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new boat
Material Composite
Length 51.18 feet
Width 29.2 feet

75HP. Luxuriuous & fast Trimaran

Basic data of the Neel 51

  • Seller:Bach Yachting International
  • Brand:Neel
  • Model:51
  • Motorization:75HP
  • Category:Multihull sailing boat
  • Material:Composite
  • Experience: A day of boating fun, Family holidays, Shallow waters, Fast motorboating, Blue water cruising, seagoing, Weekendcruiser, weekends aboard
  • Length:51.18 feet
  • Width:29.20 feet
  • Draught:6 feet
  • Variable draught:No
  • Country:
  • Price:price on request
  • Account Manager: Jascha Bach



  • Designer: Joubert/Nivelt/Muratet
  • Shipyard: NEEL trimarans
  • Draught: 180 cm
  • Comments:

    NEAL 51 Technical Specifications

    Woodworking in Alpi wood
    Bolon floor covering (high-resistance polyester woven fabric)
    Alpi veneer and/or white upholstering
    Synthetic fabrics adapted to the marine environment, washable, UV resistant
    Blackout curtains in the cabins
    Headroom below deck
    Kitchen = 2.00 m
    Chart table/desk = 2.00 m
    Cockloon = 2.00 m
    Master cabin = 2.00 m
    Floating suites = 1.95 m
    Skipper's cabin = 1.95 m
    Lockers = 1.95 m
    Machine rooms = 1.95 m

    Construction materials: high-quality, anti-osmotic isophthalic polyester and vinylester resin infusion moulding on closed-cell PVC foam core and quadriaxial fibreglass skin.
    Protection aileron in monolithic laminate
    Floor in sandwich foam manufactured by infusion
    Infusion-moulded structural partitions with closed-cell PVC foam core
    Hull finished in light grey gel coat
    Deck finished in non-skid, diamond-pattern white gel coat
    Numerous reserve buoyancy ensuring the boats unsinkability

    1. Sails
    For an anodized aluminum mast
    . Full-batten mainsail in Dacron 2 rises Genoa in Dacron with UV protective band on hand-operated furler
    Self-tacking staysail in Dacron with UV protection on hand-operated furler
    For a carbon mast (high-performance rigging option)
    Mainsail in triaxial Hydranet 3 rises Self-tacking staysail in triaxial Hydranet with UV protection on hand-operated furler
    Self-tacking staysail in triaxial Hydranet with UV protection on hand-operated furler

    2. Standing rigging
    Anodised aluminium mast with rail and car
    . 1 spreader set 1 anodized aluminum boom
    2 jacketed single-strand stainless-steel shrouds monotoron cables
    2 jacketed single-strand stainless-steel lower shrouds monotoron cables
    1 single-strand stainless-steel cable forestay with hand-operated furler
    single-strand stainless-steel cable lower forestay with hand-operated furler
    2 adjustable lazy jacks
    1 deck searchlight mounted on the mast
    lazy bag on spacers

    Optional high-performance rigging carbon mast
    . 1 spreader set 1 painted aluminum boom
    2 fabric shrouds with a Dynema vectran core and a Dynema jacket
    2 fabric lower shrouds with a Dynema vectran core and a Dynema jacket
    1 single-strand stainless-steel cable forestay mounted on a hand-operated with hand-operated furler
    1 single-strand stainless-steel cable lower forestay mounted on furler
    2 adjustable lazy jacks
    1 deck searchlight mounted on the mast
    1 lazy bag on spacers

    3. Running rigging
    1 Dynema mainsail halyard for pulley 1 Dynema genoa halyard kept at the base of the mast by jettisonable lashing
    1 Dynema staysail halyard kept at the base of the mast by lashing (jettisonable)
    1 spinnaker halyard
    1 boom topping lift
    reefing lines
    2 genoa sheets
    1 staysail sheet
    2 mainsail sheets leading back to the helm station

    3 self-tailing winches size 52 at the center of the helm station Triple jammers upstream for mainsail halyard, mainsail sheets, reefing lines, staysail sheet, boom topping elevator, spinnaker halyard.

