Why buy a yacht in Holland

The Dutch know about yacht building and yacht brokerage

Every year, hundreds of yachting enthusiasts from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland choose to build or buy a yacht in Holland, and they have very good reasons for doing so. The Dutch are renowned for offering outstanding design, superb technical quality and excellent service. The boats and yachts themselves are of a premium build quality and exceptionally easy to maintain. All this and more is available at very competitive prices.

Now is the perfect time to buy your next boat in Holland if you are English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish. Holland is nearby, they all speak English and business mentality is not so different from those of the British. Come to profit and cross the North Sea by plane, ferry or drive your own car through the Channel Tunnel and discover the ease of buying a boat in The Netherlands.

Experience in boats

The yachting sector is one of the main industries in this small country on the other side of the North Sea. Holland’s 16 million inhabitants own over 550,000 boats and yachts of all sizes, backed up by thriving watersport businesses. The 600 Dutch shipyards and yacht dealers and 200 yacht brokerage houses employ over 30,000 highly skilled and experienced staff who all speak English.

Largest super yacht builders

Despite Holland’s small size geographically, Dutch yacht builders hold the number one position on the world list of super yacht manufacturers in terms of value and the number two position in build figures. When it comes to the quality of the product, Holland is the undisputed leader in super yachts. Be assured that you will find the same quality in smaller sized boats and yachts. Buyers from around the world benefit from the unrivalled degree of professionalism and centuries of experience in the construction and trading of boats.

You are on the largest boating website with boats for sale in Holland

You have arrived at the #1 website for buyers from the United Kingdom and Ireland, searching for new build boats or pre-owned boats and yachts in Holland of any type and price. Nearly all the yards and brokers advertising on this website are Dutch owned or managed, you can be sure of who you are dealing with. These selected professionals have broad experience in international boat sales and conduct business with international buyers on a daily basis. YachtFocus.com wholeheartedly recommends all these companies. You are in good hands!

Key benefits:

  • YachtFocus.com offers the largest number of used boats for sale in The Netherlands, compared to any other Dutch website.
  • Next to thousands of used boats, this website also offers around 1,500 new build boats from Dutch shipyards as well as Dutch importers, agents and dealers of UK and European brands.

The pleasant side of a pre-owned boat from Holland

If you prefer a used boat or yacht, regardless if the boat brand originates in Holland or if it was build abroad, buying in Holland offers many benefits.

  • So much choice
    The Dutch own about 550,000 boats, of which 200,000 are for serious cruising. 10-15% of these boats are for sale at any time. This boats for sale website is the only one with a large collection of Dutch boats targeted to British and Irish boat buyers.
  • Well maintained
    The Dutch take pride in good boat maintenance and are used to invest every year, not only in the easily visible boat parts.
  • Fresh water
    Most Dutch boats stay on fresh water, due to the many inland water ways in Holland where most harbors are. Fresh water is better for GRP hulls and boat paint and varnish than seawater.
  • Stored ashore
    In winter, when the Dutch inland waters freeze, boats are stored dry ashore, often under a roof or even in a heated storage.
  • Surprisingly low prices
    Due to the crises and the fact that there are so many used boats for sale, boat prices in Holland are generally lower than in England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland or other European countries. Most Dutch shipyards and yacht brokers sell over 50% of their offerings to foreigners!
  • After sales boat service
    For both new built and used boats and yachts the service from a Dutch shipyard, boat dealer or yacht broker is excellent.

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