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Vamos 46

£ 176.981 (€ 199.000) VAT Paid
Vamos 46Vamos 46Vamos 46Vamos 46Vamos 46Vamos 46Vamos 46Vamos 46Vamos 46

Do you want to know more? Please contact Sailing World Lemmer NL / Heiligenhafen (D).

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Year of construction 2021
Material Other
Length 49.21 feet
Width 14.4 feet

On request. Newly developed house boat ideal for rental.

Basic data of the Vamos 46

  • Seller:Sailing World Lemmer NL / Heiligenhafen (D)
  • Brand:Vamos
  • Model:46
  • Motorization:On request
  • Category:Houseboat
  • Additional category:Sailing houseboat
  • Year of construction:2021
  • Material:Other
  • Experience: A day of boating fun, Family holidays, Suitable for part ownership, Shallow waters, Suitable for wheelchair, (Semi) permanent residence, Quiet, electric motorboating, Weekendcruiser, weekends aboard
  • Length:49.21 feet
  • Width:14.44 feet
  • Draught:3 feet
  • Variable draught:No
  • Headroom inside:220 cm
  • Beds:4fixed, 2 additional
  • Country: Netherlands
  • To view in sales harbour/showroom: Yes
  • Price:£ 176.981 VAT Paid (€ 199.000 VAT Paid)
  • Account Manager: Sailing World



  • Remarks:

    This House Boat Vamos 1500 is the first to be built in a series of various sizes. The layout of this boat with two bedrooms, spacious bathroom, kitchen and large living room with many windows is ideal as a rental object. We are looking for investors who want to use these boats in day-, weekend- and/or week rentals. We already have berths for you in Lemmer. We want to turn this into a House Boat resort with all the conveniences to enjoy your holiday or weekend away carefree. Are you interested in a nice return? Please contact Robin at 0514-569123 or send an email to Mentioned price is the starting price ex Lemmer without roof terrace. After this you can choose extra packages such as an engine package, anchor package, navigation package, interior package and terrace package.

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  • Draught: 80 cm
  • Comments:

    Outdoor work

    Terrace in front plus about 10m2

    With WPC decking parts

    Steel frame adapted for floating chalet

    I instead of standard will be on pontoon !

    Frame near the hall

    1790 x 600 same window as bedroom large

    RVS fencing on front terrace and at entrance

    and railing on the right side ( Rear )

    Rear terrace 50 cm fl. tek.

    Built-in door deepened

    Frames in colour

    Tilt&Turn window instead of standard

    6 x

    Thermowood treated instead of Eurotexx T Rex

    Sink HWA tube instead of standard

    Thermowood treated vertically placed instead of horizontally

    Coloured buoys instead of standard

    Waterproof socket outlet outside

    LED spotlight ø 70 mm. 220 V.

    3 terrace led lamps

    2 led lamps at front door

    number of spots = 5

    3 phases incl. power main switch

    Steel I.P.E. frame coated in zinc phosphate 80 MU

    Floor plate 18 mm.

    Water / gas pipe insulated in floor

    Air cavity adapted to type of exterior cladding

    Floor insulation 120 mm.

    Total wall thickness 150mm, incl. insulation

    Plastic frames with double glazing

    Fully glazed entrance door

    Slat roof with EPDM roofing incl. drains

    Roof insulation 80 mm. PIR plate 2.7 RC


    Boiler 80 litres

    To be placed in large cupboard kitchen

    Rolhor 85 x 95

    Combi microwave oven stainless steel ZKC 47901 XU excl. electricity connection

    Needed for microwave connection: Wall socket

    Needed for microwave connection: Separate group

    Needed for microwave connection: Placement

    Dishwasher ZDT 26050FA fully integrated excl. connection

    Needed for dishwasher connection: Wall socket

    Necessary for connection dishwasher: Connection water to sewer

    Needed for connection dishwasher: Separate group

    Needed for connection dishwasher: Placement

    Induction cooktop ZEI6840FBV 1-phase 220

    Drawer divider

    High cabinet extra

    Smoking detector/fire detector 230V

    LED spotlight ø 70 mm. 220 V.

    number of spots = 3

    Kitchen block with wall units as per drawing

    Single lever mixer

    Extractor hood ZHT 611 X

    Double wall socket

    Roll curtain

    Vinyl floor covering

    Living room

    Rolhor 85 x 95

    Plissé screen door sliding door

    LED spotlight ø 70 mm. 220 V.

    number of spots = 6

    Dimmer 220V instead of switch

    Vinyl floor covering, colour of your choice

    Surtains of your choice

    Sliding doors

    3 x double wall socket

    Cai connection

    Vinyl wallpaper of your choice


    Door bell with lighting

    LED spotlight ø 70 mm. 220 V.

    number of spots = 2

    Wardrobe with hooks 16 mm

    Vinyl floor covering


    Bathroom floor tiled in conjunction with Fibo Wall Panel

    I instead of standard

    Rolhor 65 x 95

    Electric radiator design incl. WCD

    LED spotlight ø 70 mm. 220 V.

    number of spots = 2

    Shower tray 90 x 90 instead of 80 x 80

    Toilet freely suspended with cistern instead of standard

    Thermostatic faucet shower

    Bathroom, mirror and spotlights

    Wall socket

    Bedroom large

    Rolhor 85 x 95

    Built-in wall socket with earth

    CAI box

    Bedroom large

    Hotel circuit

    LED spotlight ø 70 mm. 220 V.

    number of spots = 2

    Dimmer 220V instead of switch

    Reading light with switch

    number of reading lamps = 2

    Boxspring bed 160 x 200 instead of 140 x 200

    Surtains of your choice

    2 x high cabinet with top cabinet and coving

    Double wall socket

    Vinyl floor covering

    Bedroom small

    Rolhor 65 x 95

    LED spotlight ø 70 mm. 220 V.

    number of spots = 2

    Reading light with switch

    number of reading lamps = 2

    Surtains of your choice

    2 x Wall unit 100

    Boxspring bed 2x 80 x 200

    Vinyl floor covering

    2 x double wall socket

    2 x Bevelled shelf above beds


    Infrared panels heating mounted on ceiling,

    Thermostat to be set per room.


  • Headroom: 220 cm
  • Berths: fixed: 4 Extra: 2
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Vamos 46

Vamos 46

£ 176.981 (€ 199.000) VAT Paid