Heyman Yachts introduces the Celeste 36

The Celeste 36, what is she? A Cruiser…?
Not in the usual sense of the word, because she doesn’t have that much stowage. We have thought of her more as a coastal cruiser. During her development we have called her, in sports car terms, a 2+2. She will take good care of a couple, with children or occasional friends, on a week-long cruise. Her draft is not excessive, handling is a doddle and her manners civilized.

A Daysailer…?
Maybe. She is meant for summer days, and is easily handled by one person only. There is an emphasis on a big, comfortable cockpit. During the first test sail, with 9 people in the cockpit, there was plenty room for everyone.

A Racer…?
Well, possibly – the first client is a sailor who has been racing keelboats for half a century with some success – mostly offshore racers and Dragons. Will she deliver any racing results? – at the moment, all we know is that she certainly is eager to do her best. She is stiff, responsive, with good straight-line speed.

Relying on common knowledge
If you’re curious, you will always find another cove to explore…

The shapes of almost all sailboats conform strictly to recommendations based on research in Delft, Holland. Naval architects look at numbers like the Prismatic Coefficient, which describes the distribution of hull volumes.

Heyman Yachts has researched slightly different hulls and found there is a lot to be gained by going beyond those recommended ratios. The Celeste 36 is sharper forward, under water, than any other boat of similar proportions.

This makes her faster, especially in a seaway.

New hull shapes are being developed now. Heyman Yachts: ” I am not talking about styling features or straight stems and broad transoms; everyone has these, but more subtle aspects. Basically, I see two ways of going beyond the box that ordinary sailboats have been stuck in during the past decade. One way is making hulls with extreme beam aft and some clever managing of the heeled displacement, like the Open 40s. The other route is a boat like the Celeste 36 which in its own way is just as radical, but without any intention of being an explicitly extreme design.”

LOA: 11,55 m (38 ft)
Hull Length: 10,98 m (36 ft)
DWL: 10,21 m
B max: 3,39 m
Draft: 1,83 m
Displacement: 6400 kg
Ballast: 2500 kg
Sail area, true: 77,3 sq.m.
Main: 45,0 sq.m.
Jib: 32,3 sq.m.
Gennaker: 85 sq.m.
Spinnaker: 108 sq.m.
Engine: Volvo Penta D1-30 29 hp

More information: www.heymanyachts.com