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Rijnlandvlet 1000 OC

price on request
Rijnlandvlet 1000 OC

Do you want to know more? Please contact Scheepswerf De Volharding bv.

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new boat
Material Steel
Length 32.81 feet
Width 12.0 feet

The success of the Rijnlandvlet OC. started with this size in 1993.

Basic data of the Rijnlandvlet 1000 OC

  • Seller:Scheepswerf De Volharding bv
  • Brand:Rijnlandvlet
  • Model:1000 OC
  • Category:Motor Yacht
  • Additional category:Tender
  • Material:Steel
  • Length:32.81 feet
  • Width:11.98 feet
  • Draught:3 feet
  • Variable draught:No
  • Vertical clearance:175 cm
  • Headroom inside:195 cm
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Price:price on request
  • Account Manager: Stefan Regtvoort



  • Remarks: There was a demand for a luxury motorvlet with a low cabin (sleeping, cooking and toilet) with a large open cockpit. Resulting in a beautifully lined vlet with a low cabin with a shallow draught, suitable for a large sailing area from canals and ditches to trips over the tidal flats. And that with all the luxury and comfort you are used to in a closed ship. For 15 years on the water, much imitated but rarely equalled.
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  • Vertical clearance: 1.75 m
  • Draught: 100 cm


  • Headroom: 195 cm
  • Berths: fixed: 0 Extra: 2

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Rijnlandvlet 1000 OC

Rijnlandvlet 1000 OC

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