XO signs contract with Esthec

This month, XO Boats has joined Delphia and Elan in choosing Esthec® decks for their boats. By choosing Esthec®, XO Boats have opted for durable, low-maintenance and environment-friendly decks that can be supplied in any design to suit customer preferences.

The boats from XO Boats are Luxury Transporters. They are known for their modern design and are very innovative in the field of safety. It is therefore not surprising that they have chosen Esthec®, because Esthec® is innovative and adds an air of luxury to any boat with its durable composite decks. The installation method is innovative as well: the decks can be delivered and installed extremely quickly, reducing the time needed to build a boat.

Many other advantages that Esthec® offers contributed to XO Boats choosing the synthetic deck: Esthec® is durable, low-maintenance as well as environment-friendly – both as a product and in its production.  The versatility in terms of colour and form played a vital role in XO Boats’ decision to choose Esthec®. Due to the abundance of possibilities, the design has gained new dimensions, exactly what XO Boats was looking for.

According to Janne Viitala of XO Boats, aesthetics were another factor in favour of Esthec®: “We chose Esthec® also because of our female clients; it makes the boat look softer and smoother.” Because of the beautiful colours and lines, Esthec® is available in almost any conceivable design, so that the deck alone can completely change the impression of the boat. From dark and robust to light and feminine, anything is possible with the 10 deck colours and 5 different joint colours. Esthec®, No Limits!

For more information on Esthec®  check out www.esthec.com