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Ker 56

£ 1.325.132 (€ 1.490.000) VAT Paid
Ker 56Ker 56Ker 56Ker 56Ker 56Ker 56Ker 56Ker 56Ker 56Ker 56Ker 56Ker 56Ker 56Ker 56

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Year of construction 2015
Material Other
Length 55.77 feet
Width 16.1 feet

Volvo Penta D2-40. VARUNA VI, is one of the most exciting IRC/ORC offshore boats ever built and now she is ready for her next thrill seeking owner!The brain child of …

Basic data of the Ker 56

  • Seller:Ancasta - Raceboats
  • Reference:33657
  • Brand:Ker
  • Model:56
  • Motorization:Volvo Penta D2-40
  • Category:Sailing Yacht
  • Year of construction:2015
  • Material:Other
  • Length:55.77 feet
  • Width:16.11 feet
  • Draught:13 feet
  • Variable draught:No
  • Country: Germany
  • To view in sales harbour/showroom: No , Hamburg
  • Price:£ 1.325.132 VAT Paid (€ 1.490.000 VAT Paid)
  • Account Manager: Ancasta - Raceboats



  • Remarks: Brokers Comments
    A true ocean racer that has been staggeringly well prepared and optimized.

    Early gremlins, as typical with any custom build, now well out the way now and performance is now proven across many wind ranges and race courses.
    Recent 2018 Transatlantic Winner.

    VARUNA VI, is one of the most exciting IRC/ORC offshore boats ever built and now she is ready for her next thrill seeking owner!
    The brain child of Jason Ker, this boat is a custom design that was purely built to race offshore, at pace!
    Plenty of optimization and modification since launching, led by some of the worlds best sailors, has pushed this boat a long way from its original layout and she is ready to challenge for silverware in the worlds most iconic races.

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  • Superstructure: Aft Cockpit
  • Draught: 393 cm
  • Keel/Lee board: Fin Keel
  • Comments: History:
    In September 2015 Knierim launched the latest generation racer designed by Ker Design with canting keel and daggerboards.
    Cutting-edge technologies were used for the construction of the high-tech racing yacht VARUNA VI, a no-compromise 17 metres long and 4.95 metres wide Ker 56.

    “If you intend to win an international top-level regatta at some point in your sailing career, you have to make a decision whether you want a boat that is built for inshore racing or one that is optimised for long distance offshore races”, said owner Jens Kellinghusen about his vision regarding the new-build yacht.

    In fact, the team was highly satisfied with the yacht’s predecessor, the 5 foot shorter “Super-TP52” concept, but with regard to sailing the offshore classics – from Fastnet to Sydney Hobart Race, the Trans Atlantic to Trans Pacific competitions – it was necessary to improve the yacht’s reaching speed potential in particular.
    The result is a 10% longer and just 7% heavier boat than the Ker 51, carrying an incredible 35% bigger sail area. “While we are talking about tenths of knots when sailing upwind and running downwind, the boat’s speed when reaching is measured in knots”, explains designer Jason Ker.

    The canting keel has a pivoting range of 40° to either side and provides a significant part of the yacht’s overall weight of 7.6 tons. The daggerboards’ position was optimised during the building process and moved further aft near the mast.
    Thanks to the twin rudders the yacht remains perfectly steerable and controllable at enormous speeds.

    VARUNA VI is made of an ultra light sandwich construction using carbon prepregs with a Nomex and Kevlar honeycomb core. Every carbon fibre part was made in-house, like chain plates, daggerboards, rudder stocks, rudders, dodger, winch pods. For all moulds and some bearings Knierim’s 5-axis milling machines delivered precise results.
    Also, the technical equipment is state-of-the-art, from grinder drives to hydraulics for the canting keel.

    The deck layout is just functional. Eye-catcher on the black deck are the light ceramic coated winches. The cockpit floor is covered with an extremely light weight non-skid foam.
    Over all, there is not a gram too much on board.

