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Pegasus 50 GT

£ 578.078 (€ 650.000) VAT Not paid
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Year of construction 2021
Material Epoxy composite
Length 49.15 feet
Width 15.8 feet

Diesel 75Hp saildrive. Striking 50ft bluewater cruiser Cockpit and saloon areas are configured to blend into each other as far as possible, creating spacious living area

Basic data of the Pegasus 50 GT

  • Seller:Connect Yachtbrokers
  • Brand:Pegasus
  • Model:50 GT
  • Motorization:Diesel 75Hp saildrive
  • Category:Sailing Yacht
  • Year of construction:2021
  • Material:Epoxy composite
  • Experience: A day of boating fun, Family holidays, Large groups aboard, Maintenance free, (Semi) permanent residence, Fast motorboating, Blue water cruising, seagoing, Weekendcruiser, weekends aboard
  • Length:49.15 feet
  • Width:15.85 feet
  • Draught:8 feet
  • Variable draught:No
  • Beds:4fixed, 2 additional
  • Country: Netherlands
  • To view in sales harbour/showroom: No , (elsewhere)
  • Price:£ 578.078 VAT Not paid (€ 650.000 VAT Not paid)
  • Account Manager: Pim van Putten



  • Remarks:

    The Pegasus 50 design and engineering represents the result of experience gained in previous projects, optimised for shorthanded, blue water sailing with the emphasis on safety, simplicity of use, comfort on board and reduced cost of ownership.

    Pegasus 50 project is blend of real life on-board experiences received from owners, crew and service teams, crossing oceans with similar to Pegasus 50 yachts.

    Pegasus Yachts is a Slovenian shipyard known for its production of ocean-going sailboats. The engineering and business experts behind Pegasus have years of experience in sailing, industrial design, naval architecture as well as product and project management. Our team has completed more than 160 projects for prominent world-series builders, 10 of those projects have won European Yacht of the Year Awards and more than 50 other national Boat of the Year Awards.
    More than 10,000 yachts have been produced as a result of these projects including Shipman Carbon Yachts, the world's first series carbon construction performance cruisers. We gained priceless experience directly from Shipman owners cruising in the most remote places worldwide, and the Shipman fleet has circumnavigated the globe a total of 36 times. We are working in close collaboration with leading naval architects and hydrodynamic specialists from current America's Cup and ocean racing, as well as exterior and interior designers and stylists, structural specialists and the best industry suppliers. The Pegasus 50 concept, design, and engineering represent the result of experience gained in previous projects.

    Safety is Pegasus' key feature. This consists of design solutions, like the covered, well protected cockpit, substantial stanchions and 360° view from the saloon. We have selected equipment that is well proven and reliable from trusted suppliers for easy maintenance and simple repair. These simple solutions provide easy and safe shorthanded handling. Sailing Pegasus is safe in all weather conditions, with any crew and on every ocean.

    Spend two or three weeks on anchorages around your favourite island, with total independence. The Pegasus 50 has the tankage, refrigeration and power to free you of the need to return to base for further supplies.

    "At TWS 22 knots/ 100 TWA, with full main and J1, autopilot ON, she will be touching 12.5 knots boat speed while Her end Him reading books and having cold drinks from cockpit table fridge." comment from the designer

    Comfort on board is all about the view, light, quietness and ergonomics! The saloon with a 360° view is designed for pleasant sailing and the horizon is always visible to prevent sea-sickness.
    The sleeping cabins are far from the noise and vibration insulated engine and technical area. The Saloon and cabins are positioned as close to the centre of movement for minimum jaw, pitch and roll, whilst at sea. The hard top sprayhood protects the cockpit from the elements and the stern provides a private beach with easy access to the sea. Moving through the boat is easy thanks to the one-level, seamlessly connected cockpit and saloon, so forget about climbing steep companionway steps. There is a special bonus: a gimballed mechanism that keeps the saloon sofa in a horizontal position even when the boat is heeled.

    My Fifth Yacht:

    "I have been sailing for 50 years during which time I have owned 4 yachts. The first of these I built myself, and the others I commissioned and they were built to my specific requirement.
    All of these proved to be successful and close to what I needed, but the Pegasus will be the first that is able to fulfill all my needs and expectations totally.

    Her easy handling, together with safety and comfort at sea, mean that she even exceeds the capability of my last yacht, the 63' cutter HAGAZUSSA, in which we circumnavigated the globe.

    Pegasus enables me to cross oceans single handed or with a crew of friends and always feel safe, comfortable and exhilarated.

    The biggest difference in Pegasus is the concept - a blue water sailing yacht with a well-protected covered cockpit, 360 degree vision in the saloon and gimballed saloon sofa, and double insulation for the engine which is sited away from the living and sleeping areas of the yacht. She also provides safe movement for her crew with only a few steps as well as good access to well proven equipment that is easily maintained.

    I am looking forward to taking her to sea.

    Dr. Ernst Thomke"

    Maximum length (acc. ISO 8666) 14,98 m
    Hull molded length 14,94 m
    Length waterline (operational displ.) 14,14 m
    Beam max. 4.83 m
    Beam waterline 3.63 m
    Total wetted area (operational displ.) 49,53 m2
    Draft standard (operational displ.) 2.30 m
    Displacement dry weight (appx.)
    (Excluding weight from options, liquids, crew, etc.) 12300 kg
    Displacement operational 13400 kg
    Displacement loaded 15170 kg
    Throat 4875 kg
    Ballast ratio (to dry weight) 40%
    Angle of vanishing stability (for operational displ.) 125 degrees
    Engine standard Diesel 75HP -sail drive Diesel capacity 570 litres
    Water capacity 760 (480) liters
    Category CE A - Ocean going vessel
    Concept & Design Marine Designs
    Engineering Marine Designs

    I 19,55 m
    J 6.14 m
    P 18.85 m
    E 5.52 m
    I top 20.80 m
    Mainsail standard (2x bib reef or tree furling) 69,10 m2
    Genoa furling 104% 66.00 m2
    LP 104% 5.76 m
    G2 furling 30,80 m2
    Spinnaker (asymmetrical on bow) 150 m2
    BAD 1.74 m
    CPW (chain plates width) 4.60 m
    Spreaders angle 20 degrees
    Burry (deck stepped mast)

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  • Draught: 230 cm


  • Berths: fixed: 4 Extra: 2
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Pegasus 50 GT

Pegasus 50 GT

£ 578.078 (€ 650.000) VAT Not paid