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Monachus Yachts Pharos 43

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Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43Monachus Yachts Pharos 43

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new boat
Material GRP (Polyester)
Length 47.24 feet
Width 13.8 feet

2 Iveco FPT 450 hp, with propeller shaft. Luxury fast sailing motor yacht, timeless and stylish. Your calling card in the marina.

Basic data of the Monachus Yachts Pharos 43

  • Seller:Prior Yachting
  • Brand:Monachus Yachts
  • Model:Pharos 43
  • Motorization:2 Iveco FPT 450 hp, with propeller shaft
  • Category:Motor Yacht
  • Additional category:Traditional/classic motor boat
  • Material:GRP (Polyester)
  • Experience: A day of boating fun, Family holidays, Suitable for part ownership, Large groups aboard, Shallow waters, Fast motorboating, Blue water cruising, seagoing
  • Length:47.24 feet
  • Width:13.78 feet
  • Draught:4 feet
  • Variable draught:No
  • Vertical clearance:365 cm
  • Headroom inside:205 cm
  • Beds:6fixed, 2 additional
  • Country:
  • Price:price on request
  • Account Manager: Bert Raak



  • Remarks:

    Monachus Pharos 43.

    The Monachus Pharos 43 is a luxury yacht, versatile, practical and economical. Although taste is a personal thing, we are going to say that one will find this an attractive looking yacht, which also does distinguish itself from other yachts of this class.

    The appearance of the yacht, can be called retro-elegant, but nevertheless has a dynamic look, the hull, cabin and window style tones give the boat a powerful look, in everything it shows a determination to reach the next goal quickly and safely.

    Safe and smooth sailing, it suits every water sportsman, but perfectly the water sportsman with a dynamic lifestyle.

    The design of the yacht is according to the highest CE class A. It is therefore a seaworthy yacht.



    'Monachus-Pharos 43' is characterized by a strong construction in combination with a comfortable steering. The latest generation Volvo D6 marine engines with IPS propulsion system in combination with the joystick controls, make this yacht a modern fast sailing vessel, many other yacht owners, with a yacht of this size will look with respect at the speed of this yacht.

    The hull is further strengthened by the placement of the water tanks between the longitudinal ribs.

    The hull geometry is designed without compromise, the buoyancy in combination with the optimal weight distribution are an important factor in this design.

    The weight distribution is, implemented in such a way that there is a low lying center of gravity.

    With the previously mentioned weight distribution, it has been achieved, that the center of gravity of the boat, is close to the middle of the boat.

    With all these points, it has been achieved that the boat moves smoothly over the waves, making it possible to sail fast in a comfortable way.

    While sailing, the multi-axial, one-piece curved and laminated windshield provides a unique and spacious view. Not many yachts of this size have such a spacious view.

    The overall look of the yacht, may be seen as timelessly modern, comfortable and safe,

    with a unique appearance, which both sailing and in the marina will provide many envious glances

    The yacht is both, good to use for short day or weekend trips, but certainly, suitable for

    for comfortable longer vacation trips.

    Monachus Pharos 43 is a boat with excellent navigability, safe to navigate and smooth to operate, 1 person with a little help can sail the boat flawlessly.

    For whom.

    The Monachus Pharos 43 is intended for customers who want a safe, spacious and functional boat within this yacht segment and who also want maximum enjoyment when sailing. The owners of Monachus luxury yachts are usually people with a sense of refinement. It is for this reason that there are hardly any used yachts for sale, even though Monachus has been around for about 15 years. Once you have owned a Monachus you will not hesitate to buy another yacht.


