Esthec enters 2011 with a year contract with C.Boat

Esthec has found a loyal purchaser in Italian company C.Boat. By concluding a contract, the two confirmed that the future models of C.Boat will be equipped with Esthec- composite decking. This agreement is mainly based on Esthec's ecologically sound, environmental-friendly nature. Since C.Boat more and more wants to change both construction and interior to ecologically sound materials without sacrificing the highest quality possible, Esthec very well fits into the picture.

Esthec's composite material guarantees a low-maintenance deck with high durability and constant quality and it prevents deforestation of scarce teak forests. In addition, Esthec is recyclable and from 2011 on at least 10% of the raw materials will consist of recycled material. All these aspects are very appealing to C.Boat, as well as to other significant others in the yacht industry.

C.Boat is an innovative, young shipyard with guts and well-considered enterprise, in a way even acting contrary to the existing market. Just like Esthec, C.Boat gladly lets go of traditional thinking to make room for contemporary developments and innovations that show a glimpse of the future.

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