas
  • A voir dans le port de vente/la salle d'exposition: Oui
  • Prix:prix sur demande



  • Remarques:


    Class: BV I +HULL +MACH, AUT-UMS, Tug, Escort Tug, Special Service - Utility Vessel, Fire fighting ship 1, Water spraying, Unrestricted navigation.

    Navigation Area: Unrestricted navigation

    Flag: Hong Kong

    Year built: 2018



    Length (m): 30.00

    Breadth (m): 12.00

    Depth (m): 5.50

    Max draught (m): 4.60

    Fuel tank: ~210.00 m3

    Fresh water tank: ~49.07 m3

    FiFi Foam: 17.42m3


    Lub. Oil:2.435m3





    BHP main engine: 2600PS(1920kW) AT 750rpm

    Number of main engine: Two

    Maker: Yanmar 6EY26W

    Generator: 150KW /400V/50HZ/ 3ph

    Number of generator: Two

    Maker: Cummins QSB7-DM

    Propeller: ASD, Schottel SRP 1215 FP

    Maker: Schottel

    External FIFI System: (BV - FIFI 1 Class)

    - Firefighting Monitor

    - 2x 1200/300m3/hr (sea water/foam), range120m (sea water) height water throwing 50m(water)

    - Firefighting Pump: 1x 2760M3 AT 120MLC

    - Maker: FFS



    - Hydraulic Windlass & Escort Winch Set:

    Maker: Jebsen & Jessen Offshore

    Anchor weight: 2x 570 kg

    Diameter of anchor chain: 20.5 mm

    Rated hauling speed: 1.8t AT 0~10m/min

    Capacity(P.P. Wire): 100mm x 120m

    Brake Holding: 200t

    Rated pull: 30t AT 0~10 m/min

    -Single Reel Hydraulic Towing Winch Set: (*)

    Capacity(Steel Wire): dia 56mm x 700m

    (Steel Wire equipped on actual vessel: dia 56mm x 600m)

    Brake Holding: 180t

    Rated pull: 30t@0~10m/min

    Hydraulic emergency release

    - Hydraulic Folding Type Crane(*)

    SWL9.75m /1.25t

    One Set

    - Spilled Oil Dispersant Boom



    Bollard pull: ~60T



    Radar: 1x JRC JMA-5212-6

    Echo Sounder: 1x JRC JFE-380

    Speed Log: 1x Yokogawa EML 500

    Anemometer: 1x RM. YOUNG 06206

    GPS: 1x JRC JLR-7500

    Electrical Horn: 1x Ibuki ES300

    Autopilot: 1x ALPHASEAPILOT MFC

    GPS Compass: 1x JRC JLR-21

    Vertical Standard Magnetic Compass: 1x CGT-165

    Steering Magnetic Compass(*): 1x CPT-130

    Sound Power Tele.: 1x 12KSL

    Public address system: 1x KSGB-JQ

    AIS: 1x JRC JHS-183 / GMDSS A3 sea

    MF/HF SSB: 1x JRC JSS-2150

    Inmarsat-C(SSAS): 1x JRC JUE-87

    Inmarsat-C: 1x JRC JUE-87

    VHF telephone: 1x JRC JHS 770S

    NAVTEX: 1x JRC NCR-333

    Bridge Alarm: 1x JIAXING KEXUN KBJ-3

    SART: 1x JOTRON TronSart20

    EPIRB: 1x JOTRON Tron60S

    Portable VHF: 2x ENTEL HT-649



    2x Senior Officer Cabin for single

    5x Crew Cabin for two men

    1x Horizontal dualtemperature freezer /refrigerator with workbench

    1x 4-head electric stove with oven

    1x Centralized electric water heater 80L

    1x Track type Wheelhouse chair


    (Remarks (*) are as additional items, which are not included in the construction of the actual vessel and furnish. If the buyer of this vessel needs to add these additional items and appoints shipyard to do so, the buyer must additionally pay the fee to the shipyard.) (Particulars given herein are believed to be correct but not guaranteed. Owners reserve the rights to amend specifications without notification.) Specification Outline of 5200PS HANDYSIZE ASD TUG (E)

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  • Profondeur: 550 cm


  • Couchettes: Fixe: 0
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