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Colvic Atlanta 31

£ 26.636 (€ 29.950) VAT Paid
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Year of construction 1976
Material GRP (Polyester)
Length 31 feet
Width 9.7 feet

Bukh DV36 inboard diesel, 3 cylinder with 36 HP. Beautiful reliable diesel that runs super.. This Colvic Atlanta 31 is equipped for GREAT water, all imaginable equipment is on board and the ship is overall in good condition. Departure hunt!

Basic data of the Colvic Atlanta 31

  • Seller:Easy Sail
  • Brand:Colvic
  • Model:Atlanta 31
  • Ship's name:Pegasus
  • Motorization:Bukh DV36 inboard diesel, 3 cylinder with 36 HP. Beautiful reliable diesel that runs super.
  • Category:Sailing Yacht
  • Additional category:Motorsailor
  • Year of construction:1976
  • Last refit:2017
  • Material:GRP (Polyester)
  • Experience: A day of boating fun, Family holidays, Suitable for part ownership, (Semi) permanent residence, Blue water cruising, seagoing, Weekendcruiser, weekends aboard
  • Length:31 feet
  • Width:9.68 feet
  • Draught:4 feet
  • Variable draught:No
  • Vertical clearance:10000 cm
  • Headroom inside:185 cm
  • Beds:5fixed
  • Country: Netherlands
  • To view in sales harbour/showroom: Yes
  • Price:£ 26.636 VAT Paid (€ 29.950 VAT Paid)
  • Account Manager: André Miedema


Owner's comment

We used the Pegasus as an action ship on the Arctic Ocean around and above Norway/Spitzbergen etc. Because we would like to have a larger ship for our organization, we sell our loyal Pegasus which has saved us many times out of precarious situations, in terms of seaway. The Pegasus is heavily built and further equipped by us for harsh conditions at sea. This is not the cleanest boat on the water in terms of appearance but the safest and most complete. A delightful ship that can last for many decades to come and that, thanks to her equipment and state of repair, can immediately go back to the sea and ocean.

Known defects

This Colvic Atlanta 31 is in good condition. There are a number of small things known that deserve attention.

- the wind meter gives no measurement, probably wrongly mounted

- sieve valve becomes stiff (needs to be replaced), is now open

- engine running hours meter, has stopped

- Steering position declarer (has been removed, owner gives instructions how and where it can be reinstalled (is present))

- Hydraulic oil control has no meter, so refilling is a bit of a mess (is not a defect but an imperfection).


  • Remarks:

    Is your cruising area BIG water, or do you have plans to change your course towards BIG water, then you should definitely come and have a look at this Colvic Atlanta 31. This is a sailing yacht with a story that has experienced many adventures at sea. This is one of those typical departure hunts with which you can travel around the world in a very easy way. This Colvic Atlanta 31 has all the equipment imaginable for a big trip and everything works. So... for BIG water all over your ship.

    At the moment this Colvic Atlanta 31, called 'Pegasus', is being used as a protest ship by a German environmental protection organisation. This sounds very bombastic.... and it actually is. You know GreenPeace and SeaSheperd, this is some kind of organization but smaller. The Pegasus has sailed around Norway and Spitsbergen in recent years, not the easiest of waterways. The ship is fully equipped for these harsh conditions and has several times brought her crew safely home where other ships had gone to inspect the bottom of the sea. The owner can tell you wonderful stories about precarious adventures of him and his crew in which this Colvic Atlanta 31 was completely her male (female uhh... yes what is it in this case now). An absolutely seaworthy ship.

    The maintenance is good, logical when you sail around Spitsbergen with it. All important things work on board, the engine runs like the sun, the masts and rigging have been calculated on serious weather and inside there is everything that needs to be. You will understand that in terms of appearance this boat is not among the cleanest on the water. She looks good but in terms of comfort she is a bit spartan, in that sense a bit of a workboat, but completely complete.

    Totally complete, what does that mean?

    Well, this is over in the general sense:

    - pump toilet in separate room

    - cooker on spirit

    - sink with tap (electric)

    - cool box (electric)

    - interior lighting

    - heating (you'll need it on the Arctic Ocean)

    - radio cd player with speakers

    - fenders with line

    - multiple anchors

    - mooring lines (heavy quality)

    - swimming ladder

    - life raft (inspected)

    - lifebuoys

    - cock hook (multiple)

    - anchor winch (manual)

    - cockpit tent

    - navigation lights

    - shore power

    - inverter

    - charger

    - wipers

    - bilge pump

    - fire extinguishers

    and the world of extra stuff.

    In terms of equipment, she's overcrowded:

    - radar

    - depth gauge

    - log

    - compass

    - AIS (transmitter and receiver)

    - GPS

    - Laptop with various cards

    - marine radio

    - wind meter

    - autopilot

    and everything we forget...

