Sea Independent Brasil is a nominated for Best YachtBroker South America 2012

The bar has certainly been raised in terms of both the quality services and provision of solutions that our shortlist affords our readership of private and institutional investors, CEOs & Managing Directors. This has resulted in European CEO’s due diligence process and the criteria that has been used to evaluate our potential shortlist of candidates becoming more exacting than in previous years. Thus the adjudicating panel has applied extensive and rigorous criteria, which has ensured that the shortlisted candidates are reflective of the very best within their respective sectors. With over 175 years of business jouralism accumen our judging panel lends a wealth of experience to evaluate the exhaustive information gathered by the award body’s research team. Some of the more important factors were as follows:

Innovation and originality, Proof of development and continued progression, Sustainability, Market leadership, Competitive advantage and Level of quality of solution/service/product to the end user.