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Farr Yacht Design 52 OD

price on request
Farr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 ODFarr Yacht Design 52 OD

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Year of construction 2000
Material Composite
Length 52 feet
Width 14.6 feet

Engine 54Hp Yanmar. Winner Malta Middle Sea Race 2018 in IRC and second in ORC2

Basic data of the Farr Yacht Design 52 OD

  • Seller:Bach Yachting
  • Brand:Farr Yacht Design
  • Model:52 OD
  • Motorization:Engine 54Hp Yanmar
  • Category:Sailing Yacht
  • Additional category:Sailing Yacht
  • Year of construction:2000
  • Last refit:2020
  • Material:Composite
  • Experience: A day of boating fun, Family holidays, Large groups aboard, (Semi) permanent residence, Fast motorboating, Blue water cruising, seagoing, Sailing races, Weekendcruiser, weekends aboard
  • Length:52 feet
  • Width:14.57 feet
  • Draught:10 feet
  • Variable draught:Yes
  • Country: Greece
  • To view in sales harbour/showroom: Yes
  • Price:price on request
  • Account Manager: Bach Yachting



  • Remarks:

    Owners are keen to sell this mostly updated Farr 52 One Design, that they acquired back in 2003 from George Collins in USA, the last privateer that raced the VOR.

    She is a full carbon racing yacht built on a One Design prescription in 2000 from Carroll Marine USA, and until today had only the two owners mentioned.

    One Design translates to strong, long lasting, well thought, unbreakable, all round, fast, no rule compromise and perfectly equipped with Hall carbon spars, Lewmar, Harken, Spinlock, Navtec gear and Yanmar engine.

    But One Design from Bruce Farr means more than anything else User Friendly. Team Optimum, coming from a 36-footer, managed in their second season only(2004) to win the Aegean Rally and the Rolex Middle Sea Race (in IRC & IMS) back to back with a crew of usual suspects (amateurs). In 2008 ORCi World Championship we finished 5th overall and 1st Corinthians and in 2016 ORCi European Championship 9th overall. OPTIMUM 3 has reached the podium in the Aegean Rally 11 times, including 5 times 1st.

    She has always been dry-sailed, spending no more than 60 days per year in the water, the rest on its US made custom cradle. OPTIMUM 3 has been maintained and upgraded rigorously. Nowadays, she sports a 2.05 meter carbon bowsprit, flies 300 sqm masthead spinnakers that are lowered through a new XL bow hatch and hoists a 100+ sqm mainsail with a square top of 1.6m supported by 3 carbon battens/systems that slide on a special glued-on low profile Hall Spars/Antal dual mast groove track that has proved extremely efficient and versatile.

    The B&G/Ockham electronics package is PC driven, updated and runs Deckman and Expedition tactical software and all info needed is readily available on any smart screen on board through extended Wi-Fi. Navtec Hydraulics for boomvang, outhaul and at the mast step are fully operational and are reliable solutions to control the loads even in gale force conditions like the ones we encountered in 2004, 2007 and 2014 in the Rolex Middle Sea Race.

    2016 9th place Class A&B -ORCi European Championship

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  • Hull shape: Roundbilge
  • Hull colour: Blue
  • Deck colour: White
  • Deck construction: Epoxy composite
  • Cockpit: Aft cockpit
  • Open cockpit:
  • Variable depth:
  • Draught: 320 cm
  • Maximum draught: 320 cm
  • Steering system: Wheel
  • Keel/Lee board: Fixed keel
  • Comments:

    • Model: Farr 52 One Design
    • Year: 2000
    • Builder: Carroll Marine, USA Hull
    • Sail number: GRE 53
    &bull. Flag: Greece
    • Throat: Fin Throat
    • Rig: Demolition

    • Hull Carbon fiber and epoxy with wet pre-preg layup, post cured low density "super light" balsa in high load areas.
    • Corecell foam in various densities throughout the remaining areas. ·
    • Composite throat SG iron and lead with an epoxy coating and faired to a race finish.· 
    • Internal Aluminum structural frame for rig/throat loads· 
    • Bottom faired and primed in barrier coat epoxy.

    New 2018
    • Quantum code 3 Jib• Quantum fractional A5(230sqm)
    • All new Running Rigging Incl : Loops, Lashings, Hallyard
    • New Runners

    New 2016/17
    • New grey leather grip applied on steering wheels.
    • New rectangular EXTRA LARGE bow hatch to speed up spinnaker takedowns.
    • New black powder coating of all stanchions / pulpits.
    • New wire lifelines.
    • New black lifeline pads.
    • New black canvas covers for steering wheels.
    • New Harken headstay carbo foil (still in its box on the container).
    • New double deck Spinlock clutches for dual spinnaker sheets.
    • New system and detailed rearrangement applied to accommodate faster spinnaker hoists using the primary winches.
    • New EXPEDITION tactical software purchased and installed.
    • Serviced hydraulic panel and all hydraulic pumps on mast jack, boom vang and outhaul.