    The engine is a well running and ditto maintained Bukh DV36 3 cylinder inboard diesel which delivers 36 HP. These engines are very reliable, quiet and run without vibrations. There are 2 professional AGM batteries (almost new), one with 120AH and one with 75AH. The propeller shaft is fixed, greased. It is important to mention that this ship has a closed cooling system, so you can sail with it even at temperatures below zero. It has a 100 litre diesel tank, with an average consumption of 2 litres per hour, that's a lot of hours of engines. Technically in very good condition.

    As far as sailing is concerned, it is also perfectly arranged on board. The masts, booms, etc. are all heavy duty and in excellent condition. There's the world of sails, all just usable. Traps, shots, lines, blocks, covers etc. also in excellent condition.

    It is important to mention that a complete manual is delivered with this ship how everything works, how it is connected, what is on board etc. etc. This PDF is of course available on request. There is a lot of documentation available and the current owner is willing to remain involved with the ship, should this be desired. In any case, the current owner will come over from Germany (it's a German gentleman) to sell the ship. He thinks it's important that the new owner of the hat and rim knows when he/she is first throwing off independently.

    Yeah, well... Then now the key question: are you looking for a beautiful shiny yacht that at the first big wave already shining with all its mirrors and beads disappears into the depths or.... You're looking for a yacht that will carry you and your crew safely when there are waves of 10 meters with a wind force of 9 or more. This Colvic Atlanta 31 has been through it and ensures that you too can moor safely in a harbour. We already wrote it, really a boat for GREAT water for an owner who finds mirrors and beads less important but just chooses a seaworthy sailing yacht to sail the world's seas with.

    Enough written, interest? Just come and have a look, one look at the ship and you'll see what's going on.

    This boat is located in Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen and can only be visited by appointment.

    For our foreign visitors; we speak English, and of course German.

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  • Designer: John A. Bennet
  • Shipyard: Colvic Craft Ltd.
  • Hull shape: S-shaped
  • Hull colour: White
  • Deck colour: White
  • Deck construction: Grp (polyester)
  • Cockpit: Aft cockpit
  • Open cockpit:
  • Vertical clearance: 100 m
  • Draught: 120 cm
  • Waterline length: 853 cm
  • Displacement: 7.100 kg
  • Ballast: 2.000 kg
  • Steering system: Wheel
  • Position steering system: Inside + outside
  • Rudder: Single
  • Keel/Lee board: Full keel
  • Comments:

    In the wheelhouse, steering wheel, in the cockpit tiller steering (so you experience sailing so much better)



  • Saloon:
  • Headroom: 185 cm
  • Separate Dining area:
  • Cabins: 3
  • Berths: fixed: 5
  • Type interior: Classic, warm
  • Color upholstery: Green
  • Cushions:
  • Curtains:
  • Water tank & material: 70 litre
  • Water system: Pressure system
  • Seawater pump:
  • Toilets: 1 Manual
  • Radio/CD player:
  • Cooker & fuel: 2 burner(s) Spirit
  • Fridge & power source:

Engine, electrics

  • Number of identical engines: 1
  • Starting type: Electric
  • Type: Inboard
  • Brand: Bukh
  • Model: DV36
  • Number of cylinders: 3
  • Power: 36 hp
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Gearbox: Bukh
  • Transmission: Shaft
  • Propulsion: Propellor
  • Cooling system: Direct
  • Fuel tanks: 1
  • Total fuel tank(s) capacity: 100 Litre
  • Fuel tank material: Stainless steel
  • Max speed: 13 km/h
  • Cruising speed: 8 km/h
  • Fuel tank gauge:
  • Tachometer:
  • Oil pressure gauge:
  • Temperature gauge:
  • Battery: 2 x 195 Ah
  • Battery charger:
  • Alternator:
  • Battery monitor:
  • Inverter:
  • Voltmeter:
  • Shore power:
  • Shore power cable:
  • Consumption monitor:
  • Voltage: 12V

Navigation and electronics

  • Compass:
  • Log/speed:
  • Depth gauge:
  • Wind gauge:
  • Navigation lights:
  • Charts, guides:
  • Rudder position indicator:
  • Autopilot:
  • GPS:
  • Chart plotter:
  • Radar:
  • AIS:
  • SSB receiver:
  • Short band transmitter:
  • VHF:
  • Comments:

    This ship is equipped for large sea voyages and therefore has all conceivable equipment and backup systems. There is a complete on-board book where all items are described in detail including straw chart's etc. Manuals are available for all items.

Rig and sails

  • Sailplan type: Ketch
  • Number of masts: 2
  • Spars material: Aluminium
  • Standing rig: Steel wire
  • Sail surface: 60 m2
  • Stabilizer sail (motor boats):
  • Main sail:
  • Mizzen:
  • Genoa:
  • Jib:
  • Storm jib:
  • Spinnaker:
  • Halfwinder, bollejan:
  • Gennaker:
  • Manual winches: 4
  • Comments:

    There's the world of sails, all sails are usable.

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Colvic Atlanta 31

Colvic Atlanta 31

£ 26.636 (€ 29.950) VAT Paid