Luxury sanitary ware on board the Majesty 135

TECMA marine sanitary ware can now be ordered in a real gold or platinum finish – as demonstrated onboard the Majesty 135 showcased at the Dubai International Boat Show 2012.

Modern yacht design is constantly evolving to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic and functional requests. Bathroom interior design – including fixtures and sanitary ware – has seen a great deal of interest in recent years in an effort to create unique products that fit into the overall luxurious aesthetic of a yacht or superyacht line.

TECMA is the leader in the production of marine toilets, washbasins, bidets and accessories. The brand TECMA is known worldwide as a reliable partner that reacts quickly to client requirements, and its products combine Italian design with both technical and mechanical robustness. Presented with the opportunity to design a line that met up to the elevated design brief of the Majesty 135, TECMA rose to the challenge.

A “Golden” customization
The Privilege line, toilet and bidet, nominated for the design awards at Amsterdam METS, has been specially customized to match the Majesty 135’s “Golden” theme. “TECMA is able to offer marine ceramic toilets with a real gold or platinum finishing,” says Valerio Dell’Anna, TECMA product manager. “We have developed sophisticated production techniques to enable this specific customization request. For the sanitary ware used onboard the Majesty Yacht 135, three layers of 21 carat gold have been permanently applied on the exterior surface of the toilets, with each layer being treated with specific baking cycles of up to 1200°C.”