Brandaris Yachts introduces the new Brandaris 1100 Open Supersport

Brandaris Yachts broaden its product line, and present with proud The Brandaris 1100 open Super Sport. The Brandaris 1100 open Super Sport can be called wit no doubt exclusive because of its outstanding irradiation. The Brandaris 1100 Open Super Sport will be launched in September 2011 in Loosdrecht.

Brandaris 1100 Open Super Sport
The Brandaris 1100 open Super Sport is unique in its type, and is equipped with no less than two Yanmar V8 engines with a capacity of 350 PK. An implementation with splendid lines which is typical for Brandaris Yachts. Luxuriously, ultimate comfort and skill discretion is been combined in this model. Entirely new is the sport interior and the carbon look. Also the present square in the front gives the entirely boat appearance. The Brandaris 1100 open Super Sport is in the first place a Day Cruiser, but in the nose of the boat there is a bedroom and toilet present.

Brandaris Yachts
Brandaris Yachts are a respected tender builder in Loosdrecht, the Netherlands. Inspired by the old
Brandaris boats used during the 1936 Olympics and subsequently by the Royal Dutch Navy as a rescue boat, Brandaris Yachts was founded in 1989. The focus on designing and building luxurious boats of 8.5 up to 16 meters has been upheld ever since and a new sport line including the Q52. O52 HT and The Rib 6.70 has recently been added to the range. Brandaris Yachts is a brand imbued with the passion of its founder and has developed a strong reputation for offering consistent quality, distinctive design, performance and a custom build offering.