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    A.) ENGINES;
    1. 2 x 450 FPT-IVECO/N67, 31 kts, STD
    2. 2 x VOLVO IPS 600 with joystick control, 36 kts, , OPTIONAL
    1. The hull, deck and superstructure has a white gel coat, STD
    2. Two coats of epoxy primer below the waterline, STD
    3. Anti fouling, 1st coat hard, 2nd coat self-sharpening, STD
    4. Commissioning (up to 20 engine hours), STD
    5. Ownership papers and CE marking category 'A', STD
    C.) DEK;
    1. Stainless steel railing, STD
    2. Anodized anchor DELTA 20kg and 75m anchor chain 10mm, STD
    3. Anchor winch 1500W with controller on spiral cable in anchor storage, chain expiry counter
    on controller, STD
    4. Two bow cleats in bow, two bow cleats in center, two bow cleats on stern, STD
    5. 2 pieces of mooring line guides ( fair leads )on bow, mounted on wood trim, STD
    6. Complete teak deck slats, 10mm x 55mm, STD
    7. Deck edge of solid ikoro wood, STD
    8. Two handrails for each side aisle, STD
    9. Sun mattresses on the bow, STD
    10. Rear deck bench seat with cushions, STD
    11. Teak table in the cockpit, STD
    12. Two bucket seats with armrests (folding) of canvas/aluminum, STD
    13. Outside shower with hot/cold water, STD
    14. Stainless steel door with Monachus sign for exit to platform, STD
    15. Swimming ladder, STD
    16. Swimming platform, 125cm long, STD
    17. One pair of underwater reflectors in two colors, STD
    1. Door to the salon with a folding window between the kitchen and the cockpit outside, STD
    2. Two electric sliding shutters above the wheelhouse 70 x 60cm, STD
    3. Captain's chair in wheelhouse is adjustable in height and depth , STD
    Marine floor covering', STD
    5. The upholstery is of eco-leather and canvas in a modern style, STD
    6. Height adjustable coffee table, STD
    7. TV with digital antenna in the salon, STD
    8. Fusion marine radio/usb/MP3 with 2 speakers in the salon and 2 speakers on the aft deck STD
    9. Galley with sink, hot and cold water, cooktop and pantry, STD
    10. Refrigerator 170L/60L freezer, STD
    11. Socket for 12 volt USB chargers, 2 in each cabin, 3 in saloon, STD
    12. 230 volt outlet in kitchen, salon and in each cabin, STD
    13. . Toilet uses clean water when flushing, toilet is electric, vacuum and makes hardly any noise STD.
    1. Garmin GPSMapm16 "Plotter/depth sounder built into the control panel, STD
    2. Garmin Radar, uses the display of the Plotter, STD
    3. Garmin VHF VHF radio, STD
    4. Electric engine controls, STD
    5. Engine performance data on a separate screen - Smartcraft, STD
    6. Level indicators for all tanks, STD
    7. Garmin autopilot, STD
    8. Hydraulically operated trim tab, STD
    9. Bow thruster, STD
    10. Horn with controls at wheelhouse, STD
    11. Windshield wipers with water spray, STD
    12. Electrical switchboard DC12V/AC 230V with all device controls and fuses, STD
    F.) COMFORT;
    1. AC 27,000BTU distributed in all cabins and salon, STD
    2. Generator 230V-4 kW, STD
    3. Charger 230V/12V 60ApH / inverter 12V/230-1000W and battery status indicator, STD
    4. Kettle 230V - 35l capacity, STD
    5. 230V socket for cable connection to the shore, STD
    6. Shore power cable 30m, STD
    7. Galvanic insulation to protect against bad awarding of shore connection, STD
    1. Electric bilge pumps with indicators on control console, 3 pcs, STD
    2. Manual bilge pump, STD
    3. Self activating ampule fire extinguishing system in machine room, STD
    4. Carbon monoxide detector in each separate room STD
    5. Four multilines, 15 meters long, STD
    6. Fenders 6 pieces, STD
    7. Boat hook, STD



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  • Vertical clearance: 3.65 m
  • Draught: 108 cm


  • Headroom: 205 cm
  • Berths: fixed: 6 Extra: 2
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Monachus Yachts Pharos 43

Monachus Yachts Pharos 43

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