GreenCat 605 is sailing

The first GreenCat 605 designed by Simonis Voogd that was launched by African Cats last month is now sailing.

This sailing catamaran with an SA/Displacement ratio of 30 (Bruce number of 1.5) has an excellent performance. The weight fully equipped with water and diesel on board is only 17.000 kilo.

The new 20 kW electric hybrid Green‐Motion system with retractable propulsion works well and gives this GreenCat 605 a top speed of 8.4 knots under power while being able to regenerate up to 12 kW per hour while sailing. This system makes the boat almost fossil free.

The first sea trail she had up to 16 knots of wind with main and jib. The best speed was 14.8 knots at a 90° angle. With the new developed swing keels the GreenCat 605 sails extremely well in both flat and rough water and keeps the interior free of the usual dagger board casing.

Below is a link to a YouTube movie made on the first test sail just after launching in the harbour of Durban.