Moody 54 DS genomineerd als European Yacht of The Year in de categorie Luxury Cruiser

The jury responsible for choosing the “European Yacht of the Year” (EYOTY) announced their decision for this year’s nomination over the past few days. The Moody 54 DS presented for the first time earlier this year is one of the winners in the “Luxury Cruiser” category.

Jochen Rieker, editor-in-chief of the German sailing magazine YACHT and chairman of the EYOTY jury explained the decision of the jury as follows: “Five years ago, the Moody 45 DS received lots of recognition in the “European Yacht of the Year” and narrowly missed out on winning in its category. The 54 DS promises even more comfort thanks to its more variable layout and impressed in the initial tests with its good sailing characteristics. These features meant that it easily qualified for nomination in the preliminary round.”

The unique Moody deck saloon concept “Living on one Level” has been received with great enthusiasm among customers, as well as established industry experts. The combination of unique comfort, good sailing characteristics and distinctive design has been the key to this success. Hand crafting and selected materials, attention to detail and optimal safety and seaworthiness is a Moody promise. The closed deck saloon is equally suited to both hot and colder climates, as it offers protection from wind, weather and sun. Combined with a protected cockpit area, the new Moody DS 54 makes the perfect choice for any sailor who spends lots of time on the water.