Tulip Yachts becomes Sea Independent Portugal

Tulip Yachts is the agent for Sea Independent in Portugal. Participating in this worldwide network of quality yacht brokerage companies has brought great advantages and a high level of service to our clients.
We have now decided that the next step in the development of the Sea Independent network should be a greater integration and a more recognizable branding. “For our clients the network must be fully transparent and 100% reliable”.
Therefore Tulip Yachts will become a fully integrated part of Sea Independent and will operate from now on under the name of Sea Independent Portugal. A new website has been launched with the URL www.seaindependent.pt. The listing of pre-owned yachts is exactly the same as that of the main Sea independent website,  and the language will be both English and Portuguese as you are accustomed to with the Tulip Yachts website.

We proudly invite you to surf to www.seaindependent.pt and take advantage of what the Sea Independent Worldwide Network of yacht brokers has to offer you.