    Below deck are only 14 pipe berths, a 40 hp engine without any insulation, the housing for the retractable propeller, a few pumps, the nav station with some electronics, a control panel for the hydraulics, plus – and this is the only luxurious piece on board – a toilet cabin.
    Two weeks after launching the boat, the first and only sea trail in the Baltic Sea put a bright smile on everyone’s face on board. Builders, designer, owner and crew enjoyed the ride in flat to choppy waters near Kiel lighthouse at westerly winds of about 10 knots with gusts up to 16-17 knots. Everything on board worked well, all systems performed as expected.

    VARUNA VI accelerated easily to 20+ knots without any serious trimming and with just the main sail, stay sail and heavy genoa. No Gennaker was hoisted due to a not yet delivered bob stay. Also upwind she showed a good speed of around 10 knots. The daggerboards could be easily moved up and down and steering the boat was a pleasure as seen on the helmsman’s smiling face.
    Since this phase, the owner and crew have continually pushed and tweaked the sail plan, overall displacement, dagger board positioning and bow strengthening, as the speeds on offer were far more impressive than expected, meaning the boat had to withstand these harsh environments for long periods of time.

    IRC: 1.498 TCC
    ORC: 399.4 GPH


  • Berths:
  • Comments: Sails: All Grand Prix design and build specification.

    Light Jib-A North Sails 2015 Forestay set
    J2-A North Sails 2015 Forestay set
    Heavy Jib North Sails 2015 Forestay set
    Heavy Jib Doyle 2018 Forestay set
    J 5 - A North Sails 2015 innerstay Furling 3DI
    J 5 -B North Sails 2016 3DI
    J-0 DOYLE 2018 Tack 2# on Bow sprit Top hoist Cable less
    J1-A MH Doyle 2017 Furling on Cable Tack 3 on Bow Sprit Furling battens
    J2-A MH Doyle 2017 Furling on Cable Furling battens

    Delivery Main North Sails 1Reef full hoist pin head 2th Reef 2016
    Main -A North Sails 3DI black 2 Reefs
    Main -B North Sails Big +1,2 m E , (Long Boom ) 2016
    Main -C Doyle 2017 3Reefs

    Code 0 - A North Sails 3DI Furling cable
    Code 0 -B Doyle Cabel less 2017
    A1-A North Sails SK75
    A2- 1 North Sails 2015 Bow Sprit Tack 2
    A-2 B North Sails Bow Sprit long Tack 1
    A3-A North Sails Cuban 2015
    A-3B North Sails 2016
    A3- C Doyle 2018 Furling Cable less

    Specialty sails;
    FRO-A North Sails Cuban 2015
    FRO DOYLE 2018
    BRO-A North Sails 2015 Furling Bow Sprit Tack 2
    JT DOYLE 2018 Tack 2# Top hoist
    GS -A North Sails 2015 on inner stay for Hoist
    SS North Sails 2015 (needs repair)

    Storm Jib North Sail Storm Jib Orange 2015 Furling on Cable
    Try Sail North Sails 2015
    Mainsail bag New Doyle Main Sail bag

Engine, electrics

  • Number of identical engines: 1
  • Type: Inboard
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Comments: Drivesystem:
    Stay in Phase Custom Package
    Grinding pedestal x 2.
    Carbon Drive shafts
    2 x Overdrive box in Pedestal.

    LEWMAR 68 x 7, carbon and ceramic drums.
    LEWMAR 60 Pit winches x 2.

    Full Cariboni Rams - Outhaul, Vang, Main Cunn, Upper Deflector, Lower Deflector, Forestay , Jibtack, Keel,
    Valves tanks - all electronic valves with push buttons in Cockpit on Port / STB.
    PLC - FARO.

