Atlantic 40Atlantic 40Atlantic 40Atlantic 40

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Year of construction onbekend
Material Aluminium
Length 39.99 feet
Width 13.6 feet

Yanmar. Semi custom build all weather go anywhere cruiser

Basic data of the Atlantic 40

  • Seller:Jachtwerf Atlantic BV & Jachtcentrale Harlingen
  • Reference:Nieuwbouw
  • Brand:Atlantic
  • Model:40
  • Motorization:Yanmar
  • Category:Sailing Yacht
  • Year of construction:onbekend
  • Material:Aluminium
  • Length:39.99 feet
  • Width:13.58 feet
  • Draught:2 feet
  • Variable draught:Yes
  • Beds:4fixed, 2 additional, 6 for staff
  • Country: Netherlands
  • To view in sales harbour/showroom: Yes
  • Price:price on request



  • Remarks: A revolutionary new ship from the trusted ATLANTIC shipyard. The Atlantic 40 is a new sailing yacht which has been optimized for sailing and handling characteristics, but also for increasing living comfort below decks. The 40er is a further development of the Atlantic philosophy, with sharpening on the following design accents: 'light design' where it concerns comfort aspects around the action of the boat. Where safety aspects are central, reinforcement (overdimensioning) of existing functionalities has been the design focus. Furthermore, it concerns a qualitative enhancement of the 'long time' and 'long distance' qualities of the Atlantic sailing yachts. The new 40er will be brought in three versions, namely "Singlehanded", "Coastal" and a "North" (Atlantic) version. These are differentiations of the 40s concept in response to questions from (international) customers / target groups, but also as an answer to the various sailing areas in which the Atlantic's operate. The fixed or movable keel concepts have also been adapted to this, with or without single or double rudder, steering wheel or tiller. The "Singlehanded" and the "North" will be built with a fixed keel and balanced rudder and the "Coastal" will be fitted with a hydraulically moveable keel in combination with double balanced rudders. On the one hand there is a functional reduction in the design in order to achieve cost optimisation from the customer's point of view, on the other hand the Atlantic core values on comfort aspects have been increased, such as the now more generous doghouse (width + 10 cm / height + 3 cm) and reinforcement bow segment with anchor function at increased compactness. The wider entrance and new deck layout with more freeboard, with mittens now attached in line with the hull of the boat, also contribute to comfort enhancement. With the compactness in length achieved in the functional design, the manoeuvrability of this boat with a length of 40 feet during mooring manoeuvres in harbours has been improved. Atlantic has high expectations of this new 40 footer. Atlantic Nieuwbouw B.V. Sibadaweg 34 8861 VG Harlingen Tel.0517-417658
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  • Variable depth:
  • Draught: 65 cm


  • Berths: fixed: 4 Extra: 2 crew: 6
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Atlantic 40

Atlantic 40

price on request