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Année de construction 2015
Matériel Composite
Longueur 9.70 m
Largeur 5.5 m

Les données de base de la Marstrom 32

  • Vendeur:Bach Yachting
  • Marque:Marstrom
  • Modèle:32
  • Catégorie:Voilier multicoque
  • Année de construction:2015
  • Matériel:Composite
  • Expérience: Journée de plaisir nautique, Eaux peu profondes, Voile rapide, Remorquable, Courses de voile, Week-end croisière, week-ends sur l'eau
  • Longueur:9.70 m
  • Largeur:5.54 m
  • Tirant d'eau:30 cm
  • Tirant d'eau variable:Non
  • Pays: Danemark
  • A voir dans le port de vente/la salle d'exposition: Non (ailleurs)
  • Prix:€ 120.000 TTC
  • Gestionnaire de compte: Liesbeth Groeneveld



  • Profondeur: 30 cm
  • Remarques:

    Easy to sail and assemble in just a few hours with its ‘unarig’ design and deck layout, the M32 offers all the thrills of a high speed catamaran with speeds over 25mph. With events organised around the world for amateurs and professionals, the M32 is the ideal performance catamaran for any level of sailor.

    Designed by experienced swedish sailors Göran Marström and Kåre Ljung, the M32 catamaran offers a unique blend of simplicity and ease of handling, combined with lightweight construction and thrilling performance.


    Simplicity & efficiency

    Unlike other high performance catamarans, the M32 has two visible and distinctive features to its design – a ‘unarig’ for simplicity and efficiency [no jib], and ‘racks’ mounted outboard of the hulls allowing the skipper and crew to sit high above the water and use their weight to contribute to the boats performance. With the racks deployed, the M32 increases its beam from 5.54m to 8.35m.


    Technology and Production

    Built in carbon fibre with a total weight of just 510kg, the acceleration of the M32 is immediate and can lift a hull in only five knots of wind. Stability is maintained by the forward bouyancy in the hulls and C-shaped daggerboards which create some verticla lift giving the helmsman total control and confidence in all conditions.

    To further maximise the stiffness of the M32 construction; every boat is built entirely in prepreg carbon fibre (including use of high modulus fibres) and epoxy over a Nomex core. All carbon parts are vacuum bagged and cured at 120°C in a pressurized autoclave, 6-8 bars for single skin and 2-3 bars for sandwich laminates.


    Better then the best

    The extensive use of high quality High Modulus (HM) carbon fibers (with ~70% higher stiffness than standard carbon fibres) gives the laminates both a light weight and superior strength.

    Every M32 is constructed by some of the world’s leading boat builders at the company’s own 3700sqm production facility on the island of Hönö, Sweden nearby to the City of Gothenburg.


    Easy to assemble and transport

    The M32 is designed to be easy to assemble and tow with a standard car or truck. The custom made two-piece mast and ‘bolt’ on beams makes the assembly of the M32 quick and easy in just a few hours. Due to the light weight of the M32, it does not require a crane to launch it and can be simply launched from a ramp using small trolley wheels.

    Catamaran Twin Dbrd.


    Marström (SWE)/Aston Harald Composite AB


  • Couchettes:

Gréement et voiles

  • Remarques:

    2 sets of sails, North Sails:

    • mainsail 3di Raw 2017
    • mainsail 3dl training
    • Code 0, cuban fibre 2017
    • Code 0, cuban fibre training


  • Remarques:


    • Tools
    • Extra sheets
    • Road trailer
    • Wheels for moving the boat when not on the trailer
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