    1 electric windlass 24 volts 1700 W with a horizontal sprocket on the deck (12 mm chain) with wired remote control in the anchor well
    Access to the windlass and the chain locker via a horizontal panel
    Anchor locker located port side of the windlass

    4 cantilevered stainless-steel rear-guard rails height 600 mm
    Stainless-steel pulpits in front of the central hull
    12 stanchions height 600 mm
    Double lifelines in phosphorescent Dynema

    Freshwater system
    . Freshwater tanks: 1 aluminum 600 L tank with gauge on the chart table
    Freshwater system with 1 main 24 V water pump
    Hot water system with 1 75 L 220 V water heater with heat exchanger
    1 hot/cold shower in the aft transom on a float port side
    Freshwater electric toilet

    Wash water
    Sink, shower and wash basin drainage either by gravity flow or by electric pumping overboard

    Blackwater holding tanks gravity discharge to deck and overboard

    Bilge pumping system with 6 electric pumps + 1 hand pump
    1 hand sump pump central hull 1 electric bilge pump for the engine compartment with automatic release
    2 electric pumps for the rear garages
    2 electric bilge pumps with automatic release, one per float switch + manual override + bilge level alarm
    CE Mark self-draining cockpit

    1. Power circuit
    . Pack of 4 24 V AGM gel batteries, total 495 amps
    1 24 V 110-amp alternator with ALPHA PRO regulator
    220 V network with 60-amp 220V/24 V converter charger
    1 2000 W 24 V/220 V converter
    1 60 AH shore connection with 25 m shore power line 1 Optima 50-amp 12 V battery for engine starting 1 115-amp 14 V alternator
    11 220 V plugs, lounge, cabins, saloon, chart table

    2. Electric switchboard
    General 24 V switchboard mounted on a recessed panel next to the chart table desk protected by breakers
    1 power consumption meter
    LED lighting
    LED navigation lights

    1. Rear cockpit
    . Vast cockpit on one level with the COKLOON on one side and a chaise longue on the other
    . This is protected throughout by a rigid Bimini top
    Cockpit cushions and seating
    Outside kitchen island (optional) including work surface, hot and cold-water sink, refrigerator, waste bin
    Cockpit bottom finished in non-skid, diamond-pattern gel coat

    2. Floating transoms
    Large swim platform for each floating transom serving to allow boarding the saloon and lateral access to the catwalk
    Hot/cold shower in the aft transom on a float port side and hand rail
    Folding boarding ladder on a float port side

    3. Central hull transom
    2 steps to water level Supplementary boarding ladder with hot/cold shower optional
    Reception area in the saloon (included in the "Premium" version and optional in the "Essential" version)

    4. Helm station
    Access by starboard catwalk
    Large ergonomically designed polyester bench for 2 persons
    800 mm diameter steering wheel Dash panel with compass, engine control, navigational aid (optional) and control for operating the bow thruster (optional or included in the Premium version)

    5. Ergonomic helm station
    All maneuvers returned to the helm station. Halyards and sheets stored in a special sheet bag

    6. Bow lockers (optional)
    Fitted with mattresses, storage shelving
    All veneered on the sides
    Reading light

    7. Sun deck
    Access from the helm station by two composite steps
    Bench with seatback and solarium (seats and cushions included in the "Premium" version and optional in the "Essential" version)
    Solarium length = 2 m, width = 2 m

    8. Miscellaneous
    Gas cylinder lock box, accessed by the foredeck on the port side in compliance with CE Mark

    1. Owner's suite
    . Level access
    Living area with private bathroom
    Unique views over the open sea
    storage wardrobes
    Four-drawer storage (2 under the bed and 2 accessible from the central partition)
    1 160 x 200 double bed with access from both sides
    LED lighting, 2 reading lights
    Blackout curtains
    Optional slatted bed bases
    Bolon floor covering

    2. Owner's bathroom
    Bathroom with separate shower, storage under the wash basin
    High mirrored item of furniture with storage
    Freshwater electric toilet
    Lateral ventilation hatch
    LED lighting
    Bolon floor covering

    3. Floating guest suites (optional)
    Internal access by staircase
    Closed off by sliding door
    Living area opening onto a private bathroom
    Large porthole in the hull allowing in light and offering unique views of the sea
    Wardrobes and storage shelving
    Storage space under the bed
    1 160 x 200 double bed semi island bed
    LED lighting, 2 reading lights
    Blackout curtains
    Bolon floor covering

