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Year of construction 2020
Material Epoxy composite
Length 61.02 feet
Width 26.9 feet

2xYanmar 2x 55HP. born from the cooperation between ICE YACHTS and the Engineer Enrico Contreas

Basic data of the ICE Cat61

  • Seller:Sea Independent
  • Reference:SI160173
  • Brand:ICE
  • Model:Cat61
  • Ship's name:NEW
  • Motorization:2xYanmar 2x 55HP
  • Category:Multihull sailing boat
  • Year of construction:2020
  • Material:Epoxy composite
  • Length:61.02 feet
  • Width:26.90 feet
  • Draught:3 feet
  • Variable draught:Yes
  • Country: Italy
  • To view in sales harbour/showroom: No , Milaan, Italy
  • Price:price on request
  • Account Manager: Marcel Borgmann



  • Remarks: The ICECAT 61 was born from the cooperation between ICE YACHTS and the Engineer. Enrico Contreas, father of the legendary catamarans Mattia and absolutely one of the most experienced designers of catamarans. Together Ice Yachts and Contreas began the Design and the Development of a new generation of catamarans, and the ICECAT 61, a brand new multihull, characterized by very pure and efficient line. This represents a complete re-design of the legendary " SBANDATO" , the Mattia 56 that years ago, amazed everyone for the speed and manouvrability, and was absolutely the reference for a cat of that size. The lines leave little to the fashion of the moment, such as the bows completely inclined backwards. We believe that a boat, which is in anycase a cruising boat, although fast cruising boat, requires a convenient area in the bow, for example in order to recover a mooring rope from a buoy without going crazy and this is the philosophy of our cat. The bow is anyway characterized by a "scimitar " form as we find on the new ICE 33 and ICE 52.
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  • Designer: Enrico Contreas
  • Shipyard: ICEYachts, Italy
  • Variable depth:
  • Draught: 100 cm
  • Displacement: 13.5 Tons
  • Keel/Lee board: 1m-2.5m
  • Comments: The spacious deck is high on the water, with big volume in the hulls, for which the hypothesis to reduce the resistance when putting down the bow leaves us indifferent, since the ICECAT 61 is very reactive and the hulls are designed to minimize that effect. The deck high on the water means dry deck, so big comfort and safety, aspects that the technician of ICE YACHTS have kept in mind at every stage of the project. Now, at a distance of 15 years, with the possibility of building hulls with new technologies and innovative materials, including the construction of epoxy resin, hybrid fabrics with glass / carbon, has allowed to have hulls and interior light and resistant. This reduced weight traduces into more speed and manouvrability, without giving up a high-quality interior, with modern design, optimized and attention to detail, with fine finishes like the typical Iceyachts standard. The overall length is 18.60 meters, for a good performance in water, stability, generous volumes both internal and external. The width of 8 meters, combined with an immersion of 1 meter, gives the opportunity to enter ports and small bays without problems. The cockpit, located at the same level as the saloon floor, offers a large area, fully usable during the day, at night, at sea and at anchor, in perfect continuity with the inner zone. The sail plan, with its impressive carbon mast, the real engine of the boat, is effective and easy to manage. The mainsheet and the movement of his traveller can be interlocked to an electric motor; this automation makes it very simple to adjust the mainsail. The same is expected for the Solent, self-tacking. The Gennaker is the only sail that you have to manage manually, but with extreme comfort, using the electric winch.


  • Berths: fixed: 0
  • Comments: The excpected Apparent Wind Angle is 30° because of the very clean water lines of the hulls, the tuning of the sail plan, and the efficacy of the appendages. Taking advantage of its size and the power-to-weight ratio ICECAT 61 was born to create apparent wind speed and reach important speeds, impossible for a cruising monohull. The deck plan provides that the ropes slide along the gunwale recessed, so we have cleanliness and ease of movement on deck. The design speed expected sailing exceeds 25 knots since " SBANDATO ", the 56 Mattia reaches 23 Knots without problems, with autopilot. Also the speed by using the engines is very high, 13.5 knots using 2 80 hp units. For the insatiables, we think about an upgrade, version FULL CARBON, to mount the foils, with which, under certain conditions, to fly over the water. Among the options, we could adopt a hybrid propulsion, diesel / electric. We have a new solution, patent pending. The innovation is that it can also be used in case of problems with the electronics. We can bypass the electronics and go on. The ICECAT61 is the first of a family of catamarans, from 51 to 69 feet, which will be used in case of problems with the electronics. joined to the production of ICE YACHTS monohulls from 33 to 100 feet.

Engine, electrics

  • Brand: 2xYanmar
  • Power: 2x 55HP

Rig and sails

  • Sailplan type: Demolition rigged
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ICE Cat61

ICE Cat61

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