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Menken Flyer 33

£ 142.296 (€ 160.000) VAT Paid
Menken Flyer 33Menken Flyer 33Menken Flyer 33Menken Flyer 33Menken Flyer 33Menken Flyer 33Menken Flyer 33

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Year of construction 2022
Material GRP - sandwich
Length 33.63 feet
Width 8.7 feet

Yanmar Saildrive 2YM. The Flyer 33 sets the new standard for daysailers. Unmistakably a design by Dykstra, commissioned by a former world champion.

Basic data of the Menken Flyer 33

  • - Menken Maritiem BV
  • Reference:FLYER_NW
  • Brand:Menken
  • Model:Flyer 33
  • Motorization:Yanmar Saildrive 2YM
  • Category:Sailing Yacht
  • Year of construction:2022
  • Material:GRP - sandwich
  • Experience: A day of boating fun, Shallow waters, Sailing races, Weekendcruiser, weekends aboard
  • Length:33.63 feet
  • Width:8.69 feet
  • Draught:4 feet
  • Variable draught:No
  • Vertical clearance:1380 cm
  • Headroom inside:160 cm
  • Beds:4fixed
  • Country: Netherlands
  • To view in sales harbour/showroom: No , Nieuwbouw
  • Price:£ 142.296 VAT Paid (€ 160.000 VAT Paid)
  • Account Manager: Bernard Menken



  • Remarks:

    Flyer 33 - we can't make it any better!
    The Flyer 33 is a daysailer that sets the new standard. The boat was commissioned by a former world champion in the Cadet-class designed by Dijkstra Naval Architects. When a winner in the field spends five years thinking, designing, adjusting and perfecting with the most renowned Dutch naval architect, the chances are pretty good that an exciting boat will result. Especially if, during the process, the world champion realises that the naval architect's reputation is not for nothing and if the architect realises that the world champion really does understand competitive sailing. A team of winners on an academic level has thought about the Flyer33.

    This is how the Flyer33 came into being a few years ago. Dijkstra & Partners Naval Architects designed the Flyer33 in close cooperation with Rutger Mohr, world champion in the Cadet-class in 1982. The boat received rave reviews in the international press. Everyone who sees the boat recognizes the eye-catching design. And everyone who has sailed it praises its sailing qualities. Unfortunately, Rutger didn't get to see the Flyer fly over the water for very long. He passed away in 2016 at the age of 51. The series construction and sale of this special boat was never seriously taken up.

    Menken Maritiem - but more economical!
    Under the management of Bernard Menken, Menken Maritiem has built more than 850 motorboats based on designs by Martin de Jager since 1997. "We operate from the same philosophy" says Menken. "Without a good designer there is no good design and therefore no good boat. And as a client, I get the most out of the designer's skills. Rutger did the same with the Flyer." Menken Maritime adds one important element: "We build from day one at Neil Fernando in Sri Lanka." continues Menken. "This gives us a substantial cost advantage that ensures that nicer, more complex and more expensive boat does not become unaffordable."

    100% synergy in construction and sales.
    Menken had been walking around with the idea of a daysailer for several years. "I know how intensive starting up a new model is, and with the sharply increasing turnover and daily busyness I couldn't spare enough time for this." states Menken. "Then the Flyer33 came into my sight. This boat is so beautiful and sails so well, I could never have thought of that myself." Menken knows exactly to whom he will sell the Flyer: "Exactly the water sportsman who is now interested in a sloop, weekender or motor yacht," he says firmly. "It has to sail well, be beautiful and have something that most other boats lack. We call that the Thumb effect. Something the Flyer definitely has." But also the construction is similar. "We build in Sri Lanka under ISO certification and Lloyds approval. The drawings and building specifications are just as detailed as for our motorboats. I find it particularly exciting to work with Dijkstra after 22 years with Martin" concludes Menken.

    A dream come true after all.
    After the death of Rutger Mohr, the project was halted for several years. Talitha Mohr was looking for a stable party that could make the dream of her husband come true. Through Jan Willem Doeksen she came into contact with Bernard. "From the first contact it felt right," says Talitha. "Bernard has a wonderful track record as a builder and feels perfectly what Rutger wanted to achieve with the boat. We are all convinced that in a few years we will see Flyers sailing all over the country."

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  • Designer: Dykstra Naval Architects
  • Shipyard: Menken Maritiem BV
  • Hull number: 3
  • CE-category: C
  • CE max engine: 30 kW
  • Passenger capacity: 8
  • Original new price: 160000 eur
  • Hull shape: Roundbilge
  • Deck colour: White
  • Deck construction: Grp - sandwich
  • Cockpit: Aft cockpit
  • Vertical clearance: 13.8 m
  • Draught: 135 cm
  • Displacement: 2,800 kg
  • Ballast: 1,300 kg
  • Steering system: Helm
    steering wheel optional
  • Position steering system: Outside
  • Rudder: Single
  • Keel/Lee board: Fixed keel


  • Headroom: 160 cm
  • Berths: fixed: 4
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Menken Flyer 33

Menken Flyer 33

£ 142.296 (€ 160.000) VAT Paid