Imtech Marine & Offshore sponsors Team Solarboat Delft

Imtech Marine & Offshore has committed itself once again as the chief sponsor of the Team Solarboat Delft. Last year, with Imtech as their chief sponsor, INHolland university students had the opportunity to participate in the world cup for solar-powered boats, the Frisian Solar Challenge. This year the students themselves are constructing a boat again propelled completely by solar energy. With this unique Solarboat they hope to win the Dutch Open Solar Boat Challenge (DOSC).

Imtech has identified a trend towards alternative propulsion in the marine industry. More and more vessels are shifting from conventional direct-diesel propulsion to diesel-electric propulsion. Important factors in this change are operational safety, cost savings (total cost of ownership) and fuel saving. New alternative energy generators, such as solar panels, can easily be attached to the electrical system of a boat. Planet Solar, a recent project in which Imtech cooperated, is a catamaran with 550 m2 of solar panels: sufficient panels for sailing around the world on pure solar energy.

Imtech Marine & Offshore is a company that engages in a sustainable future. Solar energy is one of the important techniques that can contribute to cleaner transportation on water. That is why sponsoring Team Solarboat Delft fits in with Imtech's vision on sustainable shipping. By sponsoring the team, Imtech invests in a new generation of technologists. Furthermore, this fits in perfectly with Imtech's active policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Imtech Marine & Offshore Managing Director, Kees-Jan Mes, explains: "Our strategic Research & Development agenda is based on two visionary pillars: unmanned and zero emission. Green solutions for generating energy are important nowadays for all players in the marine industry. Efficient energy solutions, storage methods and alternative energy sources are important focal points in the innovation strategy of Imtech Marine."

Imtech's chief sponsorship of Team Solarboat Delft consists of financial support while Free Technics (a part of Imtech Marine) contributes to the high-tech FT NavVision navigation and monitoring system. The DOSC will be held from 29 June to 2 July 2011. It is a solar-boat race spread over several days in which the Dutch Open Championship for national and international teams in various classes is at stake. The international solar-boat race brings together a number of highlights: developing new applications for solar energy, the application of innovative techniques, cooperation between companies, training programmes and knowledge centres, project-based training and team building – and a sustainable water sport. All that in a competitive setting.

Team captain Ricardo Buis responds: "This year again, our team proudly displays the name Imtech Solar Boat Delft. The collaboration not only affords us the realisation of our goals, but it also provides fantastic cooperation that includes exchange of knowledge and information. The result is an ultimate boat that runs on solar energy and a successful sail in the Dutch Open Solar Challenge."

It is possible to support students by sponsoring one or more solar panels, see