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Aquanaut Drifter 1350 Trawler

price on request
Aquanaut Drifter 1350 TrawlerAquanaut Drifter 1350 TrawlerAquanaut Drifter 1350 Trawler

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new boat
Material Steel
Length 44.78 feet
Width 14.3 feet

Perkins M150 146 hp. Sailing full of pleasure is exciting. Arriving safely is relaxing.

Basic data of the Aquanaut Drifter 1350 Trawler

  • Seller:Aquanaut Dutch Craftsmanship
  • Reference:YFM-549
  • Brand:Aquanaut
  • Model:Drifter 1350 Trawler
  • Motorization:Perkins M150 146 hp
  • Category:Motor Yacht
  • Material:Steel
  • Length:44.78 feet
  • Width:14.27 feet
  • Draught:4 feet
  • Variable draught:No
  • Beds:4fixed, 3 additional
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Price:price on request



  • Shipyard: Aquanaut Yachting
  • Draught: 115 cm
  • Comments:

    The Trawler is based on the proven AK principles constructed. The completely redesigned hull, superstructure and gangways give the Trawler its famous striking appearance. Even more classic, More professional and typical than the Drifter AK.

    The most striking thing about the Trawler is of course the front where the ships have their professional appearance thanks to. Inside, this detail provides extra space, but it's not without reason that professional ships have the windows of the "wheelhouse" negative to the back. It makes for less annoying sunrays on the dashboard. In addition, the front windows only become heavy rain wet. The windscreen wipers therefore need only exceptionally to be switched on, allowing for much longer good views for the skipper is present.

    The continuous gangways that surround the Walking aft cabin offers advantages when mooring. The crew has a smaller distance to the shore when docking. The aft deck nevertheless remains remarkably large on all types. By the sophisticated layout of the aft cabin with a spacious freestanding bed in the middle and cupboard space under the gangways is not lost.


  • Berths: fixed: 4 Extra: 3

Engine, electrics

  • Brand: Perkins
  • Model: M150
  • Power: 146 hp
  • Comments:

    Fuel tank: 1200 l
    Usage: 5.0 l/h
    Drinkable water tank: 800 l

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Aquanaut Drifter 1350 Trawler

Aquanaut Drifter 1350 Trawler

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