    4. Floating guest bathrooms (optional floating guest suite)
    1 private bathroom with separate polyester monobloc shower
    1 wash basin with storage beneath and a high mirrored item of furniture
    Freshwater electric toilet
    LED lighting
    Bolon floor covering

    5. Forward cabin
    LED lighting
    Door access on stair landing
    Semi island bed 160 x 200 double bed
    Opening hatch in the ceiling with blackout curtain
    Opening porthole in the hull
    Veneer and ALPI
    2 wide storage shelves of the port and starboard sides
    A storage drawer under the bed head
    Technical access to the bow thruster (optional or included in the Premium version)
    Unit comprising a storage wardrobe and chest of drawers
    Bolon floor covering

    6. Forward bathroom
    1 bathroom that can be used by the whole crew with a separate polyester monobloc shower
    1 wash basin with storage beneath and a high mirrored item of furniture
    Freshwater electric toilet
    LED lighting
    Bolon floor covering

    7. Skipper's cabin (optional)
    Located in the rear starboard garage and accessed by deck hatch catwalk
    Ventilation hatch
    Bed 200 cm x 60 cm
    Electric toilet
    Hot and cold-water wash basin
    LED lighting
    Panoramic kitchen with a huge synthetic resin work surface with built-in washboard
    1 4-burner gas hob
    Built-in stainless-steel gas oven with grill
    Microwave oven (optional)
    Total positive cold volume of 190 L with two stainless steel drawers
    Cold storage of 92 L
    Dishwasher holding 10 place settings (optional) or kitchen storage a standard
    Storage drawers
    Cutlery drawer
    Drawer for pots and pans
    Separate waste bin opening built into the work surface with access by a side door to remove bags
    Lighting by LED spotlights in the ceiling
    LED lighting
    Bolon floor covering

    COCKLOON (trademark)
    1. Description
    This is a genuine innovation which provides accommodation for up to 12 guests in a mixed indoor/outdoor area using 2 tables and creating and original space with unique, totally unobstructed, views of the sea outside.
    It can be modulated into two separate areas with an indoor table and outdoor table by using a modular partition window, which can, depending on preferences and the weather, be open, half open or totally shut. An outdoor kitchen island (optional) with an additional fridge, sink, waste bin.
    LED lighting
    Bolon floor covering

    Panoramic views in the direction of travel. Large chart table desk Length = 160 cm, width = 75 cm with storage drawer
    Vertical storage shelving
    Fixed swivel chair
    Adjustable reading light
    Electric switchboard and equipment control built into the side box
    Dash panel available for navigational electronics
    Bolon floor covering

    . Easy and practical access by stepladder, removable floor opening by air cylinder assembly
    Headroom below deck 2 m
    LED lighting
    3 x shelves for technical items and storage

    1. Technical area
    This is the center of gravity of the boat and contains all the heavy equipment, water and fuel tanks and optionally a generator and/or desalinator, all electrical equipment including the batteries.
    Optional air conditioner.

    2. Lateral storage areas
    . Huge shelves accessible by the central walkway with headroom below deck of 2 m, large amounts of storage space on the port and starboard sides.

    3. Access to the machine room at the rear
    . Access to the machine is facilitated by ample headroom of 1.95 m
    . Farther to the rear there is direct access to the helmet area, fabric steering lines
    All technical areas are totally accessible and protected from bad weather

    Volvo D2 75 hp engine with 12 V cable harness 1 12 V 110-amp alternator
    1 12 V 50-amp OPTIMA starting battery Folding propeller
    Sea water filter
    Engine control cabled to the helm station
    24 V lighting
    Hold ventilation: naturally aspirated and forced extraction through the rear transom
    Soundproofing of the engine compartment by an insulating door
    Fuel system, fuel filter, fuel tank outlet stop valve
    240 mm diameter bow thruster, double helix, 24 V
    Push-button thrust control mechanism on the steering console

    . 4 winches 16 mm diameter unit length = 15 m
    6 fenders 300 mm diameter 800 mm height
    7 mooring cleats


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Neel 51

Neel 51

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