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Berth RC Medemblik

£ 66.701 (€ 75.000) VAT Paid (€ 80.000)
Berth RC MedemblikBerth RC MedemblikBerth RC MedemblikBerth RC MedemblikBerth RC MedemblikBerth RC Medemblik

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Year of construction onbekend
Material Other
Length 65.62 feet
Width 21.3 feet

Beautiful free mooring on the northeast corner of the port.

Basic data of the Berth RC Medemblik

  • Seller:Sea Independent
  • Reference:SI190799
  • Brand:Berth
  • Model:RC Medemblik
  • Ship's name:AN14
  • Category:Sailing Yacht
  • Additional category:Motor Yacht
  • Year of construction:onbekend
  • Material:Other
  • Length:65.62 feet
  • Width:21.33 feet
  • Draught:8 feet
  • Variable draught:No
  • Country: Netherlands
  • To view in sales harbour/showroom: No , Regatta Center Medemblik
  • Price:£ 66.701 VAT Paid (€ 75.000 VAT Paid)
  • Account Manager: Marcel Borgmann



  • Remarks:

    Medemblik was a prosperous trading town, when in 1282, Floris V, Count of Holland, successfully invaded West Friesland. He built several fortresses to control the region, one of which was Radboud Castle in Medemblik, and awarded Medemblik city rights in 1289. After Floris V had been murdered in 1296, the local Frisian besieged the castle, but in 1297 an army from Holland thwarted their efforts to starve out the inhabitants, which included Medemblik citizens.
    Medemblik obtained town walls in 1572, so that the castle lost its roll as a refuge for the citizens, which led to its partially dismantling in 1578.

    Medemblik is best known in Europe for its sailing events. A good place to stay with your yacht.

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  • Draught: 250 cm
  • Comments:

    Extra annual costs EUR 1832,-


  • Berths: fixed: 0
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Berth RC Medemblik

Berth RC Medemblik

£ 66.701 (€ 75.000) VAT Paid (€ 80.000)