The mooring spring that dominates the North Sea

A video published on the web by a Norwegian company showing pontoons has dazed everyone: in glacial North Sea, carried by strong winds, that a concrete pontoon is anchored to the mainland thanks to a special mooring spring.
The fact is actually unusual, because the mooring spring was patented just a few years ago to moor boats and not Norwegian breakwaters, to a concrete pontoon of big weight which is subjected to continuous meteorological pressures. But the Scandinavian people did not doubt on such renowned "quality" and it wanted to test how far the strength of this handiwork would resist  such a hostile maritime climete, polar temperatures and frequent storms.
The creator of such dogged product is Livio Pigini, founding father of Nautica Italiana, a firm which has branded itself INMARE since 2003 and which represents a virtuous example of "made in Italy" innovation and creativity.