  • Berths: fixed: 0
  • Toilets: 1
  • Fridge & power source:
  • Comments:

    - Sleeps 10 on pipecots
    - Galley with cardanic stove, sink and coolbox
    - Head with toilet and sink

Engine, electrics

  • Comments:

    Engine 54Hp Yanmar


    • Dual alternators: 115 AH and 55AH
    • 12 VOLT AC system with distribution panel and voltmeter.
    • Circuit breakers of appropriate amperage.
    • Ship service: 2 (each) X  120 AMP hour lead acid
    • Engine start: 1 (each) X  100 AMP hour
    • Emergency crossover switch house batteries to engine start
    • ORC approved running lights
    • Red and white dome lights

Navigation and electronics

  • Comments:

    • unisys 001 (main CPU).
    Performance index interface (up to date EEPROM with polars by Farr Yachts with the latest boat upgrades. October 2014)
    •plywood interface,anemometer,depth sensor,boat speed sensor.
    • NMEA compass interface & 3D compass sensor.
    • load Cell interface & sensor
    • GPS interface & Furuno GP-32 GPS
    • RS-232 interface
    • 3x magnum displays
    • 4x mast displays


    Other electronics
    • Raymarine DSC VHF
    • AIS (Digital Yatch AIT2000 class B, integrated GPS with antenna , Windows compatible via USB port)
    • Raymarine AIS Splittet 100
    • Main VHF antenna on top of the mast
    • Furuno radar & display
    • HSUPA modem router (Teltonika RUT-104,10/100 Lan, 2x WiFi antenna,  marine specs GSM antenna, 2nd ext GSM antenna ready)
    • PC & 15" monitor (VoomPC, Intel Atom D25501.86 GHz (2 cores 4 threads), 4GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDD 2.5" NVIDIA GT 610M VGA, HDMI & DVI port, 4x USB2, 2x USB3, 7.1 onboard sound card, 1000 Mbps Lan, integrated WiFi card with 2 antennas, eSata port, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, power control from the switch board, 12V, rugged metal case with good heat sinking design, 2x RS-232 to USB (external), slim-DVD ready.)



    • Deckman 9.1 for C-map with dongle
    • C-map NT+ chart M-EM-C132.36 (Ionian & Aegean south)
    • C-map NT+ chart M-EM-C207.03 (mid Mediterranean, Tunisia, Libya, Malta, Sicilia, Messina strait, Napoli, Bari,  E oil islands, Sardegna east)

Rig and sails

  • Comments:

    • MAIN DELIVERY QUANTUM (small about 65sqm)

    • CODE 1 (light) 06/2012 QUANTUM FUSION-M CARBON
    • CODE 1 2005 BANKS  – CARBON
    • CODE 2 (medium) 7/2016 QUANTUM FUSION-M CARBON
    • CODE 2 2004 BANKS – CARBON
    • CODE 3 2005 BANKS – CARBON

    • Quantum code 3 Jib 2018
    • CODE 4 07/2014 QUANTUM – CARBON
    • CODE 4 2004 BANKS – CARBON
    • CODE 5 2004 BANKS – KEVLAR

    • Á1 VMG 06/2013 QUANTUM – MASTHEAD for bowsprit
    • A2 RUNNER 06/2013 QUANTUM – MASTHEAD  for bowsprit
    • A3 REACHER 06/2013 QUANTUM – MASTHEAD for bowsprit
    • A5 REACHER 2000 NORTH - FRACTIONAL (enlarged) for bowsprit
    • Quantum fractional A5(230sqm)
    • Á1 VMG 2006 BANKS – MASTHEAD for spi pole
    • Á1 VMG 2003 NORTH – MASTHEAD for spi pole
    • A1 VMG 2004 NORTH – MASTHEAD for spi pole
    • Á2 RUNNER 2002 NORTH – MASTHEAD for spi pole
    • Á2 RUNNER 2003 NORTH – MASTHEAD for spi pole
    • Á3 A.P. 2003 BANKS – MASTHEAD for spi pole
    • Á3 A.P. 2004 BANKS – MASTHEAD for spi pole
    • S4 RUNNER 2003 NORTH – MASTHEAD for spi pole
    • CODE 0 2000 NORTH MASTHEAD. (except the Code 0).

    • STORM JIB 2000 NORTH


    • All new Running Rigging Incl : Loops, Lashings, Hallyard 2018

    • Custom Hall Spars Carbon fractional mast with 2 sets of carbon fibre spreaders and adjustable sweep angles. • Custom adjustable maststep with hydraulic mast jack integrally mounted in mast butt powered by portable quick disconnect enerpac pump
    . • Carbon fibre boom and oversized carbon spinnaker pole and aluminum jockey pole.
    • Rod rigging Navtec series 500
    • New 2014 black HARKEN  Gemini headstay.
    • Multi functional hydraulic panel W/ 2-speed pump at main trimmer
    • Catch: hydraulic cylinder
    • Outhaul: hydraulic cylinder (in boom)
    • Spinnaker pole track: 3:1: lift & Harken car
    • New 2013 custom carbon bowsprit L=2.05m. with 2 internal downhauls exiting the deck either side of the foredeck hatch.
    • New 2011 glued-on aluminum custom Hall/Antal dual  luff track for cars and/or bolt rope mainsails

    Running rigging
    • 2 x Masthead Spinnaker halyards
    • 2:1 Main halyard system
    • 3 x Fractional Jib/Spi halyards
    • 1 x Top lift halyard
    • Full running rigging package supplied with numerous spares.
    • All running rigging new 2018 Before MMSR 2018
    • New runners 2018 before MMSR

Deck Equipment

  • Fenders, lines:
  • Comments:
    • US made steel cradle painted white with hull form beds.
    • Carbon inclining radar post that fits at the very aft of the boat
    • No antifouling applied ever; hull has been professionally faired/treated with Epoxy. She has always been drysailed, on and off to her cradle, no more than 60 days/year in the water.  Since 2003, is lying in the dry and sunny Greece.


  • Comments:

    ORC offshore safety pack

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Farr Yacht Design 52 OD

Farr Yacht Design 52 OD

price on request