    B&G WTP 3 processor.
    6 x mast displays.
    GFD 2 x Helm Port /STB
    10/10 Display on Runner Winch for Forestay load,
    1x GFD Pit,
    Raymarine BUS System
    Sailor 250, Iridium

    Boards x 2: Port / STB
    Recovery: Custom outage Keel recovery Ram system with hand pump
    Jammers: Spinlock XXC for all loaded Robes, Constrictor to park Halyards in Pit

    Engine: Volvo Penta D2-40
    Prop: Cariboni Lifting prop

Rig and sails

  • Sailplan type: Sloop
  • Comments: Mast:
    Hall Spars manufacture, with structural design by SCOTT FERGUSON.
    HR Fibre,
    2 x Top Mast locks,
    1 x Frac lock,
    1 x Jib lock
    1 x J5 lock
    1 x GS Lock
    Satin sprayed finish

    Boom :
    Hall Spars with deep panel section.
    3 x Reefing locks

    Carbo link Round Side-rigging
    Carbo link Forestay
    Smartrigging Runner cables.

    Blocks: Karver KBRC
    Mast Jack: Reckmann
    Southern Spars outrigger.
    Furlers: 3 x Profurl next generation

    Tack 1# - 2 x Tackline 2:1( Kites),
    Tack 2# - 2 x 2:1( Kites),
    Tack 3# - 3:1 J1 Masthead .
    3 x Carbolink Bobstays + 2 x Spares

Deck Equipment

  • Comments: Toilet: 1 x in Bow
    Kitchen: 2 x jet Boil
    Navi: Panasonic tough book
    Pipe beds: 7 x Port / 7 x STB
    Watermaker: Spectra VENTURA 150-200T 24V
    Batteries : 12v Stater , 24 Mastervolt Lithium ULTRA 5000 180AH

    Cradle: 20“ Container Flatracek - 12v Hydraulick folding,
    Keel on and off Position possible on cradle.
    Keel Cradle
    Boat: Canting keel Prep reg Carbon
    Paint: Topsides Alexseal Flintblack Matt, Duropox Black sanded to 800,
    Keel and Ruder ORANGE Sanded to 1000

    Rail: Stations , Push and Pullpit Titan G9.
    Helmets: 3 x black helmets with screen.
    Deck gear box:
    spin lock floating jammer, 2x harken hi load snatch block, 4 x snatch block, main traveler cars, main sheet blocks, tack line blocks, 4 x tack line nuggets, 2x tylaska t20 nuggets fitting,
    3 x Profurl swivels, carabinas, sail strops, 2x jib lead friction rings, 2x Antal hook for tweaks.
    Stanchion: 2 x spare stanchion Titanium G9
    Trolley: 1 x folding trolley
    Scissor lift: Gerken - max load 270 kg.
    4 x fenders:
    Air cylinder with 12v pump
    6 x fenders: square custom made 0,8m x 0,8m with cover
    1 x Box: full cat 1 safety
    2 x anchor.  
    Shaft: 1 spare shaft
    Battens: 15-20 spare battens for all the sails.

    Generator: Honda 3,5 kw 380 v , 230V
    Dive compressor :Honda ,2x20 Hoses ,Floating Ring
    Diving Box: Stanley box black Diving equipment

    Cleaning Box: Stanley cleaning box
    Rubber pats: Stanley Box
    2x Bow Sprit: short Bow Sprit 1Tack position 2 x Rockback line Exit
    Boom Tent: Boom Tent 2015
    Main Cover: Main Sail cover for Boom black
    3 x Rudders: 2 x Rudders ,1 full spare Rudders 3x Bags with foam black

    Dockbag: 6 x 2x 0,8 Meter Gray
    2 x Liferaft: Ocean Safety 8 Persons next service 06/2020 Carbon Box
    B&G Autopilot: Autopilot for delivery not installed
    2 x Board bearings: 2 x set bearings 0 and 2 degrees angle
    Tools for keel install

    2 x Boxes: Hull/bottom Paint
    1 x Munteres airdryer
    1 x Prop Spare Prop
    1 x Box Bags, Stuff
    2 x Boxes spare ropes
    1 x Box reef and furl bungee system
    Jib track for big jibs - not installed
    2 x Boxes:16 x Musto HPX trousers
    Bow protection 2 x stainless bow protection for mooring/anchoring/transport
    12 x jerry 20L ans
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Ker 56

Ker 56

£ 1.325.132 (€ 1.490.000) VAT Paid