Monte Carlo: Because style is not about size

“Creation of the Monte Carlo project and birth of the range with which Beneteau is on the verge of revolutionizing the Luxury Motor Cruiser Flybridge segment. The new line will be developed by confirming all the Monte Carlo brand strong points and by extending to boats less than 60 feet the solutions and the attention to detail which distinguish the boats produced in the Italian boatyards. This is why the French group entrusted Nuvolari & Lenard with the design of this new line: a contract which strengthens the collaboration between the two, already partners in the creation of the Monte Carlo Yachts range.”

Monte Carlo Yachts created a timeless style, establishing new standards in the boating industry. Today, this style is also that of the Monte Carlo, By Monte Carlo Yachts, By Beneteau. The expertise of the greatest boat manufacturing group in the world and the magical lines of Nuvolari and Lenard, in collaboration with Pierangelo Andreani for the layout and interiors, have given rise to a new approach to luxury. Come to Dusseldorf and discover the MC5, which is ready and waiting. You will be met by elegance, sophistication and quality.

This new Monte Carlo range is the fruit of a special collaboration between Beneteau’s design office – whose know-how in the design of the hulls is second to none – and the designers, Nuvolari & Lenard, who lend their unique talent to the style, as well as the whole interior layout, in addition to the designer, Pierangelo Andreani, for the layout and interiors.

“We like to work with the Beneteau Group”, says Dan Lenard. “In their boatyards they know how to interpret our suggestions as best as possible. And it is not that simple. We are aware of this, since we always like to step well off the beaten path and away from trends. This is as much when we quote classic stylistic features as when we consider new solutions. It is fascinating to discover, each time, how much a mature and disciplined industrial process is required to create a real design product. Together, we want to show that where beauty is concerned, eyes are but an instrument. Real beauty appeals to reason and when it does it, we are really stirred by it.”

Designing a classic and yet innovative style capable of translating into concrete form the need for more responsible boating and re-examining the value of using luxury goods, together with the decision to combine the industrial know-how of this French Group, World leader in leisure boating, and the quintessence of Italian boat design, gave birth to the MC5.