Mol ZeetjalkMol ZeetjalkMol ZeetjalkMol ZeetjalkMol ZeetjalkMol ZeetjalkMol ZeetjalkMol ZeetjalkMol Zeetjalk

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Year of construction 1892
Material Steel
Length 82.02 feet
Width 16.4 feet

Propulsion Cummins 6 cylinder of 190 hp, generartor and electric sword winches. Sturdy sea-charter from 1892 has been converted into a sailing charter ship.Total refit, no expense spared for comfort, safety and reliability

Basic data of the Mol Zeetjalk

  • Seller:Private seller
  • Brand:Mol
  • Model:Zeetjalk
  • Motorization:Propulsion Cummins 6 cylinder of 190 hp, generartor and electric sword winches
  • Category:Flat and round bottom
  • Year of construction:1892
  • Material:Steel
  • Experience: Family holidays, Shallow waters, (Semi) permanent residence
  • Length:82.02 feet
  • Width:16.40 feet
  • Draught:4 feet
  • Variable draught:No
  • Headroom inside:210 cm
  • Beds:18fixed, 5 for staff
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Price:£ 155.636 (€ 175.000)



  • Remarks:

    Who takes the helm ?

    This sturdy 1892 seagoing jetty was converted to a sailing charter ship in 1983. Between 2007 and 2021 the ship has been gradually given a total refit. During this refit, no expense was spared to make Orion a comfortable, safe and reliable ship. Moreover, the well maintained sailing jalk has the sturdy appearance of yesteryear.

    Reason for sale:
    After having sailed on tjalks for almost 60 years, skipper Wouter Egas is retiring.

    Asking price: € 175.000,=
    With a business purchase the VAT zero rate applies.
    Together with a good running own charter company, with a well visited and extensive website. Good turnover, regular own customers. Support after acquisition.
    With a private purchase 21% VAT is added.
    Orion is currently insured for € 285.000,= at EOC.

    Through the link you can find more information about sailing vessel Orion.
    If you have any questions about the ship, please feel free to contact skipper Wouter Egas.
    Tel 06 53 57 58 01

  • Draught: 110 cm


  • Headroom: 210 cm
  • Berths: fixed: 18 crew: 5
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Mol Zeetjalk

Mol Zeetjalk

£ 155.636 (€ 175.000)